Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Tiny Needle Tuesday 3/29/22

 Good Morning!

Still chilly here (22 degrees F this a.m.).  Thankfully the winds have died down a bit (though I occasionally still hear them howling and screaming.  I never went outside yesterday other than to put out some recycling and trash.  In fact, I never got dressed.  LOL  And then in the late afternoon the emergency signal on my phone went off and the warning was for major snow squalls with white out conditions and icy roads!  Sure enough soon after the squalls came in.  They were short lived, and didn't produce much (thankfully).

That is a small, sad pot of wilted pansies on the table.  Fletch had to go out to the garden because one of the windows popped out of the cold frame.  Luckily it didn't take him long to get that put back.

Hard to believe it's the last Tuesday in March.  There was a bit of progress on both samplers during the past week.  First up the never ending A&E sampler (still no sign of Adam and Eve).

I love the BIG number 6 (number 9 is the same upside down).  So, 9 and then 10, then a tiny mark and the same numbers all over again.  Then I can start the interesting stuff underneath the numbers!  I do need to pick up more green (2nd skein) and more red (think it will be the 4th skein).  I can get those at JoAnn's when I venture to the office (maybe tomorrow).

And here is A Visiting Bird:

I had thought there was potential for finishing this one yesterday, but obviously that did not happen.  More stuff that is not symmetrical!  But, I decided to keep it as it is.  The original pattern calls for initials in the middle "box" and the boxes on either side have a design.  I'm planning to put my initials in the middle box and 20 in the left box and 22 in the right box.  I expect (ha!!) this to be finished by next Tuesday.

Have any of you grown an avocado plant from seed?  We used to do that when I was growing up and Colin always gets magnificent plants.  Me?  Not so much.  But I was making guacamole to go with our dinner last night and came upon what I think is the smallest avocado seed I've ever seen!  And, it looked as though a tiny root was already coming out of it.  So, I've popped it into a shot glass and it is sitting on my kitchen windowsill.

Finally, another wine for you.  I've been hankering for whites which is unusual for me.  I must be jonesing for warm summer weather or something.  Anyway, another one bought for the label and it is not bad.

It's from South Africa and I've had some other interesting and quite good wines from South Africa lately.  Love the name and love the art work!

Nothing much on my agenda today.  Stopping at the library to return a book, a small grocery shopping and, hopefully, time for stitching, knitting and reading.  


  1. I am so glad you were not out yesterday. Our news talked of a huge pile up on I-81 near Schuyllkill... the images were horrific.

    I have never had success with avocado seeds either, but that one looks promising!

  2. The samplers are looking lovely as always! I like the asymmetry, and think it will look good with your initials and the 2022 (whenever you get to add them). I grew an avocado seed once decades ago, and am rooting for this one!

  3. I'm also glad you stayed in yesterday -- it looked horrible out there! There were apparently whiteout conditions in the SW part of the state as well (my husband was sending photos and videos). Let's hope this is the last of the winter weather!

    I'll keep my fingers crossed that you have some success with this avocado seed. I've never tried growing one, so I'm interested to see how you do!

  4. In the early days of our married life, I managed to grow a magnificent avocado plant from seed. It was really wonderful. And then I killed it when we moved from Colorado to Texas. And I've never found success again (and believe me, I've tried!). I am rooting for your avocado seed! (Get it . . . rooting for it. LOL.) XO

  5. I need to find some of that wine for my brother and SIL. They would get a "hoot" out of that!

    We had two days of snow squalls. Nothing that really stuck, but it would be sunny one minute, then dark and blizzard like the next, then back to sun. We're supposed to get some decent days this week, and I hope it sticks around

  6. Your samplers are coming along great. I'm down to the name and last details on the baby sampler.
    I've tried many times to grow avocados from the seed but have never been successful. It will be fun to see if yours grows.

  7. That snow was crazy and fun since it required no shoveling.

  8. Beautiful sampler stitching...the bird in the pot is beautiful. Crazy Spring weather--named for the temperatures springing up and down perhaps?! We have grown several seeds to trees here from avocados!

  9. The stitching continues to be beautiful, and I will anxiously follow the progress of the avocado!

  10. The base of Visiting Bird is wonderful - not what I had envisioned. It’s perfect for initials and the year. When I saw the photos of the massive pileup/fire on the interstate, I worried about those of you living in the area. It’s currently raining, but it will soon turn into snow - springtime in the Rockies.

  11. Brrrr....it is too darn cold for March. It sure came in like a lamb because it's going out like a lion. We had flurries yesterday but not like what you all got up in PA. I saw that terrible accident on the news last night.

  12. It’s brutally cold here. I woke up to 17° this morning. How it will get to 70° by tomorrow is a mystery to me, but that’s the forecast.

    The sampler basket is a surprise to me. I thought it would be solid. It will look lovely with what you’re planning.

  13. I went to a local garden center and found a little 6" stick called Chicago Hardy Fig! I so love figs and finally got there early enough to get one. Next, elderberry bush they had left from 2021. Need dirt and big pots because nothing grows in this clay. Ice storm tonight. Yipee.

  14. wasn't that wind ridiculous??? We went for a walk and I was miserable and so was Frodo!

  15. Both your samplers are pretty but I really like the A and E with all the alphabets and numbers. It must be the teacher in me that likes a pretty alphabet. It's cold here with snow flurries in the forecast. Just like that March is out like a lion.