Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Unraveled Wednesday June 2, 2021

 Good Morning!

It is still a bit early here - not quite 6 a.m.  I'm just sipping my first cup of coffee, so still a bit groggy over here.

Do you have ticks where you live?  Gosh!  I hope not.  They are bad this I've heard.  Fortunately I have not yet seen any and Tyg has not come in with any.  But...Colin picks one or two off himself daily and then last Friday discovered a deer tick (and bite) on himself.  That boy had Lyme Disease a decade or so ago when he was living in Pittsburgh.  It took FOREVER for him to be diagnosed - not a common thing in Pittsburgh, so no one tested for it.  You may remember that I tested positive for Lyme Disease last summer after discovering two HUGE bullseyes on my stomach.  Yuck!  Just glad that Colin spotted his bite this time and called the doctor right away.  He is (I assume) on a course of antibiotics now.

Let's move to a nicer subject - knitting!  It is Unraveled Wednesday and as usual, I'm linking up with Kat to talk about knitting and reading.  This week I have two finished objects!!  First up, the speckled socks are finished!  Woo-Hoo

I do like the way these turned out.  The yarn is Muse from Knitpicks and the colorway is Enthusiasm Speckle.  The pattern is I Smell Snow (Ravelry link) - a free pattern on Ravelry.  These move along quickly, the pattern being easy to memorize and only on one needle.  I'm not sure why, but the second sock of a pair always moves much faster for me.  The first one took me almost 3 weeks to knit.  The second one I started Friday night and finished Monday morning!

Also finished on Monday was a dishcloth:

The yarn label was gone, but I'm pretty sure this is Sugar & Cream yarn.  The pattern is from Purl Soho (free) and I think is called Waffle Stitch.  I used a size 5 needle and wow!  was this tough on my hands.  I have not made a discloth in years, so my hands are not used to the heaviness of cotton and the larger needle.  I need to make some more as most of my dishcloths are in sorry shape.  Once they get too worn to use in the kitchen, I find these cloths make great rags for washing floors.  Not that that is a favorite chore of mine, but at least I can have a nice cloth to use!  I have a ton of Sugar & Cream yarn, so I should be able to knit up a bunch of these in no time (provided my hands hold up).

I'm not casting on new socks immediately.  Instead, I am focusing on knitting the French Market Bag (again a free pattern on Ravelry) that I started a couple of weeks ago as well as the Wintertide Shawl I also started the other week.  Once again, I have proven to myself that multiple projects for me are not good.  It's almost like I get distracted and don't finish anything!  The Bag is kind of in a boring place right now - 200 stitches on a round needle and just knitting round and round and round...I almost fell asleep working on it last night.  But I vow to persevere.  I love the bag and would like to see it finished.

On the reading front I only have 100 pages or so left in Oil and Marble which I highly recommend.  The story is compelling and the writing is very good.  I should (ha!) finish that soon and I have a bunch of mysteries that I picked up from the library.  Some of those are series that I am reading, but one is a book that I have been on the waiting list for months - The Thursday Murder Club.  Curious about this one in that there was a bit of hype about it and a very long wait time...but recently some of the reviews I've read have not been that great.  Time will tell.

Meanwhile, I'm going to run to the office today.  I have some documents that I need to print.  At first I was thinking of waiting till tomorrow, but I think that will be a rainy day and I'd rather stay home then.  The bathrooms need to be cleaned (again...), so I may tackle them this afternoon.  Dinner tonight will be a simple meal - asparagus wrapped in prosciutto and some good bread.

Wherever you are and whatever you are doing, I'm wishing you a wonderful day - enjoy!!


  1. The ticks are bad here this year, too . . . Ugh. Love your socks -- and I find the same thing (when I DO knit socks) . . . the 2nd one always seems to fly, but the first one slogs. Not sure what that's about. ;-) I need to get a few new dishcloths knit, too. The ones I knit a few years ago are getting VERY grunge-y. It's time to "promote" them to floor-washing duty . . .

  2. frodo is a tick magnet. Lovely knitting - those socks are perfection!

  3. The lack of rain here has kept the ticks from being an issue so far.
    I think drs are better at recognizing Lyme's now that a decade ago! I didn't know you could get it again but my BIL has had it several times-yikes! Take care. The socks are beautiful.

  4. Sadly, Pittsburgh now knows the gravity of ticks and we are having a banner year. It is the new "thing" to do when Sherman comes in... tick search, sigh.

    I love those socks! Thank you for the pattern link!

  5. I just saw a news story about it being a bad year for ticks. I am thankful that I've never found one on me or my kid, but I am paranoid about it. I used to always think that you'd only pick them up in the woods, but I don't think that's the case.

    The socks are really lovely, and I certainly hope that we've seen the last of the chilly weather and you don't have to wear them anytime soon!

  6. There are loads of ticks here, too. I don't think we had enough winter cold to kill them off and they've been out in force all spring. Both John and Justin are on antibiotics, and I even check myself after I do laundry in case any ticks have climbed off their clothing onto me.

    I love your socks and that lovely dishcloth! It's fun to knit such lovely but useful things.

  7. Great finish on the sox! I really like them.

    Ticks have been highlighted in the news and lots of people have been cautioning about them. We've not had any incidents,thank goodness.

    Your dinner sounds lovely. I guess I should start thinking about something for mine. Sigh.

  8. Oh yeah, ticks are in this area and spread not only Lyme but also Rocky Mtn Spotted Fever. I’m not a fan of ticks! The speckled socks are fun and fabulous. Your knitting projects sound great. I’m plodding along on another pair of socks and listening to books as I knit.

  9. Ticks have made their appearance here I am sad to say. The Mister had one walking on his arm the other day. I had to take a lint roller and go over his whole body. No more walking in the yard for us and Pup and the kitties will have to be flea combed every time they come in. UGH.....

  10. I have a waffle stitch dishcloth on the needles right now too. I started it at the lawyers office yesterday with Mom and I will keep it as my "to go" project. Pipers blanket is just to heavy now to even carry next door to Mom's so I'm only getting a few minutes a day on it now before bed.
    We do have ticks, both here and in Washington but so far haven't seen any this year. Last year I had two but they were still crawling on my and hadn't bitten. Thank goodness!
    Have a lovely afternoon Vera.

  11. Hello,
    I picked a tick off my sock yesterday. Last week I had one behind my knee, it was painful. My hubby has been tested positive for Lymes, the meds have not worked so far. I love your socks and the dishcloth is a pretty color. Take care, enjoy your day!

  12. The socks look great.

    I haven't knit any washcloths in a long time. Wonder if I would still enjoy it after using fingering weight for so long.

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