Tuesday, July 6, 2021

Tiny Needle Tuesday - July 6, 2021

 Good Morning! 

Here we are at the first Tuesday in July and I have two TNT projects to share!!  WooHoo - living dangerously, aren't I?

First up is the start on my Pomegranate Bird sampler by Heartstring Samplery.  I'm working on 40 count Patina Linen and using one thread over two threads of linen, so 20 stitches to the inch.  The threads are hand dyed cotton - both Weeks Dye Works and Crescent Colors.

Here is a picture of the full design:

The 40 count is almost enough to do my eyes in, but I love the way it looks.  I'm curious (and hopeful) if this will be easier after my cataract surgery!  As you can see, I started this design in the center.  I can't remember the last time I did that - I almost always start in the upper left hand corner.  But, the very upper left of this design is kind of blank, and though I would usually count over to start where the design does, on the 40 count it was easier to just start in the center.  The center of the urn still needs to be filled in, but I didn't feel like stitching with brown thread.  The colors in the flower are called:  Whiskey, Brandy, Pomegranate and Toasted Marshmallow.  Kind of like naming yarns!  I want that job.

Design #2 is Coverlet Birds by The Scarlet House:

And my start on this:

The fabric is 32 count and I am using Ginny Thompson Flower Thread which is very, very old stash.  I don't believe this thread is manufactured any more.  I like the way it looks (no sheen to it at all), but the thread is thicker than what I normally use and a bit on the coarse side.  But...the design is small.  When finished, this will be/should be small enough to make into a little pincushion.

Years ago Fletch and I stopped in Bedford on our way home after visiting Colin in Pittsburgh.  The National Museum of the American Coverlet is located in Beford.  For all you Western PA folks, if you have not visited this museum, I highly recommend doing so.  It is fascinating.

Two birds on two different samplers!  I do have a thing for birds - lol.

July 4th also means it is time to harvest the garlic and Fletch did so yesterday.  We (really he) managed to get a fairly good haul.  Fletch has separated it into small, medium, large and giant heads.

I'm looking forward to using this on home made pizza - simply the best!  First it will be hung on the patio to dry a bit.

After a little bit of a cooler weekend, the heat is back.  Yesterday was very warm and today promises more of the same.  I'll get to the office early and get done what I need to and then head home.  I'd like to just relax this afternoon and stitch and knit some.  Hoping that work will not interfere with that - haha.  First, though, it is time for a second cup of coffee and I need to wake up a bit more before getting behind the wheel.

Have a wonderful Tuesday!


  1. July is for stitching bird samplers and yours are both lovely! I hope you can relax this afternoon with some stitching and knitting, and that close count stitching is easier after your cataract surgery.

  2. As I was reading about the size of the stitches, I was wondering if it was something that would be easier after your cataract surgery. At the very least, it requires good light!

    I hope that you get your relaxing day, and best of luck tomorrow!

  3. Oh my... those stitching projects! (and you have given me an excellent idea... that pin cushion! Thank you!)

  4. Like you, I want the job of naming colours for paint, yarn, or nail polish. I just know I'd be good at it.

    Good start on both stitching starts. I'll be thinking of you tomorrow for your surgery. I know you'll share the results.

  5. Both stitching projects are very nice. I was thinking that you must love birds just before I read what you wrote about them! It's gotten hot here again too. It was 100 in the shade on our deck yesterday and was 84 this morning at 7:30! We are just not used to this and the humidity is about to do us both in. We have so much weeding to do and just can't stand to be outside.
    Prayers for your for tomorrow. I know all will be well and you'll be so glad to have gotten it done.

  6. The two new projects are beautiful!

    I really like the Coverlet Birds one.

  7. Thirty and forty count stitching would make me cross eyed! Your work is beautiful, and I like these new projects.

  8. I love that blue project with just a bit of the edge in RED!! (So curious.)

  9. Lovely starts to your new projects!
    I don't know if it's my sense of taste and smell disappearing as I age but store bought garlic doesn't have the same ooomph that it used to have. Maybe it's because my son brought me some of his that he had grown last year and I am spoiled but I've bought a lot of garlic lately that I've just tossed for being bland.

  10. Love the new stitching! Oh my gosh there's some tiny stuff there!

  11. Ooooo! I always love seeing your samplers come to life! That flower is so charming! And we have a friend that shares his garlic harvest with us every year. You're right -- fresh grown garlic is THE BEST. XO

  12. Oh man - the thread count on that fabric would do in my eyes. Way to live on the wild side with two samplers at one time! Garlic from the garden sounds terrific. I'm holding a good thought for your surgery tomorrow. Take good care.

  13. The new stitching is going to be so interesting to work on! Nice choices! Nice haul of garlic, too!

  14. Hello,
    Pretty project, I like the coverlet birds.
    Best wishes for your eye surgery.
    Take care, have a happy day and week ahead.

  15. I don't know how you can knit on such tiny thread counts. The smallest I ever stitched on was 18-count aida, and I swore I'd never do it again!