Monday, June 7, 2021


 Good Morning!

WOW!  It has been HOT here.  Yesterday afternoon it was 94 on our patio.  A week ago it was in the 40's.  Crazy weather for sure.

Believe I have finally fixed the comment problem I was having.  It had been most recently that I would go into settings and email notification.  But...the issue was there was no email address there and I was not able to add an address.  Instead, now, you have to go to "invite more people to comment notification emails" and put your address in there.  Weird.  Anyway, we'll see if it works.  This is what I finally found:

Anyway, how was your weekend?  Mine was nice (in spite of the heat).  Saturday I drove up to Dee's and then she drove us up to Easton and Threebirds Coffeeshop.  The drive up 611 by the Delaware River is a gorgeous ride...and one I used to drive with my Dad when we would head up to Vermont.  Some cute and quaint little villages and some beautiful architecture.  Easton was crowded and busy and there was no parking to be found (except in spaces where the meters were broken and we didn't think that was a great idea), so we drove over the bridge to NJ and parked in a lot there and then walked back across the river and into Easton.  Thankfully there was a breeze to keep air moving and it had not quite gotten up to 90 at that time.  The coffee shop is just as cute s Dee's pictures have shown.  I tried to get a couple of shots of the birds, but those pictures did not turn out.  We sat and chatted and knit and then later drove to a great place in Hellertown (Braveheart) for lunch.

On the not so good side of things, Fletch and I were sitting on the patio before dinner and he found a deer tick on his leg, and it had managed to bite him.  He put some Neosporin cream on it and a call will be made to the doctor today to get him on an antibiotic treatment (or the same one dose, two pills that 
Colin had the other week).  

Yesterday was groceries and trying to stay cool.  Breakfast was a Dutch pancake but instead of apples I used a peach, an apricot and a bunch of raspberries.  So good!  I managed to do a little stitching and a little knitting.  I finished another dishcloth:

Love the HOT pink color!  A simple, easy pattern that requires almost no thought which is perfect for these sultry days.

I've got to head to the office in a little bit.  Last week my laptop got extremely hot to the touch on the way home one day (laptop turned off and stowed in my backpack), so Tom from IT is going to look at it.  The only thing I can think of is the maybe a new one should be ordered.  We'll see.  Meanwhile, work is still crazy busy (in that I was working Friday night and Saturday morning early before heading to Dee's and then Saturday evening too), but that should drop back down to a normal blur sometime this week.

Then at 12:30 I have an eye appointment with the doctor who will be doing my cataract surgery.  I believe that my first surgery will be scheduled when I see her today.  Hopefully SOON!!

And that's it for me today.  Hope you are all well and here's to a great start to the week!


  1. love that color! I hope you solved your issue. Blogger has its challenges but I'm too lazy to switch to anything else - it's what I know, ha ha. We are packing (are you surprised??)

  2. Ooo! I love that color too! (and ugh... those ticks are a huge problem! Yikes!) Good luck at your eye dr appt today!

  3. I was driving through Hellertown last weekend and when I passed Braveheart I was wishing I had someone to enjoy it with! I love your dishcloth color and hope the eye appt. and IT assessment of your computer go well. Maybe your computer overheating is a sign that you need a break!

  4. Nice hot pop of color in the dishcloth to match your weather! Sorry for the deer tick--I'm afraid it is going to be a very common occurrence this summer!

  5. I'm glad you got the comments figured out. I knew that several people were having issues. I'm sorry abut Fletch and the deer tick. Those pesky "things" are not discrimiatory,and they seem prolific this year.

  6. That's my favourite go-to pattern for dishcloths. So easy and automatic. And the resulting dishcloth is cushy and wears well.

    Ticks are so bountiful this year, even in Ohio, where the dog ticks are most common.

    I haven't experienced the comment problem with Blogger. Thanks for posting the fix just in case.

  7. Temperatures have been in the mid-80s with a hot wind. I don’t handle heat well, but I can tolerate 80s. I’m glad you and Dee are out exploring again.

  8. Yikes, you all are not having good luck with the ticks lately, are you? I am glad, though, that you caught it early and Fletch can take abx to prevent getting sick (modern medicine is a great thing!). We were hot here as well this weekend, though not quite in the mid-90s. It was warm enough that I put on shorts for my walks, which I normally don't do because I don't like everyone looking at my pasty, pale legs, but it was just too warm for my usual leggings! Starting today we'll be getting the chance of rain/thunderstorms that the hot summer weather always seems to bring. I'm glad for our central air!

  9. It's crazy hot here too. They say we should get relief tomorrow though. My migraines tell me rain is coming!

  10. It's been crazy hot here too and I am very grouchy about it. Usually we have some time to adjust but bam...last week I was freezing and this week I am going to melt. I hate summertime. Don't get me started on the bugs. We shaved Pup down hopefully to discourage the ticks and those cursed fleas and I'm hiding inside to keep away from the mosquitoes. Ugh.

  11. Hope all went well today at the opthamologist.

    I'm glad you had a good time on Saturday. I enjoyed it very much... well, the stupid parking issue, not so much. But, the rest of it. I get such a kick out of the house numbers spelling out ass on the inside.

    Keeps me chuckling all week.

  12. Hello,
    The dishcloth is a pretty color. Your lunch with Dee sounds like fun.
    My hubby just picked two ticks off, he has already tested positive for Lyme's. It is hot here too, maybe a thunderstorm later today? I hope all goes well with your eye appt and surgery.Have a great day and a happy week ahead.

  13. It will be impossible to lose that dishcloth! :-)

    Yikes, deer ticks - I'm glad Fletch got it right away, I hope the meds the dr gives him will ward off anything bad.

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