Friday, April 3, 2020

Getting Closer!!

Good Morning!

Whew!  What a week it has been.  Busy times at work (but happy to be employed).  And, the week is not yet over.  I've got a conference call at 10 this morning and my boss called late yesterday to say he volunteered me to help someone at our parent company.  Oh well...we'll see what's up with that.  Something to do with coordinating getting supplies (disinfecting stuff) to hospitals and medical centers around the country.

Yesterday did find me able to get some knitting done on the Canary Blanket.  When I finished the last repeat before starting the border, I had Fletch hold it up.

Then I texted the picture to Colin.  I wanted to be sure he was happy with the length.  Fortunately he texted back that it looked good!! 

The border is 16 rows of Seed Stitch (I admit not my favorite by any stretch of the imagination...but it does look good).  Last night I was able to complete 5 rows and then put it down.  So, my goal today is to do the final 11 rows of Seed Stitch, bind off and then weave in all the ends.

Is it ok not to block this sucker?  I'm not sure where I could spread it out to dry!  And I don't have sufficient blocking mats anyway.  Please let me know your thoughts.

Also, no walk yesterday - too busy work-wise (again), but also it was SO windy.  Mainly 25-30 mph winds with gusts up to 50 mph.  Not fun walking weather.  I did, however, get outside in the yard to cut some more flowers.

So nice to have these on the table when we sit down to eat.

Tomorrow would have been the Allentown Fiber Festival.  Boo-Hoo.

Happy weekend everyone!


  1. Your blanket is beautiful! I vote for no blocking, especially because you don't have mats. You could maybe pin it out an a spare bed if you have one, but I think if Colin uses it several times that will be just fine. Also, the Allentown Fiber Festival is doing a Virtual Event tomorrow on Facebook from 12-8. I'm not exactly sure how this will work, and it might just make me more sad, but here's is the link:
    I had hoped to get some barn owl yarn from Sheep's Clothing at Allentown, but she is currently doing pre-orders for it on etsy, so it looks like I may be able to also knit barn owl socks after all.

  2. from over here I don't think you need to block it. I love the blanket and what a labor of love however, that bright color would make the labor delightful!!

  3. That blanket is such a great color, goes with anything. I can't help with the blocking question since I am clueless. The only thing I do is use my steamer while stretching tunic sweaters to fit around my expanding rear!

  4. I vote no on blocking. :-) With a seed stitch border, it shouldn't be roll-y. (Seed stitch is my favorite stitch to look at; not so much at all to knit.) You must be thrilled to be finished (almost) with that gorgeous blanket. That bright yellow is so perfect! XO

  5. I vote yes on blocking, but no pins - I would just lay it out on a bed to dry. It looks lovely! WELL DONE, YOU!!

    Have a good "weekend" and stay well!

  6. I'm with Kat--either steam block it out on a spare bed, or lay it out on there to dry. I don't think pinning it is necessary, especially if you have the perimeter on terry towels to add some drag as it dries.

    It's just a lovely, lovely blanket. Well done!

  7. The blanket looks great. I never blocked any of the blankets I made and they worked just fine. With use they ease out anyway.

  8. I agree with Dee: use will allow the blanket to “block” itself. The cables are so big that I doubt blocking would make any difference. I love the look of seed stitch, but I dislike doing much of it. Coordinating medical supplies during this time is vital. I know you’ll do a fantastic job!

  9. I rarely block blankets as they seem to do exactly what Dee and Nancy say. I love seed stitch, both looking at it and knitting it although it does take a lot longer than plain knit. That is a beautiful, beautiful blanket in such a happy color.
    I know that you will do an exceptional job coordinating medical supplies. Its so important right now. Thank you.

  10. I love the look of seed stitch, but it is so tedious to do. It will be worth it though. That's going to be once cherished blanket.

  11. I block by hovering my steam iron over for a few seconds then sort of smooth/stretch to size. Obviously, don't let the iron touch the yarn! Takes a bit of time, especially with blankets, but you don't have the problem of finding somewhere to lay them out to dry. Gorgeous blanket by the way! It will be loved. xx

  12. It looks pretty! I am a weirdo, in that I really enjoy seed stitch.

    I saw on FB that they were going to try and do the Allentown Festival virtually ... I failed to click through for details, though, sorry.

  13. I virtually NEVER block anything and just use it as is.. except the Scandinavian Heart ornaments I wrote up the pattern for - they have to be starched into shape. But all my yarn-y things I never block. So.. I vote no on blocking. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  14. What a lovely bouquet! and I am 100%+ on board with a wash and dry ... I always like to "finish" my gift knits the way I expect the recipient to care for them. It's a washable yarn, right? so wash it, and dry ... maybe until just damp, and then spread out on a bed to dry completely. It will finish the piece beautifully and you'll be confident that Colin can wash it! (if the yarn isn't washable, please let me know ... I have other suggestions!)

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