Monday, March 16, 2020

Weekending in Strange Times

Good Morning!

How are you all doing?  I'm finding myself distracted these days.  But it is a beautiful sunny morning here in Eastern PA.  A little chilly (29 this a.m.), but so pretty out.

Friday at lunchtime I braved Trader Joe's for just a few things.  The store was crazy busy - it always is, but even more so with folks buying up dozens of cans of beans, etc.  Nuts. 

Saturday morning saw me out on the road.  I went up to pay for our tax preparation and drop off the signed forms so that our accountant can e-file for us.  Next I hit the liquor store to load up on wine and get some of the whiskey that Colin likes and vodka!  The person in line behind me asked the clerk if there were any plans for the store to close and his response was a smile and a no.  He said "we have been told we are essential.  After all we make money for the Commonwealth."  Of course, later it was on the news that all state stores are closing as of tomorrow.  Yikes!!!

Later in the day Fletch and I did grocery shopping.  No shortages (other than eggs) in either of the stores we went to.  I did get enough food for a few weeks so that we won't need to go out (unless it is for fresh produce or something).  God forbid we have a power outage because our refrigerator is packed.  Fletch managed to get an "essential" item for our pantry:


I did spot this sign while I was out and about:

The local sports bar just up the road from our street.

Friday afternoon I picked these lovelies:

These are actually pretty small - I guess a miniature variety.  Interestingly these are all along the north side of our house and they are always the first to bloom.  The variety on the south side of our house are just budded.  Hopefully they will open in a day or two.

Sunday was an absolutely beautiful day.  Full sun and limited wind.  I drove over to the River Trail in Valley Forge Park for a walk.  I was lucky to get a parking spot - it was mobbed...but everyone was spread out on the trail, so it didn't feel crowded.  Here are some shots I took:

Interesting burls on that tree.

Some of my favorite trees along the trail.  If you click to enlarge, you will see a rather large vine on the tree on the left.  That is a Trumpet Vine and it is massive!  So gorgeous when blooming.

Anybody home?  As a kid I loved "The Wind in the Willows" with Toad, Ratty and Mole.  And the Thornton Burgess Books - "Old Mother West Wind," "Sammy Jay," "Reddy Fox," etc.  I still have some of those books from my childhood and whenever I see a log like this I always wonder who lives there -  lol.

Well, we are having a meeting at 10 here at our corporate office.  Apparently we are being told that we do not need to come to work.  However, my computer is a desktop, not a laptop so I can't work from home.  If no one is coming in, I'm fine with coming in on my own.  My boss told me not to worry about it and just play it day to day...if he needs something he will let me know.  Meanwhile, my computer is supposed to be refreshed at the end of April and at that time I will switch to a laptop.  That time frame may be stepped up per one of the guys in IT.  I'm good either way.  Just trying to stay calm and not be crazy (there are enough folks around here who are crazy).

I'm sure the Fiber Festival April 4th has been (or will be) cancelled/postponed and that's a disappointment, but it makes sense.  I hope you all are coping well and taking care!


  1. These are certainly strange times. Stay well, Vera. XO

  2. Hello, strange times indeed! Love the flowers, they are cheery!
    Stay safe and healthy, calm and happy. Enjoy your day, have a great new week!

  3. Stay well! (and I had not heard that the State Stores were closed... yikes! lol)

  4. I found nothing but empty shelves this weekend, but I'm glad you were able to shop and get to the liquor store before they closed! I had big plans to buy some Barn Owl sock yarn at Allentown, but maybe she'll have some available on her web site. Stay healthy, Vera!

  5. Wow ... can't believe your stores are stocked. Ours are virtually empty of anything you need, except pita bread. Apparently no one likes pita bread.

  6. Great photos--love the first daffodils of the season. When I see a log like that-I think rattler now! lol

  7. Store shelves are sparse in my town, and supposedly the virus isn’t within 200 miles. Strange times. Stay well and find beauty wherever you can.

  8. I LOVE those Mallomars. Now I want some but I'm not going anywhere.

  9. Our weather was so nice over the weekend as well. Today is sunny and I hope to get a walk in since that calms my mind a bit.