Tuesday, March 10, 2020

So Distracted!!

Good Morning All,

First, thank you all for your comments yesterday.  I'm sorry I didn't respond to any of you (comments are STILL not coming to my e-mail which is a PITA), but the morning was busy and I left work by 1 p.m. for my doctor's appointment.  Yesterday was just a field vision test (I hate those), so I was in and out rather quickly.  I got home and took a short nap.  But last night I really slept - like a log and for a good 8 hours so this morning I feel much, much better.

Driving into work this morning the full moon was hidden by some clouds, but the sunrise as I came through Valley Forge Park was gorgeous!  I had to stop and take a picture.

Such vibrant colors.  I wish I could have stayed a bit in the parking lot and snap a few more pictures, but I needed to get into my office.

After dinner last night I did manage to do the heel turn on the Plaid Blanket sock, pick up the gusset stitches and I'm moving down the foot now.  I think it was Betsy who mentioned that the colorway reminded her of a Pendleton Blanket.  Me too!  Which of course reminded me that I have a Pendleton jacket that my Mom bought back in the 40's or 50's!  It is still in great shape and I still wear it.

Meanwhile, I seem to have decided that I want to knit everything!  Maybe because I hang around with Dee?  LOL  Seriously, I am usually a one project person...maybe two (socks and a shawl).  Of course, you can add in the Canary Blanket, but that is not portable and also not something I can work on regularly due to LARGE needles and BULKY yarn.  So...I now am working on:

  1. Miss Lime Socks
  2. Plaid Blanket Socks
  3. Odyssey Shawl
  4. The Canary Blanket

But wait!  There is more yarn that I have pulled out.  First up, going through my stash on Friday afternoon (when I found the Plaid Blanket yarn) I also found this yarn:

This is Lamb's Pride Worsted weight (85% wool, 15% mohair) by the Brown Sheep Co. in the colorway "Bing Cherry."  Now that Spring is in the air and flowers are starting to bloom, I've decided I want to knit a winter hat.  Specifically Antler Toque by TinCan Knits.  The yarn and the appropriate needles are in a project bag ready to go.

I also re-discovered this yarn:

Is that not a gorgeous shade of blue?  I have had this yarn for probably 35 years.  Seriously!  I wasn't even really knitting then, but I had gone to a fabric store with friends, saw this yarn and had to buy it.  It is by Pingouin and I'm not even sure if it is still made (when I google it, I see some "vintage" Pinguoin yarn on Etsy).  It is 50% mohair, 25% wool and 25% acrylic.  This is where I need help.  I have seven 50 gram balls (121 yards each), so roughly 847 yards.  Not a whole lot.  What can I make?  I love the color so much and it is so soft I want to make something.  Please give me some suggestions!

Not sure if any of you remember the Juniper Top I started knitting last year (in a raspberry color).  I'm just not feeling the love with this one.  I love the color but I don't like knitting that particular top.  So...that will be unraveled shortly and a new project for that yarn will be figured out.  I remember years ago knitting a kind of Tee top (a Rowan pattern).  I'm going to search my bookcase for that particular book and see if there is enough yarn to make that top.

Finally, in just about 3.5 weeks the Allentown Fiber Festival will be taking place and I'll be right there!  I'm starting to make a list of yarns *needed* for certain projects (mostly shawls and/or wraps of some kind).

My question is, who am I?  It is so unlike me to have so many different projects going on at the same time.  I guess there is comfort that if we all become quarantined I have sufficient (more than) yarn and patterns to keep me going for a long, long time.  Going through my stash on Friday, I saw so many yarns I had forgotten I had.  LOL

The two sock projects came to work with me and I plan to work on one of them today at lunch.  Hoping your Tuesday is off to a great start!


  1. I've got vintage Pingouin in my stash also and it looks just like yours only a few shades lighter. I also had it in a magenta and I made a beret out of it back in the day. It was terribly itchy and felted so it was not the greatest use of the pretty stuff. I guess that is why I still have its sibling in my stash.

  2. Oh, that blue! It's gorgeous. I hope you make something out of it that you'll use often, or look at a lot. It's too pretty to keep in a drawer.

    Since my fall in November, I haven't knit a stitch. It's like it knocked the knit hobby right out of me. I simply have no desire to do it. Very odd.

  3. Beautiful photos, both of the sunrise and yarn! I don't have any suggestions for the mohair but it is beautiful and deserves to be knit into something lovely. I knit an Antler Toque and the Lamb's Pride will work wonderfully for it. Have fun knitting all the things!
    (P.S. No need to reply; I know it's a pita!)

  4. The comments finally come into my email again--check your settings again to add each person who regularly comments. the sunrise is stunning!!! I love the new yarn and think it is fun to see all of the knits getting your excited! It's contagious!

  5. What a gorgeous sunrise photo! The full moon has drawn my attention in the morning asi make tea. I haven’t knit in nearly two weeks - haven’t even thought about it.

  6. Valley Forge Park! That sounds wonderful. I would love to live close to all of those historical sites. That is a gorgeous sunrise photo.
    I had five projects going last week and that really stresses me out. I like one bigger project, a smaller one and maybe one other, but anymore than that and I hyperventilate. Not really, but it does take some of the joy away and we can't have that!

  7. I love it when a good old fashioned case of cast-on-itis hits! There is nothing like it! :)

  8. Pretty sunrise!
    I used to be terrible about casting on too many projects. Then it drove me crazy because they all took so long to complete!

  9. What a beautiful sunrise -- and the yarn you posted fits right in! I'm a process knitter AND I'm fickle, so I have lots of projects on the needles at any given time. :)

  10. That's one thing about having a full-time job.. you have to get up early enough to see the sunrises. LOL! I agree, if we have to quarantine ourselves, I have a virtual yarn store in my "office/studio/episode of hoarders" so I'll have plenty to keep me busy for months, maybe years. Have a good week. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

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  12. the more projects the better if you ask me! I love when I'm enthusiastic and cast on all the projects. Makes me feel so joyful so I say have fun.

  13. joining in to say "the more the merrier" ... the good thing about having all the projects OTN is that you have lots of options - of course the bad thing is that not much gets finished ;-) my only idea for the yarn is a throw. I had something similar in my stash and bought another yarn to hold with it. Sara loves it!! https://www.ravelry.com/projects/mere/picot-edge-mohair-throw--afghan

    I think the pingouin

  14. That sunrise is just AMAZING! Thanks for sharing it! I'm usually a one-project knitter myself, but right now . . . I also want to KNIT ALL THE THINGS. (It must be spring.) Here's an idea for the blue yarn: https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/mohair-bias-loop
    I made one several years ago -- and I love it.
    (Please don't worry about commenting back. It's such a PITA when the comments don't come to you the way they're supposed to!)