Tuesday, March 31, 2020

My OLW: Nourish

Good Morning!

Who can believe that this is the last Tuesday in March?  The month has flown by and it is time to check in with my One Little Word.  This year my word is Nourish.  And, it continues to be a good word for me.  I am nourishing my body and my soul these days by:

Cooking.  Well, I always cook, but I seem to be doing more of it (more time at home).  Mostly healthy things, though a few pleasures thrown in there as well (I'm looking at you banana bread with blueberries and cookies).  Lunches continue to be mostly salads (with our lettuce from the garden!!) or raw veggies and hummis or cheese.  Some dinners are still vegan or vegetarian (though we do still love our meat).

Moving.  I continue to do a workout routine every single day!  Yay me!!  LOL.  But I'm finding it does make a difference and especially these recent damp, grey and/or just plain rainy days that I don't get out to walk.  Plus, after sitting at my desk (home office), it is nice to get up and move to another area of the house and DO something.

Archery.  This goes witih moving, above, but really a separate thing all on its own.  It is SO much fun!  I'm not very good at it, but I enjoy it immensely.  I'm thankful we are able to shoot right in our back yard (always making sure Tyg is inside first).

Seeing the Beauty Around Me.  I'm wandering outside to pick flowers almost daily.  And I'm loving all the birds that are (still) coming to our feeders, Steve the Beav traipsing through the back yard, etc.  I picked these yesterday:

Thankful that Fletch is keeping busy with various projects.  The latest is grafting!  Our Weeping Cherry which was always gorgeous seemed to mysteriously die last year.  Fletch cut away a lot of it, but yesterday when he dropped off cookies and a burning bush at Colin's, he took some weeping cherry whips from Colin's trees and is grafting them onto our tree.  Not sure it will work, but it sure is nice to see some blooms on that tree!

Saying a prayer of luck for it.  And, we've had so much rain that our apple tree is now covered in lichen! 

We are making a quick run to the grocery store today (we never did go last Friday) to pick up mostly wine and fresh produce.  Unlike the liquor stores (which sadly remain closed, though I consider them a necessity), the grocery stores limit how many bottles you can buy at one time.  Meaning, you cannot just go in and buy a case.  You would think in these times of necessary STAY AT HOME, they would change their rules.....

It's another grey and dismal day here, so I will do my workout before we head to the store.  Be well and stay healthy!

BTW, I had an email yesterday that someone on the first floor of my office building tested positive for Covid-19.  My company is on the 2nd floor.  But still...  That person had not been in the building for a week.  Then I received another e-mail from the property management company confirming that the entire building had been thoroughly cleaned.  What?  Aren't they doing that on a regular basis?  Anyway, no plans for me to go into the office (I had thought of it late last week to print some things, but that can wait).  Also, no date yet for my office to re-open.


  1. You have taken nourish to heart, and I love how you continue to practice in so many wonderful ways. I have left my poor word by the wayside - focus. I have none (or very little) but you've inspired me to at least try and focus a little more on focus each day. Thank you and I'm rooting for Fletch's grafts!

  2. what a terrific idea, to graft some young growth onto the old tree and see if you can save it. Fingers crossed!

    I admire your dedication to your workout and exercise. Good for you!

    Like you, I love that Nature is unencumbred by all this concern and is flourishing. Spring is my favourite time of the year, and I'm really enjoying it this year, slow as it is in coming around here.

  3. Our Governor extended the shelter at home through the end of April yesterday. And, I heard a rumor that the state stores were going to soon start shipping! My fear of running out of vermouth has abated! :)

  4. Hello, nourish is a good word, both for food and the exercise. Nature is a must for me, it helps me keep a peaceful mind. I need to buy some wine, I was thinking about finding one that ships to the home.. Our weeping cherry tree died a few years ago, it was a favorite place for the birds to land before flying to my feeders. I hope the grafting saves your tree. Take care and have a happy day!

  5. I love that Fletch is trying some grafting! Please keep us posted! (I think this is fascinating.) So glad you're nourishing yourself so well, Vera. I have a feeling that's going to be the best way to get through these days. XO

  6. Wonder what is up with the weeping cherry trees. You might remember ours died last year too. :-( It was one of the trees I was really looking forward to seeing in bloom when we moved in. I never did. Booooooooo!

    Hope Fletch's grafts work.

  7. I got up early to shop senior hour at Walmart. Shopping at 6AM is crazy, but my trip was beneficial as I found everything on my list. The freezer has been reorganized, and the pantry replenished. I’m good for another month and possibly two. Picking fresh flowers! I look forward to warmer days but another storm system is schedule for the end of this week. Winter is fiercely hanging on.

  8. Ooh good luck with the tree grafting! That is so neat. My weeping pussy willow mysteriously died last year too. I was hoping to get another one this year, but it's looking like that's not going ot happen.
    Oh well... I've still got lots of good stuff in the garden.

  9. I enjoyed reading all of the ways that you're nourishing yourself in these strange days we're living in. I think the grocery stores are trying to get people to buy reasonable amounts and not clean out the stores like they were doing a couple of weeks ago. It backfires for many. We know a family who has 10 kids and they could only buy a gallon of mild. One gallon for ten kids! She was trying to grocery shop for the month of April and needed 14 gallons. She's an RN and knows the danger of running in and out of stores all the time so she was trying to stock up and then self-isolate with her family. It was never a problem before as she always does monthly shopping on a budget.
    I'm glad that you don't have to go into the office. I sure wish my husband could work from home too.

  10. I love how broadly you've embraced your word. There are so many ways to nourish ourselves, and it seems especially good to be thinking about all those ways right now! (p.s. glad to see Kat's update ... hope it's true!)

  11. I think you're really doing well during your home stay. Exercise and cooking and working at home. You're so lucky your job can be done there. So many small businesses and employees are suffering greatly. Stay safe. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  12. so glad you are on the second floor and I think cleaning will be brought to a whole new level after this ordeal. Or at least it should be!! Love your word and how you are honoring it.