Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Tiny Needle Tuesday 3/22/22

 Hello and Good Morning!

Yesterday turned into a pretty nice day, though it was very, very breezy (I'm not fond of wind).  Fletch worked quite a bit in the garden (and then found a tick on his shirt later in the evening).  I woke up early-ish this morning and couldn't get back to sleep - wondering why Mabel had not come upstairs to wake me.  Turns out she was outside all night!  But, when I came down to put the coffee on, she was waiting (and meowing loudly) by the patio door.  She has been fed and last I saw she was grooming and preparing for a little snooze.

My brother Ray continues to heal (slowly).  He gets tired easily (no surprise) and has roughly another 5 weeks of antibiotic infusions.  In the category of "when it rains it pours" my sister in law Linda was diagnosed with thyroid cancer yesterday.  So, she will be going in for surgery for complete removal of her thyroid within 4-6 weeks (backlog of available surgery spots thanks to Covid).  We, of course, have offered to do anything we can to help out and, fortunately, their two sons live nearby (one in Maryland and the other in Pennsylvania).  A stressful time.  So, once again, please send all the healing juju you can to Ray & Linda.  I appreciate it so much.

Moving along to more pleasant topics, it is Tuesday, or TNT as we like to call it.  There has been progress on both pieces I am stitching.  The Visiting Bird has seen a little bit more filled in at the bottom.

I'm not a matchy-matchy person, but the fact that this bottom section is not symmetrical is making me a little twitchy, but I'm going with the flow.  I need to chart out my initials and the year and I may try to do that today.

The A&E sampler has also seen a bit of progress.

See my darling needleminder?  Thank you Kim!  The lower case alphabet (and the LAST alphabet) is complete and I am on the final dividing band.  After that there will be a row of numbers and then (finally) we get to the meat of the sampler.

My office visit yesterday was quick, and I'm glad to have that out of the way.  Today is supposed to be a little cloudy and then rain is in the forecast for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.  I did find out I have another meeting at corporate on April 6th.  Another Bruce meeting, but with more people.  Then, of course, it will be May and budget season and there will be multiple meetings in person at the office.  I've noticed that only a few people (myself included) are still masked at the office.  I'm not looking forward to the meetings.

Well, that wraps things up for me this morning.  I hope you all have a great Tuesday!


  1. I will be keeping both Ray and Linda in my thoughts. I know life isn't fair, but this seems much too unfair. I might have preferred the bottom section of the bird be symmetrical also, but I bet it won't be so noticeable when you get the date and initials stitched. I'm still looking forward to seeing Adam and Eve show up!

  2. I certainly hope that with all the bad news lately, Ray and Linda are due for some very good news, and a lot of it, soon. I hope Linda's diagnosis was on the early side of things and her surgery is the end of it.

    Like you, the asymmetry of the base in the visiting bird makes me a little twitchy, but I suppose the design itself isn't symmetrical. Can't wait for Adam and Eve!

  3. My goodness, Vera! That seems too much for a family to bear. I'm so sorry for all the unfortunate health events. I'll keep a good thought.

    I'm mystified by these samplers, to tell you the truth, how they have random letters and such. I'm still not over how only one of the alphabets in the A&E sampler merely quits in the middle. Now the VB sampler has the asymmetrical base. Yet you must count so carefully! It's all strange to me.

  4. YOUR TINY NEED1E work amazes me. Prayers for the fami1y

  5. I'm so sorry to hear about Linda's diagnoses. Of course I'm still praying for both her and Ray and I will continue.
    Ticks! Eew! We rarely saw ticks back home but here there are a LOT of deer around our house and they love to live in the cottonwood trees too.
    Your stitchery is coming along so nice. That asymmetry would probably drive me nutso too. But maybe once it's filled in it will make sense.
    When will you retire? I wouldn't want to have to go back to being in the office full time again after the relative freedom of the past few years.

  6. I am so sorry to hear Linda has cancer. Their stress levels must be through the roof.

  7. Sending all the good juju I can!

    I lost my needle minder! Can't find it anywhere! I bet one of the cats stole it and it's under something

  8. Thinking of you and your family! Hope both Ray and Linda heal quickly.
    Love seeing your stitching; your projects are really pretty. Stay away from those ticks, too; one of our grandsons suffered from Lyme Disease for a really long time.

  9. Oh my! Of course I will keep Ray *and* Linda in my thoughts. Sending healing juju their way... my gosh, you are so right... when it rains it pours... and it seems they are due for a good bit of sunshine!

    Your stitching is wonderful! (and symmetry be damned lol)

  10. Oh, dear. I hear ya with that when it rains it pours thing. I've been getting drenched myself too much lately.
    Stitching is beautiful as always.

  11. Oh dear when it rains it pours. Sorry to hear of that bad news, and holding warm thoughts for you and your family.

  12. Prayers and healing thoughts for Linda, Ray, and their extended family.

  13. So sorry to hear about your sister-in-law, sending healing vibes for her and your brother

  14. I am sorry to hear about your sister-in-law. You are right, when it rains it pours. Hope all goes well for her. I'm still wearing a mask when shopping but am certainly in the minority.

  15. Oh, my. Yes. Sometimes when it rains it really pours! I'll continue to send the good juju, and will hold them both in my thoughts. I love watching your samplers unfold, Vera. They are so charming! XO

  16. I will add them to my prayers. My goodness they are having a trying month!! Lovely sampler, I managed to stitch an hour yesterday and actually did not get frustrated!

  17. You're stitching progress is coming along great! And yes your needle minder is very cute. I will add Ray and Linda to my prayers