Thursday, July 1, 2021

What's For Dinner (Quickly)?

 Hello, Hello

Feeling like a whirling dervish these days!  Still so busy work-wise (what's up with that??).  There are some major work changes coming...more about that another day (right now it is still TOP SECRET).  Anyhoo, yesterday was a busy one and today has already been busy with phone calls and emails (and it's not even 7:15 yet!!).

But it is Thursday, so let's talk food.  As y'all know, I'm sans oven at the moment.  And the past few days have been too stinking hot for me to ask Fletch to fire up the grill.  Last night's meal was salmon (which I always say in my head pronouncing the "L" as Fletcher's Mom always did - LOL).  Usually I bake or broil fish, but that was out of the question.  So last night I poached it.  And we really liked it!  And it was so FAST.  I had individual filets and they did have skin on them (yuck...but once cooked the skin comes off easily).  In my large frying pan I put:

  • 1 Cup of dry white wine
  • 1 Cup of water
  • 3 garlic cloves smooshed/squished
  • a bunch of dill (dried because I did not have fresh)

I brought that to a boil then turned it down to simmer.  Once simmering I slid the filets into the pan, covered it and let them cook for ~ 10 minutes.  Pulled them out, put on plates with wedges of lemon and voila!  Dinner!~!

The next time I think I'll add some fresh ginger to the mix.  Soy sauce and/or sesame oil would also be good.  Easy enough to play around with it.

We had a bit of rain last night which dropped the temp from 92 to 78 in no time!  Refreshing and the rain smelled so good.  More rain is in the forecast for today and it is not supposed to be as hot.  With the cooler temps, Fletch will fire up the grill tonight.  T-bone steaks are on the menu with a salad.  Colin will be coming over and we can't wait to hear all about Austin!

Meanwhile, I have a bunch of reports to run (my usual Thursday financial reports) so I'd best get to it.  The weekend is almost upon us and for that I am grateful.  Have a good one!


  1. I'm sure there will be big changes at work-most corps are having to make great adjustments post-pandemic!

  2. Thanks for the salmon recipe! Justin and Jess went salmon fishing and I have most of their catch in my freezer. I usually bake or broil it with a little lemon and seasoned salt, but this sounds like a new and delicious way to prepare it. I do hope things calm down for you a bit (and that the top secret changes are good ones)!

  3. The Mister eat salmon at least once a week. The vet said Pup needed to add it to her diet to help her skin issues so we've been picking up a piece with every order so they can share. I never thought about poaching it. I may have to try it as the last skinny filet dried out a lot in the oven.

  4. Again--how I wish I liked fish. I especially detest salmon. On our Alaskan cruise, we were constantly bombarded with the stuff, and when we refused it, we were looked at like heretics!

  5. Can't wait to hear about Colin and Mailing's trip.

  6. Salmon was so popular in Washington State. It was everywhere and much, much less expensive than it is here. I like it on the grill but have never poached it. I'll have to try your recipe.
    Lots of changes ahead for us with Dennis's job too. We're not sure what to expect. Working from home has been going very well but we know it's not forever. He's 65 1/2 so can retire anytime but would like to wait at least a year.
    I'm looking forward to hearing about the trip too. Have fun tonight! Yum, T-bones!

  7. Oh so nice that Coin is visiting! Did you ever hear of poaching fish in the dishwasher? I've never done it, but I know it was a THING there for awhi1e.

  8. Hello, Vera
    Your dinner sounds delicious! I hope all with your work goes smoothly.
    Have a happy 4th of July weekend!

  9. Oh my! That sounds amazing (and I confess to laughing at saLmon... yes we say it that way too!)

  10. I have never tried poaching salmon, but it sounds so easy! Will definitely try it next time!