Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Tiny Needle Tuesday

 Good Morning!

I wasn't sure that I would have anything new to share for TNT - Tiny Needle Tuesday.  As mentioned yesterday, I did absolutely NO stitching while on vacation - even after we got home!  But, it turns out I had done a little bit before we left and then I picked it back up yesterday evening.  This sampler is close, but not yet finished.

Look!  Some new creatures have made an appearance.  A crow or black bird (which I love) and a black squirrel - Val, could that creature have wandered down from your house?  LOL  Here they are close up:

If any of you are interested in this chart, please let me know.  I am so close to finishing it and I know I will not stitch it again.

I wanted to share a few more pictures from our vacation.  All from gardens.  First up at the Williamsburg Botanical Gardens we came upon a raised bed - about waist high - that was a Gnome Garden.  So cute:

You should be able to click to enlarge and see more details.  Next up Passion Flower!  I had never seen this flower before, but Dee tells me they are all over Florida.

Gorgeous, huh?  And last up, a day lily from Peggy's.  Their driveway is a big, long loop and in the yard between the two paved areas Peggy has planted mostly day lilies...also black eyed susans, cone flowers, etc.  But this particular day lily caught my eye and now I want one (or twelve).

I had planned to go to the office today, but now (7:30 a.m.), I just don't feel like it.  Thank God I have the option - LOL.  It is supposed to rain almost all afternoon and I have plenty of things I need to work on and I can do that right here at home.  I will probably venture to the office tomorrow - a bunch of things to print, check on the mail, etc.  Plus, tomorrow I know I will not run into any of my bosses...today I could run into Bruce.  I will just stay put!

Hopefully the rain will end by late afternoon - last time I looked it showed the rain ending by 5 p.m.  And, hopefully, tonight's concert in the park will not be cancelled.  We will head over to Colin & Mailing's for a light dinner and then walk to the park for the concert (fingers crossed).


  1. I love that sampler, and it looks almost complete! Those day lilies are interesting; I only have the usual orange variety. And that passionflower! So glad you have the choice about whether to go in to the office or not!

  2. I'm completely charmed by black squirrels. I just saw three of them chasing each other at the lake on Saturday. So cute!

    That sprig of berries? clover? on your sampler is lovely. It caught my eye right away.

  3. Your sampler is coming right along! Wow! Those lilies though... gorgeous! (and I am glad you can stay home and work!)

  4. I have a passionflower in a pot on my patio. I have to bring it in each winter, but it does pretty well as a house plant as long as it gets good light!

  5. I can't believe how quickly that stitching came along. It is beautiful.

    Hope the rain holds off for you.

  6. Love your stitching and also the gnome garden. How cute is that? Vals squirrels are going to be surprised when Squirrelington's relocates.
    I've never seen a daylilly like that before. It's so pretty.
    Enjoy your rainy day Vera. How nice to have the choice to go in to work or stay home and work. I think lots of people will have that option in the days going forward.

  7. Pretty stitching and extras to your vacation photos! It takes a few days to recover from vacation! lol

  8. Wow that sampler got finished quickly! It looks great.

  9. Excellent progress on the sampler - it’s a beauty, as is the day lily. I’ve never see a lily in that color.

  10. The sampler is looking great! We had black squirrels where we used to live but I've never seen one here. I have never seen a Passion Flower before. They really are unusual. There is a gnome garden near the boardwalk and we were just wondering if they would notice a new one if we slipped our poor lonely fella in there. I'm not one for garden doo dads. They look odd here in the woods but it would look great in that pretty flower bed in town.

  11. Hello,
    The sampler is pretty, I like the crow. The gnome garden is cute, the passion flowers and lilies are beautiful. The weather is beautiful today! Take care, have a happy day!

  12. The sampler is looking wonderful! I love the gnome garden, too. Our neighbors have set up what looks to be a fairy garden at the end of our (dead end) street and it's such fun.

  13. The sampler is coming along nicely. I like the gnome garden too. Lots of pretty flowers. Botanic gardens are wonderful places to visit.