Tuesday, March 1, 2022

Tiny Needle Tuesday 3/1/22

 Good Morning!

Hello you and hello March.  Wow!  February (and January) seemed to fly by.  I turned the calendar page this morning and there are just 3 weeks till the Spring Equinox.  Bulbs are beginning to show up in our yard - under the apple tree and in other beds.  It is a hopeful sign.

I was only at my office for maybe an hour yesterday.  On the drive there I saw protesters near a middle school that I pass.  One of the signs read "Free the Smiles!  Mask Choice" - what the heck?  I guess PA has lifted its mask mandate but perhaps the school still requires masks?  I don't know, but with all the crap going on in the world that seemed a little silly to me.  And, for the record, I am continuing to wear my mask when I go to the library or the grocery store, etc.  My choice.

Anyway, the afternoon got away from me.  There was a lot going on work-wise so I never got a walk in (or a nap).  Later, before dinner, I spent time looking at/going through yarn stash.  Yikes!  Of course I found skeins I had completely forgotten I had (I'm sure this happens to all of you too) and I'm wondering why I ordered more the other week and why I'm contemplating going to a LYS in a week or so.

Meanwhile it is TNT or Tiny Needle Tuesday, so let's see what has been stitched in the past week.  Not a lot, but some progress has been made.

The dividing band I'm working on now is taking forever!  It is squares of red and green.  Each square is 4 stitches wide by 5 stitches tall.  The solid filling takes time, but also switching colors pretty frequently slows things down.  The lower case alphabet that started at the end of the last line will continue under the red and green dividing band.  There will be another dividing band and then numbers (!!) under that and then (finally) I will get to the meat of this sampler...Adam & Eve and assorted birds and motifs and (finally!!) colors other than red and green.  Soon, but still a bit of a way to go till I get there.

A Visiting Bird just had two small motifs added to it this past week.  There is a bunch of solid stitching left on this piece, so it will be a little while before this one is finished.  Luckily I'm still enjoying stitching on both of these pieces.

I've got a project I'm working on for work and Fletch and I plan to do a little grocery shopping this morning.  I'd also like to schedule a pedicure.  But first it's time for another cup of coffee.  Enjoy your day!


  1. Everyone is lifting their mask mandates here too but lots of people are still wearing them. We have a newborn Grand and no one thinks about the families with babies and toddlers who can't be vaccinated. It's also weird that masks are coming off just about the time our boosters are losing effectiveness. They say it's at about 4 months and that's tomorrow for The Mister and I. I guess it means we'll be going to fewer places now than ever. It just doesn't make sense when thousands are still dying everyday.
    Lovely stitching! I can't believe how much progress you are making.

  2. Oh boy... I will be masking in solidarity with you. I am not quite comfortable with the mask-less. lol

    Your stitching... so inspiring Vera!

  3. Another mask wearer here! NJ has lifted their school mask mandate, but I still wear mine when I'm at the grocery store, library, bank, etc. I've got a bunch of masks and I'm going to use them!

    Every week I expect Adam & Eve to show up, but now I know to look for numbers next. All of your stitching is lovely!

  4. I'm not planning to take off my mask anytime soon, and frankly I think everyone taking them off now is just going to lead to another surge.

    The stitching looks lovely as usual!

  5. It's easy to throw on a mask, so I'm still wearing mine. I notice fewer and fewer people wearing them these days, though. And I imagine that trend will continue as the weather warms up. Sigh. We'll see how it goes. . . And you're right. People protesting mask-wearing just seem even sillier now that there are bigger issues to worry about. Love your stitching! It's fun to see your progress every week. (And, yeah. I do same with my stash. . . ) XO

  6. All this mask brouhaha is so ridiculous. What idiocy. This so-called freedom fighting pales in comparison to the real battle for freedom in Ukraine. Moronic.

    I'm just so charmed by the Visiting Birds sampler. This time I really noticed the colour work on the basket. It's such a lovely project.

  7. I can't imagine equating mask freedom with real freedom that we are watching the Ukraine fight for with their lives. How silly it all seems.
    I love your stitching Vera. I have the utmost respect for those solid bits. I always have, but I have renewed comradery now that I'm working on my piece. :-)
    That's what I love about my yarn wall. Nothing hides from me. I can see exactly what I have at a glance and I have found it so easy to find exactly what I want with no searching.
    Have a lovely day my friend. We're supposed to be well into the 70's today. I love it!

  8. It had to be fun to go through your stash and discover things you had forgotten! The stitching is coming along well; they're both just different enough to keep your interest.

  9. That is an amazing sampler! It's going to be beautiful, that's for sure. And I sure agree that all these fights over masking is silly, especially since it's for your own good as well as those around you. No walk here yesterday either; it was the wettest Feb. 28th since 1972 with well over 2" of rain. Seattle has a reputation for lots of rain, but this is a lot all at once for us! And it's supposed to rain like this for the rest of the week.

  10. I continue to love the alphabet sampler, but I hear you on those dividing thingees.
    Oregon will stop its indoor mask mandate in a week and a half, but more and more people just ignore it!

  11. Happy March 1 to you and Fletch and of course, Miss Mabel.

    You know . . . she hasn't been on the blog for awhile. You should fix that. ;-)

    The stitching looks great and I have to say, you inspired me to work more on MY stitching.

  12. The Visiting Bird looks fabulous! I’m still masking in public (except for the gym - large building with excellent ventilation). I should go through my yarn stash and plan some projects.

  13. I worked on my tiny cross stitch and the new reading glasses do help a lot, phew. I can justify the money I spent on them.. Your stitching is lovely and I hope you get a walk and a nap in today!!

  14. Your stitching is inspiring - so many little stitches. You are right about equating freedom from mask wearing is inconsequential these days.

  15. Love the Visiting Bird. From what we've heard from my teacher neighbors, yes, they still demand the kids wear masks but we don't have to. Doesn't make sense, they are at restaurants, indoor events, vacations, around others that have no masks and aren't wearing a mask themselves.