Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Unraveled Wednesday 03/25/20

Good Morning Everyone!

How are you?  Are you coping ok?  We are good.  The weather (today) is not helping - another grey, wet one out there.  But we are snug inside and I am finally sleeping better.

I don't have much work these days, but am working a bit and am in touch with my bosses daily.  I was thinking I would have to go into the office sometime this week, but that does not seem to be the case, so I am staying home.  I believe PA is all under a "Shelter in Place" law/rule now (I could go to work since my work is with medical facilities...but if I don't have to go, that's fine with me).

I've been doing a workout every day which I am really enjoying.  It doesn't take me long (20 minutes or so), but I do a series of arm exercises using my weights (only 3 lbs), a series of different leg exercises, some crunches and some butt exercises.  I've also been cleaning.  Gah!  The other day I scrubbed the outside of my kitchen cabinets.  But enough of cleaning!

So yesterday I dug out the Canary Blanket and got to work.  It seems I had a helper.

It has gotten pretty heavy in my lap as I work.  Here is a shot of where it was mid-day yesterday.

I wound two more balls of yarn yesterday, so will try to get another repeat in today (20 rows). 

Last night, to give my hands (and lap) a break from the blanket, I worked on the second Plaid Blanket sock.

That was just before bed last night.  I'm up to the toe decrease, so will finish this up today!

Naturally I've been cooking a bit as well.  I usually don't bother with desserts as I don't eat them regularly and Fletch will have a serving and then leave it for days before having any more.  But yesterday I was in the mood for something, so I made "Lemon Delight."

This is an old, old recipe.  You end up with a very light (almost sponge-like) cake on top and a pudding underneath.  Tastes like a lemon meringue pie without the crust and without the meringue.  I'm thinking it would be good made with a lime instead of a lemon...or a combination of the two.  Simple and easy to make.  If anyone would like the recipe, please let me know.

That is my jar with basil just behind the dish...and further back are tomato seedlings growing steadily.  And speaking of plants and gardening stuff, yesterday Fletch planted both white and red onion sets and radishes!  While he was gardening, I went out and picked some more daffodils.

So cheerful and so nice to have indoors - particularly on these dreary days.  The solid yellow ones are (again) from the North side of the house.  They are a smaller variety, but so many have multiple blooms on one stalk.  In the picture below you will see a double (on the right) and a triple!! (on the left).

Like many of you, my reading is slow as I'm finding it at times difficult to concentrate.  But, I did finish I Am Not Your Perfect Mexican Daughter over the weekend.  I tried to return it on Sunday, but even the library's drop box outside has been removed...which if I had thought about it I would have realized.  I'm re-reading "Olive Kitteridge" in anticipation of reading "Olive, Again."  I had thought I wouldn't bother downloading anything more from Overdrive since I am having difficulty concentrating, but last night a book I had been waiting for came through:  Drive Your Plow Over The Bones of The Dead which I'm hoping to start today.

We Skyped with Colin the other day which was fun but weird - the last time we Skyped was when Colin was in South Korea for a year teaching after graduating from college.  We miss seeing both him and Mailing.  But...we may coordinate grocery store runs so that we can say Hi in person (at a distance).  Colin had a work e-mail yesterday saying they are targeting getting back to the office by April 13th.  I'm not sure how they can name a date yet...but maybe it is to keep folks calm and to have a focal point.  I don't know.  Easter is the 12th and it will be a strange one this year.  Who knows if churches will be having services that people can attend.  And no major family dinners. 

Linking up with Kat for Unraveled Wednesday.  Check out her blog and see what others are up to these days.  I do hope you are all doing well and staying healthy.  I keep saying this can't last forever...I just wish we did have an end-date in sight!  Take care.


  1. I'm so glad you and Fletch are doing well, Vera! You sound like you're much more productive than I am. . . ;-) I love seeing your cheerful daffodils! They aren't blooming yet in my corner of the world, but probably soon. I can't wait! Stay well.

