Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Unraveled Wednesday 04/01/20

Hello, hello!

How are you?  I'm hopeful today.  Hopeful that I will be able to get out for a walk.  The sun is supposed to come out, but right now it is fairly breezy out there and not all that warm (30's - 40-ish).  That wind always does me in.  But, still, I'm hopeful.

Meanwhile it's Unraveled Wednesday, so let's get to the knitting.  First up:

The Canary Blanket.  I know this picture looks so much like the last one I posted (last Wednesday, 3/25), but honestly a few more cables are in place.  Holding it up to my chin, it almost comes to my feet (I'm roughly 5'10").  I am on row 5 of the pattern (20 row pattern with the cable coming on row 1) and think I will do one more cable.  Then you knit to row 19 and start the seed stitch border (which is 15 rows long).  More info than you need, most likely.  Ha!  But, my plan is to finish it this week!  Really!!!

And then there is this:

A new sock start.  This yarn (Theodora's Sapphire by Theodora's Pearls) was bought during a vacation sometime in the last year or two.  Sadly I can't remember exactly when or where.  It is 80% superwash merino and 20% nylon.  The colorway is Thistle and it is the loveliest shade of lavender with a bit of blue thrown in there now and then.  I wanted a really Spring-like color to knit with and this popped up out of my stash.  The pattern I am using is "Socks of Kindness:  A Recipe" which seemed like an appropriate name at this time.  Not sure where the pattern came from (I have a hard copy - one single page) and I can't seem to find it on Ravelry.  It's lacey and I hope to show you more of this in a few days.

Not much going on reading-wise.  Like so many others, I am finding it a bit difficult to concentrate on books.  I have started Drive Your Plow Over the Bones of the Dead but I'm having a difficult time making any sense out of it.  I'll read a chapter or two and then can't remember anything about what I read.  I may just send it back over the airways and let someone else try it now and, perhaps, come back to it at a later time.  I have one more Overdrive book on my Kindle and that is Inland which I may also let go and come back to later.  I think I'll have better luck holding a "real" book where I can flip pages back and forth easily if needed.

Fletch and I did do our grocery shopping outing yesterday.  The first store we went to ended up not being well stocked (no eggs, none of the organic milk I use, no paper products at all) so we ended up going to a second store as well.  That store was fully stocked - lots of fresh produce (which store #1 had too), plenty of meat (which we did not need), eggs, my milk and we were able to get napkins!  They also had TP (which we did not need).  We were able to get everything on our list including ice cream (a Fletcher necessity).  Hopefully we are set for some time and will not need to get out.  And I was able to get wine at both stores:)

So that's it for me on this April Fool's Day.  Linking up as usual with Kat for Unraveled Wednesday.  Head on over to her corner of the world to see what she and others are making and reading.

Wishing you all a bit of happiness today.


  1. You're making GREAT progress on the blanket, Vera. It looks just great -- and will be such a comfort! (Plus . . . knit with love.) I also love the color of the yarn you're using for your new socks. Definitely spring-y! So glad your grocery shopping was a success. It feels good to be stocked up with no need to go back out for a while, doesn't it?

  2. I love seeing your blanket- it's so bright and cheerful. And those springy socks look delightful also. I braved the grocery store during sr. hours this morning and was mostly successful. I was able to get everything on my list except bleach and wipes. Now I don't have to go again for at least three weeks, and I hope you don't have to venture out for a while, too.

  3. That blanket! I am in awe of your knitting speed (and I am not envying you 15 long rows of seed stitch! yikes!!)

    My brain and books lately... lol not a good mix!

  4. That blanket is just the most gorgeous thing! Every time I see it makes me happy. Love that yellow.

  5. That's going to be a VERY pretty sock.

    Here is the pattern in case you need it saved.

  6. I'm nuts about that blanket. It will be your Opus when it's finished.

    Our wine cellar is such a sadness right now. Our last buying trip was way back in July, and who knows when we'll be able to travel again? It is sorely depleted.

    I'm having trouble reading as well. But I keep trying.

  7. That's some fabulous blanket progress. I didn't realize it was already that big!

    Nice new yarn too!

  8. Hello, I do love the blanket, the color and the cable pattern. The sock is a pretty yarn and color. We did our Wegman's shop this morning and I bought some wine too. The sun is starting to come out here. Hope your day is great!

  9. Happy, happy blanket. It almost makes me want to make one myself but I think I'll wait until fall so I don't have a heavy blanket on my lap. The photo doesn't show how large it actually is. I thought it was much smaller.
    Pretty sock start too. Love the color.

  10. You’re literally knitting sunshine and happiness! ❤️

  11. I love that yellow blanket and it would make me feel like a sunny day even on a cloudy rainy day. I also like the new sock yarn. I'm glad you found what you needed at the 2 stores. I just put in a grocery delivery order and it will be here by 2 pm tomorrow! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  12. I made a grocery stop yesterday and one thing on my list was dishwasher soap... weirdly, there was only ONE bottle of liquid (which we use) and I wasn't expecting that there'd be a shortage of that! Haha. That blanket!! Makin' your own sunshine, for sure!!

  13. Awesome, Vera ... so glad you had a lot of things go OK! are you going to leave Colin's blanket on his doorstep, or wait til you can give it to him in person?

  14. I did not enjoy our grocery shopping trip on Monday. Next week we will go on Wednesday and see if the shelves are better stocked. I find it all nervous inducing. Lovely sock and love the gentle criss cross cable.

  15. It is odd to see what stores have in stock and what they do not. Last week I went on Wednesday and was fairly lucky to get most of what I wanted - even toilet paper. Hallelujah. The blanket looks good and the lilac socks are going to be beauties.