Friday, March 11, 2022

Friday Miscellaneous

 Good Morning!

I hadn't intended to abandon my blog yesterday, but work got ahold of me and would not let go!  It was awful - lol.  I'm hoping today is a little gentler.  There are two conference calls for me - one at 11 and one at 12:30, but I hope that is it...nothing more!  Time will tell.

Again, I want to thank everyone for their continued healing vibes, good juju, etc. for my brother Ray.  He's got a lot going on, but fingers, toes and eyes all crossed Linda will be taking him home today.  There has been a lot of up and down news - one moment all is positive, the next something negative is going on, then positive and then negative.  It's been a roller coaster ride and hasn't been easy for Linda, let alone the rest of us who are worried about him.  His Pic line was "installed" the other day, and he is more than ready to leave the hospital.

Ray is an avid gardener, but has been told NO gardening (hello Pic Line!), so that will be a change.  Fortunately he is also an avid reader, so he will have something to occupy his time as he heals and goes for his monthly check ups.

On to other, not so serious topics.  Last night we made pizza for dinner.

There were two of these and between them an entire (large) head of garlic graced their crusts.  Oh so good.  I can't believe I still have garden garlic from last year to use.  It is just hanging from the patio roof and every time I need some I go grab a head.  I think I might have 6 heads left...and the new shoots are coming up in the garden.  We will have scapes in no time and (hopefully) an abundant crop once again.

When we spoke with Colin the other night, he mentioned that Mailing had picked up another cookbook.  Turns out it is Cooking With Scraps which looks so interesting to me.  I know many people save their scraps, freeze them and then use them in stocks, etc.  We compost ALL of our scraps since Fletch has a garden.  Colin and Mailing were composting up here too, but in Austin they don't have garden space.  Who knew that the liquid from canned beans behaves like egg whites and it can be whipped?  So many things to try!  The Pumpkin Guts Butterscotch Scones look really good!  I haven't ordered it yet...but it is not very much money and I may just go ahead (I've been waiting to hear more from the kids).

Finally I have a new item that makes me smile every time I see it!

A scrubby sponge and also happens to be a Sloth with SPARKLES!!  I do love Sloths and the sparkles just add a certain je ne sais quoi.  A happy sloth now resides by my sink and (s)he makes me happy!

I say Let The Weekend Begin - have a good one!


  1. I hope that those calls today are brief and over soon so that the weekend can begin!

    (and that Sloth! LOL I love it!)

  2. Not being able to garden is an especially difficult blow for a devoted gardener, but Ray will have some time to catch up on good books. That pizza looks delicious, and I had no idea that you could get a sparkly sloth. Enjoy your unique sink companion and have a good weekend!

  3. Okay. That sloth. So cute!!! My heart breaks for Ray and his no-gardening edict. BUT . . . his health is so much more important right now. That sounds like a fascinating cookbook, Vera. (I just made some vegetable broth from scraps yesterday.) And may your workday be gentle today . . . so you can get on to some weekending. XO

  4. That sloth! My kid is obsessed with sloths! I wonder if, if I get one of those, it would induce her to want to do the dishes?

    I'm glad to hear that Ray will be able to go home. I really think people recover so much better when they're in a comfortable environment. I'm sorry he won't be able to garden, but at least he can read to his heart's content -- and perhaps plan for next year's garden?

  5. ROFL That sloth! That FACE!!

    Almost makes you want to dirty up some dishes just so you can wash them.

  6. The pizza looks great, and the sloth will make clean-up more entertaining!

  7. Because I watch The Great British Baking Show like it's my job, I knew all about aquafaba, the bean liquid used for egg white replacement. Vegan bakers use it all the time. I've never tried it, but I always wonder about its taste; won't it taste beany? Apparently not, because no one ever says so.

    Love that sloth scrubby. It would make being at the sink a little more cheerful.

  8. I wish work would leave you alone!! I'm glad that your brother is doing well and will be going home, it's quite the scare! I'm sure they want regular boring life.

  9. ❤️ the sloth: the sparkles make it even cuter!

  10. I had a little one with a pic line in my class one year. It made me a nervous wreck but we both survived it. He had Lyme's disease. I had to go through all kinds of training beforehand but it served me well because a few years later I had another little one that had one. He came with an aide though so I was off the hook for that one.
    Love that sloth. He's too cute to be scrubbing anything. He'd have to be a kitchen mascot for me. Daughter has a great scrubby but when I went to Amazon to get one they were all sold out and could only be pre-ordered for months away. How could a scrubby be that popular? I guess I'll never know.

  11. That sloth!!!! Oh my goodness, it's so cute. Sparkles.
    Who knew about the green bean liquid? That's pretty interesting. It might be a great cookbook to have.
    I'm so glad Ray gets to go home today. Bad news about the gardening but his health is so much more important. I know how gardeners are though. Being kept away will be very hard for him.
    I hope work was short and you are now on your weekend!

  12. a sparkly sloth! Eveyone should have one!

  13. I hope that your brother does well and is gardening soon. A sparkly sloth would definitely be a welcome sight in my kitchen!

  14. I love the sloth that sparkles. My daughter whips chick pea liquid into whipped cream. It's not quite the same but does have a nice consistency.