Monday, April 6, 2020


Good Morning!

I hope this Monday morning finds you all doing well.  Thanks for all your comments on the Canary Blanket.  It is finished (wrapped up the whole thing on Friday - even weaving in the ends!!).

The majority rules and I did not block it (I wsn't going to anyway...jut wanted to know what people thought).  The grey, overcast weather we've been having would mean a month or two for it to dry!  LOL.  And, as several people commented, I think it will be just fine and will stretch out a bit with use.  It is folded up and in a bag for Colin along with some other things I have for him.

Saturday was sort of a blah day for me.  It wasn't nice enough to be outside (too raw and still windy).  I finally settled down and went through my Dad's things that have been sitting in my home office since he passed away 6.5 years ago!  Prior to now I just didn't want to deal with it.  Now I needed to since I'm actually using the office.  Everything has been sorted and I have piles for my brothers and a huge pile of things to be shredded (when I can get back to the office).  It feels good to have that chore out of the way, but I was exhausted that evening.

Sunday dawned much nicer.  First up there was Steve the Beav coming closer to the house!

As Colin says, What a Beast!!  After breakfast I did some chores - cleaning bathrooms, laundry, etc. and did my workout.  I decided to head over to the towpath to walk.  It was a great time to go as there were not that many people out yet.  There were tons of turtles sunning.

And ducks wandering about.

About 3/4 of the way back I passed a girl with a schnauzer and thank God I looked down.  Because right there was the evil serpent!

I had just missed stepping on it.  My heart was racing after that - lol.  I know it is just a garter snake, but to me, a snake is a snake and is EVIL!!!

Later in the day I did some more archery.

Still no bulls eye and not that many arrows even hit the target this time! 

I also pulled some weeds and an invasive vine that is wrapping itself around my lilac.  Boy that was a lot of work!

That pretty much sums up my weekend.  I worked some on the lilac/purple sock but will save that for another post.

How was your weekend?


  1. Frodo slayed a garter snake yesterday and we never even knew it! Your groundhog is well fed! We had one that big years ago but he/she disappeared...I'm sure there is another one to take its place.

  2. Hello, I like all your wildlife sightings, the turtles, ducks and the snake. The blanket looks pretty finished. We have a fat groundhog that looks just like your Steve. Take care & stay safe! Wishing you a happy day and a great new week!

  3. I love your blanket and I bet Colin will be thrilled when he gets it! I also love seeing those turtles. John was looking for some paperwork that we probably left in MD, but I pulled out all kinds of folders from the file cabinet looking for it. I decided to shred since I had started and now have two huge garbage bags of shreddings, plus a foot-high stack still to be shredded. Fun times (but it feels good to have it done)!

  4. Oh man, I'd have been in another county seeing that snake! (and a 4 state radius would have heard me scream, lol) But, that blanket is gorgeous! Good job you! Here is to a sunnier and warmer week (at least that is my hope!)

  5. That yellow blanket is so cheerful. I’m hoping to deal with some desk clutter today. That is always last on my list but now that I’m home, the mess if bugging me.

  6. That blanket is such a lovely FO. I am breaking a Commandment just looking at it.

    I hate having a To Shred pile. This last time, I just put everything in a box and we're taking it to the lake and chucking it into the fire pit.

    And hey--a snake is a snake. I have a phobia of all of them. Even a picture of one gives me a jolt.

  7. Steve the Beav looks a little cranky! ROFL

    Congrats on the blanket. It is GORGEOUS!

  8. It's always so surprising to see a snake! (Garter snakes don't bother me -- I find them all the time in the garden -- but it's just jarring whenever one moves.) I'm glad you got out for a nice walk; so good for the soul. The blanket is just wonderful, Vera! (So much love knit in there.) And Steve the Beav just cracks me up! He IS a beast! XO

  9. Snakes - any kind - give me the creeps! I’m glad I don’t have to deal with rattlesnakes anymore. The blanket is a beauty and is perfect without blocking. Steve the Beav looks like he’s on a mission.

  10. The blanket looks fantastic!

    I'm glad you can still get out and walk. They've started closing so many of our trails around here because people are just not getting it. They issued something like 20 $500 fines Saturday to people on the trails who were not social distancing.

    I getting fresh air, but just in my gardens, so it's nice to see pics of all your wildlife. Love Steve!

  11. I'm with you on snakes. Any kind of snake. That blanket is amazing and I know Colin will love it.
    We aren't allowed on trails to walk out here and it was such a nasty weekend no one wanted outside anyway. I hope it warms above 40 today so I can get outside in the yard this afternoon. I'm going crazy inside.

  12. I hate snakes too. But i love you have your own personal beaver. Oregon is the Beaver State!

  13. our weekend was ok! I met our fishing friend and introduced him to our bubbling creek, WHILE wearing masks and using signs I made to communicate! He caught ten fish He was very happy. Fireman got a safe bike ride in. We cleaned the garage. we are loving any warm day that comes by!

  14. I'm glad you didn't block the blanket and wait and wait for it to dry. Your photos of the buds and outdoors are wonderful. Something about spring brings hope and we need that these days. That is quite the beaver. I took a little technology break and am back catching up. I love to read what you're up to.