Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Tiny Needle Tuesday, July 20, 2021

 Good Morning!

Happy to report that my visit to the dermatologist was a good news visit.  The "spot of bother" on the end or tip of my nose ended up being nothing.  There was a spot of blood or two after the stitches were removed, but no biggie.  I'm thankful for sure.  I will see her again in December for another full-body-look-over (I do that every 6 months, given my history).

Traffic cooperated and it was not bad getting to my office after the dermatologist.  I hung at the office until almost 1 p.m. and got many things done that I wanted to - not all, but most.  The only other person I saw was my boss Bruce who was busy with conference calls and other stuff, but we chatted for a few minutes.  The place was still very quiet.  I keep expecting to see more and more people in there, but so far it's no different than it was 9 months ago!

So now it is Tuesday again and time for TNT or Tiny Needle Tuesday.  It is very surprising to me that I've had an easier time stitching after my cataract surgery than knitting.  So, there has been progress on both pieces and I am still really, really enjoying both.  First up is Coverlet Birds by The Scarlet House.  The first bird has been stitched!

If you click to enlarge, I think you can see the difference between the green and blue floss - it's a bit difficult (at least for me) to see the difference in the small picture.  This is going to end up being a bit larger than I anticipated...probably too large for a pin cushion, but time will tell.

Next up is Pomegranate Birds by Heartstring Samplery.  Since I am stitching this on 40 count, it is going a bit more slowly.  I find I need more frequent breaks to rest my eyes, but still progress was made.

The subtle variance in colors of floss is appealing to me, though I will say I was happy to get into some of the darker greens and put aside the brownish/yellowish shades for a bit.  Because the flosses are hand dyed, the shades vary from skein to skein and, therefore, my piece doesn't quite look like the colors in the original (though I am using all of the called-for colors).  Here is a picture of the original one:

My game plan for today is to have an easy morning work-wise (fingers crossed), so that I can get a jump on some of the cleaning I need to do.  The afternoon I'm reserving for stitching and/or knitting (again - fingers crossed about work!).  I do have some prep work for dinner - I'm making an oven roased ratatouille (yay for the new oven!!), so eggplants, zucchini, tomatoes, onion and yellow squash to slice, garlic to mince, etc.  Maybe some garlic bread to go with this.

The sun is up and it looks like a pretty day - hope you all have a good one!


  1. I'm happy to hear about your Good News Visit! That's wonderful news, indeed. :-) Sending you good juju for a productive work day . . . with plenty of time for stitching. XO

  2. Beautiful stitching Vera! Wow I like them both very much! But YAY for good news from the dermatologist! Whew!! :)

  3. Great news about your dr. visit. And I'm thinking about ratatouille myself with the abundance of little yellow summer squash and zucchini and peppers around. First, though, I need to put up a few quarts of pickles before my dill completely goes to seed.

  4. Glad for the good derm news!!!!

    The projects are coming along so well. I need to get mine out today. I have barely worked on it at all for the last week.

  5. Glad for the good dr report--dinner sounds great. Love the stitching!

  6. It’s always a relief to get a good report after a biopsy. Even when you think you’re not worried, a part of the brain is focused on the possibilities. I need to find a dermatologist. I haven’t seen one in over three years. Where does the time go!

  7. I am delighted to hear about your good report at the dermatologist! I hope work cooperates and you get plenty of knitting and/or stitching time this afternoon.

  8. Great news!
    I've never used hand dyed floss but I have some here that I bought for a Christmas project that has yet to get off the ground.

  9. I'm glad that your biopsy turned out well. I haven't knitted/crocheted anything in two days. It's been a hectic time with Mom. Her brother is visiting. Last fall he moved into a senior apartment and LOVES it. He's a social guy and enjoys the walking club and other activities. He's always been very busy and athletic. He's trying to talk her into finding a place. I keep my fingers crossed. So far she's saying "I'm NOT moving." His daughters stayed with me last night and agreed with us that she has no business living alone. She's really forgetful. Don't even get me started on the medication thing. It's taken over my life and I'm resigned that she'll not move until we force her to and by then we'll be too old to do anything! lol. Oh well. I just miss my knitting.

  10. Your stitching is lovely no matter! Funny how the eyes change and interact in our heads . Vision is a complicated thing. Glad yours is letting you craft!

  11. Very pretty stitching. I am happy your biopsy turned out well. I scheduled an overdue dermatology appointment for next month. All this maintenance takes time but I tell myself it is worth the effort.

  12. I am glad you had good news from the doctor. Beautiful stitching!
    Your dinner sounds yummy! Take care, enjoy your day!