Thursday, April 2, 2020


Hi There!

Good Morning.  I never got to walk yesterday.  I was slammed work-wise all day long...into the evening even, but as Colin reminds me, it is good to be employed.  And it is.  I'm grateful and thankful that I can do my job from home.  Yesterday I came downstairs at 6 for coffee, opened e-mail and then never got back upstairs till Noon!  That's when I did my workout and got dressed.  Then it was right back at work.  Still...hoping today will find it easier to break away and get a walk in.  It is chilly right now (35), but I can see blue sky and it does not seem to be windy.

I did find a few minutes yesterday late afternoon (while dinner was cooking and there was a lull in the email traffic) to wander outside and I saw a bunch of growth!  So, that's what I'm sharing with you today.  The pictures are pretty poor, and a bit blury, but they still make me happy and hopeful for what is to come.

First up our Asian Pear Tree: 

Do you see ALL the buds?  We do have this delicate tree enclosed in a wire fence to protect it from the deer (who have chomped on it in the past).

Next up is our Red Bud.

The branches are just loaded with buds and they will be opening soon.  I love these trees.

This next one is difficult to really see

That is a branch on our apple tree.  Like our weeping cherry, this tree did not do very well for the past few years.  We used to get scores of apples - more than enough for us AND the deer (who often stood on their hind legs to pull branches down - so fun to watch).  But there were very few blossoms and almost no apples last year.  I thought the tree was dying (and it is now covered with lichen).  But there are buds on it for leaves.  So...I am hopeful.

Last up is this

That is the first radish seedling popping through the soil.  I can taste a garden radish as I write this.  Radish greens are also tasty in a salad.

Other things that are happening:  sugar snap peas are up and growing in the garden.  The rhubarb is once again coming back strong and there are lots of red stalks emerging.  Garlic is thriving, though not nearly ready to harvest.

All of these things make me happy and give me something to think about besides what is going on day-by-day.

OK, time to pour another cup of coffee and then start pulling financial reports I run on Thursdays.  Wishing you all a wonderful day - enjoy!


  1. I just love watching new growth emerge in my garden! Thanks for sharing your "greens," Vera. :-) I hope you get some time to enjoy the fresh air outdoors today. XO

  2. I too have been savoring the return of green around me! We had such a mild winter, my thyme and sage never died and they are going to be massive this year! My chives are coming up, and I have rhubarb too. And, yesterday I noted a billion lilac buds all over my bush!

  3. Hello, it is great to see the spring buds and new growth. I would like to see the deer at the apple trees. It is good you are able to fit in your work out. Take care and enjoy your day!

  4. Oh, I love this post! Things like this are why I love Spring the most of all the seasons. Seeing the new growth of things reemerging after Winter is exciting and such a reward after Winter. Ours was such a mild one, but still Winter, and when the greenery reappears, it's truly a joy.

  5. I guess right now, watching things sprout is about all we can do. But signs of new life and growth is needed. None here yet! I want a cold frame and fig trees. Online shopping will be on my list again today. I wonder how many employees will be changed to working from home after this is over.

  6. All of your new growth is wonderful to see, especially this year. Thanks for sharing these wonders!

  7. The definition of “spring” should be hope and anticipation. Your photos soothe my cravings for anything green and growing.

  8. Our Astilbe and Peonies are up and the Clematis is growing by leaps and bounds. It's fun to see the changes day by day.

    The Bradford Pear across the street are in full bloom too. So pretty looking out the front window.

  9. Green! How wonderful to see the buds appearing in your yard. We woke up to more snow. I'm so ready for spring. I hope today is an easier one for you and you're able to get your walk in. I've stayed in all week because it's been so cold.

  10. I am beyond grateful all of this is happening while it is Spring here. Having all of nature blossoming right now is daily reminder that things will get better.

  11. I'm glad you're finally getting some Spring growth.. we've had a head start here in Oregon. I ordered some veg seeds and now we need to get a raised bed in and filled with soil. Don't work too hard! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  12. We've had two sunny days in a row and everything is in bud! I love it!

  13. Us too! Two days of sunshine in a row and the warblers are arriving and the buds are starting! I think I love this Spring more than any other. Because every little good thing means so so much. !

  14. I wanted to plant a redbud here but there were none to be found at the nurseries last I will take joy in yours. Yes, it is good to be employed. My husband is working even more from home but there's a paycheck and that is a good thing.