  2. I'm also impressed with your productivity. I think I should keep busy, and it feels like I am, but I haven't yet gotten to the point of scrubbing my kitchen cabinets! Your blanket is beautiful and cheery, the socks are beautiful, and those daffodils! Thanks for sharing and stay well.

  3. I have started writing 3 goals a day to complete or find the day slipped away and the only gain is higher level of anxiety. Haven't been able to concentrate reading either. Am impress with your productivity! Daffodils are gorgeous!

  4. Okay, I am tired reading about all your productivity! LOL

    I am staying focused on today and that has been helping with the worry about when this might be over. I am so happy for Facetime with kids! :)

  5. You are incredibly productive and industrious. I feel quite the slug compared to you.

    No daffodils here at all; we are so behind! But today we have sunny skies and will hit 50--at least for a minute.

    That blanket is getting to be my favourite project of yours. It's just lovely.

  6. That yellow blanket is lovely! And the lemon dessert - I live lemons. The return to work dates re so interesting. They told us we would go back to school April 27. It seems a long way off but I am hoping!

  7. You're making great progress on your blanket! No doubt because of all the help from Tyg!

    Love the daffodils! Last year quite a few of mine had multi-heads like that.

  8. I think that is the hardest part of all this ... the uncertainty.

    I would LOVE your recipe for the Lemon Delight. It sounds like just the thing for Easter dessert.

  9. ❤️ the Canary blanket - it would be heavy to knit and to have on your lap, but the color is pure sunshine and cheerful. Personally, I think it’s a mistake to end social distancing so soon.

  10. That blanket!!!!! I absolutely love it and it's cheerful color and beautiful pattern.
    I think the Easter goal is to give people hope. We all need hope and something to look forward too. Honestly, I think it will be longer though. Here in Washington the talk is May or even June at the earliest. That's terrifying to me because peoples jobs will be gone by then. I have four friends who lost their jobs completely this week with no hope of returning. Scary days.
    I can't concentrate on anything. I work for ten minutes and then get up and do something else but not completing any of it. Not like me at all. snowed overnight. Not predicted at all. It was supposed to be 57F here today. Life is crazy right now!

  11. Hello, wow, you are staying busy! The blanket is pretty, I like that yellow color. The daffodils are lovely, one of my favorite spring flowers. I been doing more blogging and reading. Cleaning not so much, lol. Take care, stay well. Enjoy your day!

  12. love the idea of a coordinated grocery store run at a distance. My kids are not near but I get to chat with them often enough. Stay safe!! (LOVE that blanket!!!)

  13. Yes I would like the Lemon Delight recipe. I have a lemon tree outside my kitchen window (eat your heart out, people!).

  14. Yes, please, on the recipe. Sounds delicious. Love the first photo of your helper. Your blanket is so cheerful looking.

  15. I would also like the recipe! We've no flowers yet either but they are starting to pop through! That blanket is lovely!

  16. There is no more pretty yellow flower than a daffodil. Didn't know there was a multiple variety.

  17. It looks like you are doing quite well having to stay home! You'll love being retired. I just went out for a walk in the yard and the Mahonia is in full bloom, so is the Star Magnolia - and a bush that I never remember it's name. Enjoy your reprieve from the workaday world. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  18. I haven't seen the yellow blanket in a long time-wow, you are making great progress! How beautiful to see twin and triplet daffodils!

  19. The yellow daffodils and the yellow blanket almost match. Such happy colors. I like the yarn in the plaid blanket sock. I like the sock too of course. We're doing fine. Some warmer days and a little sunshine has helped lift my mood. Walking and knitting everyday are the best things for my mental health.

  20. Recipe PLEASE!!! Sounds wonderful. I have a sweet tooth and I Love lemons. Thanks! You can send it to me via Rav message if thats easy!

  21. catching up ... slowly! That blanket is likely finished by now ;-) my church has already announced the building will be closed through Easter - all the Holy Week services will be online. I was planning to sew a new skirt (to accompany the newly finished pink sweater) and I am a little relieved the pressure is off.