Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Tiny Needle Tuesday 6-29-21

Good Morning!

Oh my!  What a good night's sleep I had last night.  Thank God!!  Honestly, I don't think I had much choice, but you never know.

And today, on this last Tiny Needle Tuesday of June 2021, I have a finished sampler to show!!

 Gosh I do love how this one turned out.  The design is called "How Does My Garden Grow?" by NeedleWork Press.  I stitched it on 36 count linen using one strand of Belle Soie Silk Thread over two linen threads.  The design is roughly 8.75" by 10.6".  I finished it on 6/23/21.

I have not yet started a new piece, but I've picked out the Pomegranate Bird Sampler by Heartstring Samplery.  Here is a picture of it:  

Love the birds and the colors in this sampler.  BUT...who knows?  When I go to pull things out a little later I could completely change my mind.  It would not be the first time - LOL.

Last year Fletch put a blueberry bush in our garden.  This year we have our first crop:

Barely enough for a taste, but I did try one and it was delicious!

Oh!  Fletch did get around to re-potting some of our houseplants yesterday.  When he took the lemon tree out of the pot he discovered a large ant nest and tons of eggs!  I'm not sure how they got there or if they came from the nursery where Colin & Mailing got the plant.  But YUCK!!!!  All new dirt and hopefully NO ants now.

I've another busy day ahead of me.  My end-of-month things still need to be done (work-wise) - I never got to them yesterday.  And, I have my pre-op appointment with my eye doctor.  Believe it or not, I've already received a bill from the facility where my cataract surgery will be done next week.  I'm just ignoring that piece of mail until I actually have the surgery.

Really though, all I'd like to do is curl up and knit, read, stitch, nap, etc.  This guy kept me company last night:

Trying to decide which thing to take over:  knitting or reading...or just succombing to sleeping - LOL.


  1. I am so happy you slept!! Gosh, insomnia is just the worst thing ever!

    Your sampler... wow. Gorgeous, Vera! (and I love your choice for your "next in line")

  2. Lovely finish on the sampler. I see the second? sock in your yarn bowl next to Tyg. All your productivity is wearing him out.

    Maybe getting rid of the ant's nest and repotting will give your lemon tree a rejuvenation. Let's hope.

  3. Thank goodness the foxes and Tyg cooperated and you finally got a good night's sleep! Your completed sampler is simply beautiful, and I really like the (potential) new one, too. That looks like our blueberry harvest last year, but I probably got 4 pints this year. Next year will be better - for blueberries and lemons.

  4. So glad to hear you got a good night's sleep -- I know you needed that! Your sampler is just beautiful. You always do such lovely stitching.

    I can't believe they're already trying to get you to pay for a surgery you haven't yet had! I'd be pretending I hadn't seen the bill yet, too!

  5. I think Tyg has the right idea - go with the nap!

    When I first planted my blackberry bush, my yield looked like that! Now it's covered in berries!

  6. It's overcast here right now so I'm with Tyg--droopy is the energy level here, too!

  7. Your stitch project looks beautiful!

    We planted strawberries once in a place we lived, and after 5 years got ONE. Well, between us, 1/2 each ... ;-)

  8. Yuck on the ants and I'm glad they're gone. Hopefully next year everything will be better with lots of lemons. Or do they grow year round?
    I really like your new sampler choice and of course I think the finished one is stunning. You do beautiful stitching.
    It's 9:00 am and I'm still laying in bed checking blogs. I decided that I can do it from here as well as in the living room. It's overcast and sprinkling feels like a lazy day. However, I have to go to Costco, Lowes and I'm going to check out Hobby Lobby again for clearance items. Maybe they've put out something new. All of the stores are so far, far away from our new house that you don't just run out to one place, you make it worthwhile when you go! :-)
    It's taking some getting used to because we were literally one mile from Hobby Lobby and less than 5 minutes from virtually any other store needed both at our old house and the RV park.
    Take care and enjoy your day Vera.

  9. Tyg says ---------you could always PET THE CAT!!!

    The new stitch project looks beautiful!

    I had that same ant problem in one of my orchids. One day it was fine. The next day I had ants all over the dining room window sill making a parade from the orchid.

  10. Congrats on the finish! It's really lovely. I know what you mean about the tiny crop. What do you do with two cherry tomatoes? Eat them off the vine I guess. Next year I'll have to put in several plants if I want a meal out of crop.

  11. I love the sampler! I bet the blueberries take off like nobody's business!

  12. The sampler is beautiful- great finish! I’m glad you’re waiting to pay for your surgery. I didn’t wait and now, I’m dealing with an inaccurate accounting of my payment. Aargh!

  13. I too love your sampler. They have already sent you a BILL for your surgery?! What??????