Friday, March 13, 2020

Friday the 13th

Good Morning and Happy Friday the 13th!

As the morning host on the classical station said this morning, You decide whether or not Friday the 13th will be a good or bad day.  I've never been bothered by Friday the 13th, but I know a number of people are.  Even though it is a grey, rainy morning, I feel it will be a good day!

Schools in our county are closed for at least 2 weeks now.  And, of course, all the colleges and universities are going to on-line classes.  My one boss Bill and his wife Sue have been looking forward to their son's graduation in April.  Now I wonder if there will even be a ceremony!

But, on a positive note, Colin & Mailing's "Save the Date" cards went out over the last couple of weeks.

So cuteđź‘«  Their engagement pictures were taken at Shofuso a Japanese Garden in Fairmount Park.  (I think I posted about this previously.)  They also included in the envelope a magnet:

The little black "stockings" on their feet crack me up, but the garden provides these for the house if you do not have socks on (you must leave your shoes at the entrance).

As usual, Colin was over last night for dinner (vegan sloppy joe mix made with lentils - yummy!!) and despite the threat of rain, we did have a fire.

And it did start to sprinkle immediately, but we were able to enjoy the fire for an hour or so.  It felt and smelled so good!  Fletch had thrown some scraps of cedar wood into the mix and the aroma was just wonderful.

The weekend will see some running around.  Saturday morning I head to our tax person to pay the bill and drop off signed papers so that they can e-file for us.  Then I need to stop and get wine (Colin said there's been a run on beer and alcohol!!) and we need to pick up a few things at the grocery store (if there is anything left!!).  Otherwise I intend to do some knitting and the usual laundry and (minimal) cleaning.

I've got to get rolling as I have a conference call in 10 minutes and another one at 10.  Wishing you all a happy weekend - enjoy!


  1. I love the Save the Date card and magnet! I'm glad the date is in October and hope things are better then. I have to go to the grocery store tonight when we're back in NJ and hope I can find some staples on the shelves. Here's hoping you get wine, groceries, and have a good weekend!

  2. how exciting to have save the date cards I love the photos!!! you must be excited :)

  3. Cute save the date cards! Have a good weekend! (And did you see the sock category for MDK's March Mayhem??)

  4. I love their save the date and magnets - they are really a lovely couple. I read recently that October is now the most popular month for weddings. We've decided we started the trend years ago. ;-)

    I have always loved Friday the 13th - maybe because I love black cats??

  5. I LOVE those Save the Dates!!! They bring back such wonderful memories. Daughter's and Son's wedding year was the best year of my life. I loved being the Mother of the Bride and then several weeks later being the Mother of the Groom. Enjoy every minute. It's a magical time!

  6. October is such a pretty month...for anything, really! The time until then will fly by, I'm sure.

  7. Love Colin and Mailings card/magnets. Such an exciting time for them.

    Have a good weekend and steer clear of the craziness out there.

  8. Hello, it is nice and sunny here now.. I love the smell of a wood fire. Your son and fiance photos are cute. I hope your weekend is great!

  9. Such fun save the date photos. I think it's wonderful that you are so involved in their lives. I know I won't have much to do with helping to plan Alex and Tara's wedding since it will be in London and that's not anyones fault, just logistics. I'll be lucky to get to be there with my health "stuff".
    I can almost smell that fire. Cedar wood smells so good as it burns.
    Good luck with all of your weekend plans. Except for Dennis going to work, we're pretty much isolating ourselves inside. Of course, we have lots of cases out here. Life is pretty crazy right now isn't it?

  10. AW, I LOVE those Save the Date photos!! I made my regular monthly trip to Total Wine today (so glad they have an order on-line feature) and was AMAZED at the crowded parking lot and the overflowing carts. Have a wonderful weekend!

  11. Good for you and your campfire! I can't wait to get into our woods. I have to find some clover to plant . It is supposed to be very good for the soil. I want the woods to be healthy

  12. They've closed all our schools for three weeks, including my evening French classes. We're starting to get the panic buying you guys were seeing as well. But other than my class, it's business as usual for me! My work may slow down a touch, but as long as the virus doesn't go crazy, things will plug as long as usual.

    Cute pics of the happy couple!

  13. I hope your weekend is going well! I loved the Save the Date card and seeing your adorable son and his soon-to-be-wife! I bet you're enjoying your knitting! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  14. That announcement is wonderful!v So happy for your son and future DIL. Stay safe.