Thursday, June 3, 2021

What's For Dinner?


It is grey here this a.m. and Tyg (whom I let out at 3:30 this a.m.) came in a bit on the wet side when I came downstairs this morning to make coffee.  It was one of those nights:  I woke at 2-ish hearing a fox bark out back.  I wondered if Tyg was out or in.  I got up to pee and also to turn on the ceiling fan.  When I came out of the bathroom, Tyg was on the landing at the top of the stairs.  He eventually came into the bedroom and jumped up on the bed.  Settled down for an hour or so, but by 3:30 he was jonesing to go outside.  Fortunately I got back to sleep after that.

Work is still busy and I have numerous reports to run today and spreadsheets to send out.  But first, a little personal time on the laptop!

Our Siberian (or Flag) Iris are in full bloom in our bog area.

Aren't they pretty?  We also have some vibrantly yellow ones, but they are shorter.  I cut a few of each and have them in a vase on the kitchen table.  We've been smelling a lot of honeysuckle when we sit on the patio - there seems to be a lot of it this year.

Also, more lemon blossoms have opened on our lemon tree and they are just so amazingly fragrant.  So sweet.  The two little lemons are slowly growing (emphasis on slowly).  I wonder if there will be another one from this recent clump of flowers.

Anyway, on to food since it's Thursday.  Over the weekend, I made one of our favorite dinners:  Crab Quiche.  I make this every New Year's Eve (since we stopped going out).  The quiche, a small salad, and glasses of champagne go together so well.  The recipe is from a Philadelphia Orchestra cookbook that I got years and years (as in decades) ago.

I like the way the book tells who submitted the recipe and where they are from.  There are numerous recipes in the book from famous Philadelphia restaurants as well.

You can use either a store bought pie crust or make your own.  Usually I use Jarlsburg cheese or another Swiss cheese.  On Saturday I used a sharp cheddar and it was delicious.  I always put in a pound of crab meat rather than just 8 oz.  Instead of 3/4 Cup of half & half I use about 1/4 Cup of milk (in our case, fat free) and it turns out fine.  The horseradish is important as is the sour cream and mayonnaise.  This time I also added some kale to the dish as well as garlic scapes, onions and all the herbs.

So good!!  We had it with roasted cherry tomatoes (another great and easy dish - take a container of cherry tomatoes, drizzle with EVOO and either honey or Agave syrup.  Plop in a pan (cover with aluminum foil first) and bake with whatever you are cooking for dinner.  The tomatoes start to burst and are just so delicious!!).

Mailing is out with work-mates this evening, so Colin is coming for dinner after he gets his second jab this afternoon.  I was wondering if he could even get it, assuming he was on some kind of antibiotic after the deer tick bite, but he said he got a one-time, two pill preventative for Lyme Disease which he took last Friday.  He is good to get his final vaccination this afternoon.  A new shrimp dish is on the menu!

Time to pour another cup of coffee, wake Fletch up and start in on my reports.  First though I will sneak in a few blogs.  Have a good Thursday!!


  1. Your iris are beautiful and that crab quiche sounds delicious, especially with your addition of garlic scapes. Colin might want to watch for any Lyme symptoms over the next month or so. John also had the one-time, two pill preventative (I think it's the CDC's current recommendation) when he first went to the dr. after he found a tick bitten in. A month later he had a bullseye rash and joint pains, so the dr. prescribed the full 3 weeks of cipro. He told John the two pill dosage only seems to work for ~60% of their patients.

  2. Sound delicious, Vera! (I love "coming over to your house" for dinner when you share your recipes. . . ) I was on a heavy dose of antibiotics when I got my 2nd vaccine -- and everyone I checked with (my doctors, the pharmacist, the CDC) said "no problem." Some drugs ARE a problem, but not antibiotics apparently. . .

  3. Interesting treatment for Lyme's for Colin. Your plans for tonight sound wonderful.

  4. This sounds so delicious! I too love "coming to your house" for dinner with these amazing recipes! I am so glad that Colin can get his second jab! I hope his side-effects are minimal! :)

  5. Love this dinner! And roasted cherry tomatoes are divine. I add a can of white beans about ten minutes before serving and toss it all together with a little more olive oil (no honey). Sometimes I add kalamata olives or artichoke hearts. Makes a terrific side dish also.

  6. I wish you were the cook at my house! Right now it's my husband, who doesn't particularly like cooking. But after I retire, I'll take over and then we'll have more interesting meals!

  7. Glad to hear Colin got what he needed for his tick bite.

    Enjoy supper with your favorite child. :::wink::: Your quiche supper sounds delicious.

  8. I love quiche so I really appreciate these recipes. This one sounds really delicious. Anything with shrimp, clams, crab meat and lobster are especially good in my book. Unfortunately seafood isn't as easy to find here as it was in Washington.
    I'm glad Colin can still get his shot today. I hope those pills do the trick for the bite.

  9. My Siberian Irises aren't showing any sign of blooming this year. Probably because I moved them last fall. I guess they probably won't bloom next year, either!

  10. Meals at my house are definitely boring compared to yours. 😉 I love quiche, but have never made one. Cooking for one is difficult — too many leftovers. Happy to hear Colin is getting his second vaccine jab.

  11. Quiche is one of those meals that I always seem to think of as being for special brunches, but really it would be just as delicious for dinner.

    I hope Colin doesn't feel too badly after his second shot!

  12. Thank God for doxycycline!!!!! May he have no lasting effects from the tics. So nice you see him so often!!!!! You know I'd love that. But perhaps, in time!

  13. That sounds so good. Now I know what to do with all that leftover crab we usually have around here in the summer.

  14. Hello,

    Your irises are so pretty, I have seen some yellow wild irises growing near our lake. The quiche looks yummy, I love crab meat. I hope Colin is Ok after his 2nd shot and is recovering from the Lymes.
    Take care, have a happy weekend!