Monday, July 5, 2021


 Good Morning!

It's somewhat later than I normally post, but I slept later this a.m.  The foxes last night!!  Oy!  I had gone to bed around 11 and when Fletch came up - probably 12:30 or 1, I woke up and it was like a convention of foxes going on all around us.  Very creepy sounding and I (of course) had trouble getting back to sleep and once I did I had very strange dreams.  Interestingly Fletch had the same thing happen - including weird dreams.

Anyway, this is quickly becoming routine stuff (and I'm sure sorry about that!).  But it has been a very nice weekend.  Friday was a very long slog of a day work-wise, so I was very happy to meet up with Dee on Saturday morning at a local Starbucks.  We spent several delightful hours together chatting, knitting, laughing, etc.

Fletch and I had planned to order out something/anything for dinner, but our neighbor across the street texted that they were having meatballs and sausage and would we like to join them...we did and it was delicious.  There was another couple who came and the conversation and food were delightful.  I'm not normally fond of meatballs, but I really liked the ones Rob made.  Turns out they are Keto, so no breadcrumbs in them - just meat, parm, spices and whole cream.  Delicious!

Sunday morning I made us some blueberry pancakes and then got busy chopping veggies for a corn and black bean salad we took to Colin & Mailing's.  Colin grilled hot and sweet sausage; Mailing's Mom brought 2 salads; Mailing cooked greens as well as some onions, peppers, mushrooms and squash.  And there was a flag cake (which I forgot to take a picture of) to round out the meal.  We took a break from eating before dessert and walked a couple of miles in a local park.  After dessert Colin and Mailing built a fire and we sat outside watching the bats fly around.  Well, watching them until the fireworks started...then they disappeared.  Their town does not put on a fireworks show, but their neighbors sure did.  Very loud.  When we left to come home around 9:30, Marcel and Talbot were no where to be seen - I think they may have been hiding upstairs.  I feel badly for all the animals during celebrations like that.  Tyg was inside, but visibly disturbed by the fireworks.  And, I have never seen traffic like we did last night in our little town!  Our township did put on a fireworks display once again (last year was, of course, cancelled).  People must have come from miles and miles away.  What is normally a 20-25 minute drive from Colin's took us close to an hour!  Many streets we would use to get home were blocked off by the police and fire trucks.

I think today will be a lay-low type of day...I'm planning a crockpot dinner (easy-peasy and new!!) and hope to do plenty of knitting, stitching and reading.  There has been progress on Fuego Sock #2:

I'm on the heel flap.  My plan/hope is to at least finish the heel, pick up the gusset stitches and do those decreases and then just have easy knitting to finish the sock.  I'm not sure if I will feel like knitting after my cataract surgery Wednesday, but in case I do I'd like it to be easy.  Tomorrow will be an office day since I will not be able to go in at all the balance of the week.  But today is an easy one!

Whatever you are doing, I hope you have some fun!


  1. Sounds like a lovely weekend for you! We spent ours at the lake, where we were treated to fireworks galore. Like you, we sympathized with not only pets, but the waterfowl and birds here.

    You have great neighbors! Lucky you. Especially on a night when you didn't feel like cooking, they sure came through for you.

  2. Your weekend sounds like a good one (except for the foxes, noise, and traffic)! The food all sounds delicious, and I always think that food you don't have to make yourself tastes even better!

  3. Sock is looking good.
    We got some ear twitches from our boys during the fireworks, but that's about it. There was definitely a lot more backyard ones this year - bu COVID has cancelled the big town displays.

  4. Sending good wishes for Wednesday.

    Your bbq at Colin's sounds delicious!

  5. It was noisy here all weekend-either fireworks or T-storms and sometimes both! lol Sorry your sleep has been so disturbed by the foxes--now you know why the English hunted them! I am having a low-key day today also.

  6. Low-key here as well. I may take a nap as the neighborhood was noisy with fireworks until well after midnight.

  7. I love the colors in that sock!
    I am hoping my neighbors have gotten the fireworks bug out of their systems. It was long weekend for booms. Pup doesn't really mind them if she is inside which is great. My former dogs would be sick for days after being terrified by them.

  8. sounds 1ike your Fourth ce1ebration was wonderfu1. We drove to Nebraska and had ours with A11ison and her boyfriends fami1y . There was so much food! I wish I cou1d say that I watched my points with weight watchers but I did not. We are home now and i hope the fireworks wi11 not get going tonight. I think however they wi11 as Mi1waukee is having them tonight.
    Good 1uck with your cataract operation!!

  9. Minus the foxes, it sounds like a wonderful weekend! I guess after a very quiet year, we are all unused to crowds and traffic. I must be part animal, because I have never liked all the noise from fireworks. Thankfully our neighbors set theirs off before we all went to bed.

  10. What a lovely weekend (well, except for those foxes and fireworks... grrrr!) We have had them all weekend long, and it was a bit frustrating for all who had to return to work this morning. Sigh. I am thinking good thoughts for your surgery on Wednesday!

  11. We had a great weekend as well. It's really nice to be back with family. I'm sorry about the foxes and the dreams. That's strange that you and Fletcher both had them! Weird. As everyone else has said, the fireworks were nutso. Until 4:30 am and then again last night until around midnight. They have to run out of them soon, right? Have a great Tuesday Vera and I'm praying for your surgery tomorrow.

  12. We had a nice weekend. Sunday we were able to go to an annual potluck with three other couples. Last year of course, the dinner was scrapped because of Covid. I made a new summer quinoa salad and it was good. Your socks look great.