Monday, July 19, 2021


 Hi Everyone!

How was your weekend?  Mine was good.  First, my new range was delivered (again) Friday morning - just in time for me to miss my first conference call of the day - lol.  Perfect timing if I do say so.  They hauled the old one away and left the new one.  Our neighbor Rob came over late in the afternoon and hooked it all up for us (using the "old" outlet that the delivery folks said would not work - HA!).

I didn't use it on Friday - too hot.  We just ordered out some sandwiches for dinner.  But it worked fine on both Saturday and Sunday - both the oven and the cook top.  I realize now how over-heated my old oven was.  Everything always cooked much faster than I thought it should and now I think I finally have an oven that is an accurate temperature!

Saturday I met up with Dee for some quality knitting and chatting time.  That afternoon I finished up the second Fuego sock!!

Pretty and happy socks that fit moi perfectly!!

We had some thunderstorms blow through on Saturday which cooled things down and Sunday was simply delightful.  Almost chilly at times in the breeze!!  Before we went grocery shopping I managed to cake up two skeins of yarn to make socks for Damon and Peggy (Fletch's brother and his wife).

Both skeins are Static from Knitpicks (75/25) - the blue colorway is "Neptune" and the pink/red colorway is "Glow."  For Damon's I think I will just knit the pattern that Fletch loves - the leg is K6, P2 across.  I haven't figured out a pattern for Peggy's yet, but one of them will hopefully be cast on today.

No domestic chores were done which is kind of the way I like weekends, but I'll be paying for that this week.  My friend Leslie, her daughter Jaimie and granddaughter Emory will be here next Saturday for the afternoon, dinner and spending the night.  I need to do some MAJOR cleaning so that they can stay without choking on dust, etc.

Time to roll - I've gotta leave the house by 7:15 to get to the dermatologist to have the stitches taken out at the tip of my nose.  And hopefully, get a good biopsy report.  After that I am heading to the office - I've got a number of things I need to do there and probably will be stuck there for several hours.

Hope everyone's week is off to a grand start!


  1. it was a rainy weekend here too, but it was welcome rain for sure!

    I love those socks! Good luck at the dermatologist today!

  2. pretty socks and yay to a new range, I just got a new washing machine!! (sorely needed...)

  3. Isn't it funny . . . how much cleaning and "prepping" we manage to do before guests arrive? (That's my prime motivator when it comes to household chores. . . ) Love the socks -- both finished and future. We finally had a sunny day yesterday! What a treat. Here's to a good week!

  4. The socks are a triumph.

    We had so much rain over the weekend that we had flooding. At the lake, our dock and beach were under water. I had ducks in the yard! It was extraordinary. At home, the sump pump kept up, but I have some sogginess in the basement.

    I hope your guests enjoy some nice, dry, and sunny weather during their stay. I know they'll enjoy good company.

  5. Fuego socks are so cheerful! Glad the stove is all sorted for you!

  6. Your socks turned out great! Happy and lively for sure. I spent part of yesterday cleaning bathrooms and washing the guest room sheet because two of Dennis's cousins are driving their Dad down from Minneapolis to visit Mom this week. One of the "girls" will stay with me since Mom only has two spare beds now. It will be fun since I haven't seen Bonnie or Janet for almost 30 years!
    Yesterday after church I painted the upstairs hall closet that has an extension in the bad. It's HUGE and took most of the afternoon but it looks, (and smells), much better. That nicotine smell gets in everywhere. Only 4 closets to go!
    I hope your Monday is great Vera. I'm off to take Mom grocery shopping.

  7. Hello Vera,
    Your socks are pretty! I am glad all is well now with your new stove.
    I hope you get good news on your biopsy. Take care, have a happy day and a great week!

  8. ❤️ the finished socks and the yarn for the future socks. I hope your day is a good one.

  9. Well, I'd say that the range delivery worked out perfectly! (Unless, of course, you were eager to be on that conference call!) I'm glad to hear it's working well and better than the old one, and I'm guessing it won't heat up the house as much as the old one if it does a better job of efficiently heating. Sending good thoughts for a good report from the dermatologist!

  10. I LOVE those socks! That colorway really calls to me. Maybe because it is fallish and I am so over summer. I just saw some red leaves on a tree out back so there is hope.
    I loved knitting with Static. It really makes a nice sturdy but soft sock. I need to get some more before it disappears.

  11. Hope you got a good report from the derm.

    Have a great time with Leslie et al next Saturday.

  12. What a good reason to do some good cleaning--you will enjoy your visit! So glad the new stove arrived and works so well! Hope all goes well with the stitch removal and the results!

  13. I hope the biopsy report is good news.
    I love weekends without chores. Even when I’m working, I try to clean during the week. And I hate going to the grocery store on weekends because it’s so busy.
    Having overnight guests is the best way to get some serous cleaning done in my house!

  14. You do choose the prettiest sock yarns. It is usually good to have some motivation to dust otherwise I let it go thinking it such a thankless job.