Monday, June 28, 2021


 Hello and Good Morning!

I admit that I am terribly groggy this a.m.  Last night I was sitting and knitting and could not keep my eyes open.  It was around 10:30 so I went upstairs to bed.  And then I tossed and turned till who knows what time and then I heard a fox and...well, you get the picture.  I was happy to see Tyg on the patio this morning when I came downstairs to turn on the coffee.  I always worry about him when I hear the foxes.

The weekend was full.  We have been on cat feeding duty as Colin & Mailing flew to Austin on Thursday.  They come home this afternoon.  Fletch will do the last feeding this a.m. as I need to go to the office.  I did manage to meet up with Dee on Saturday morning, and that was - as always - plenty of fun.  It was nice to be at Backyard Beans again.

Meanwhile, back at Colin's, look at the limes forming on their lime tree!

There is another cluster like this too.  I'm sorry to say that something is happening with our lemon tree...when I watered it on Saturday, the saucer under the pot was swarming with ants!!  I took it outside and Fletch is going to repot the plant, but one of the two lemons that were on it has fallen off.  I hope the last one survives.

And then look at these calla lilies by Colin & Mailing's front door:

Such an intense yellow!!

Saturday night Fletch was grilling and look who showed up by the leg of the grill:

Such a tiny, tiny toad!!  Good thing Tyg was not near - LOL

Today promises to be hot and busy.  As I already mentioned, I need to go to the office this morning.  There is a conference call at 10 and I have some end-of-month things that I need to take care of.  Then a doctor's appointment at 1:30.  Tomorrow I have my pre-op appointment with my eye surgeon as my first cataract surgery is next week!  Things certainly don't seem to be slowing down any.

Oh, and I did order a bunch of yarn from KnitPicks over the weekend!  All fingering yarn was on sale, so I picked up some fun skeins for socks.  I also ordered som Cotlin.  Jane had suggested I try some of it for dishcloths since the Sugar & Cream bothers my hands so much.  I'm looking forward to receiving a nice bundle of goodness soon!!

Time to pour another cup of coffee and try to wake up some.  Wishing you all a wonderful start to another week!


  1. I have been there with the tossing and turning despite feeling tired, so you have my sympathies. I hope you're able to get in a nap later.

  2. Monday at the office does not sound like fun, but at least it's not a whole day. I've only ever had two limes mature on my lime tree, and they were still fairly small and bitter. I think the trees can start to produce fruit, but if the flower hasn't been fertilized then the tiny fruit falls off. But awaiting a yarn delivery is always something to look forward to. Happy Monday, Vera!

  3. Those cute limes! And those calla lilies are stunning. How beautiful.

    I've yet to see a toad in my yard in 37 years. And I find them charming. I did have a very casual and lackadaisical groundhog saunter across my driveway not too long ago. That was a first!

  4. Okay. Those little limes!!! :-)
    I've never had any luck with either lime or lemon trees . . . but I always love to try. I hope your day is a good one, and that you can get some good sleep tonight. (And I'm eager to see your new yarn. . . ) XO

  5. Those tiny limes! How cute are they? But I am sorry to hear your lemon tree isn't fairing so well. I do hope the last one survives for you. Yesterda I kept falling asleep in the afternoon while trying to knit. I finally gave up and took an hour long nap. Never have I done that before. Must be old age.
    Today is grocery day for Mom and I. She still likes to wander around the store on her own so I get my own things and think track her down. I sure hope meat has gone down a bit in price since last week but I'm not holding out much hope.
    Take care Vera.

  6. Those little limes! Wow! And those calla lilies, gorgeous!!

    I am sending you sleep well vibes and hopes that they work! (and incoming yarn is always the best!)

  7. I love the yellow calla lilies!!! Sounds like a very good weekend!

  8. Gorgeous calla lilies! I’d like to have them at my front door. Some slow rain fell this weekend and gave everything a good soak. My small flower patch welcomed the moisture. Wishing you a great week.

  9. Premiere home cotton is a good yarn for dishcloths, thinner than sugar and cream and easier to knit up. You can find it at michaels.

  10. Hello,
    Sorry to hear about your lemon tree, I hope all is well.
    The yellow calla lilies are beautiful. I am glad Tyg was ok with the fox around. Take care, have a happy new week!

  11. It sure is hot today. I feel bad for my outdoor plants in my cart garden. I suppose they like the heat but they look pretty miserable out there even after I doused them with a bucket of water. I have never seen baby limes before. That is so cool. Now I want a