Monday, March 23, 2020


Good Morning Everyone,

After our 78 degree weather on Friday, things went downhill...or at least colder.  We had some pretty big wind chills and this morning it is 35 degrees with snow and rain all around us.  I had hoped to get out for a walk either Saturday or Sunday, but it was hard to muster up the ambition when it was so bone chilling.  I still did my workouts inside and I did some major cleaning, so I think I got enough movement/exercise.

We did manage to have a bit of fun Saturday afternoon.

And...I managed to hit the target and not have any of my arrows go off into the woods!  It felt good to do this again.

Tyg has been extremely lazy.  This was the way he looked most of Sunday morning.

One of his many yoga stretches.

We have more daffodils opening each day and then yesterday I spotted this.

I think Fletch said this is a PMJ Magnolia...which looks like an Azalea.  This bush is down near the end of our driveway and our mailbox.  A year or more ago a car plowed into our mailbox in the middle of the night and took out a chunk of this bush as well.  Fletch replaced our mailbox and we were wondering if this would survive.  It has!  And it is loaded with buds.  So pretty to see.

A little bit of knitting has taken place.  Not a lot, but a bit.  And cooking too.  Last night was Portobello mushroom caps stuffed with black beans, spinach, shallots, bell peppers and a bit of wheat germ.  Pretty tasty!  Tonight's menu:  scallops.

As always, I hope everyone is staying well (and sane).  Take care.


  1. I'm cooking more than ever but I guess I am not minding so far. I really don't want to get take out...I love that you found something to do in your yard that was fun. We are walking and getting fresh air but maybe we will do that garden that we never do?!

  2. Your dinner sounds so good! You make such varied meals.

    At first I couldn't figure out where Tyg's head was. No one can relax and get a good stretch like a cat.

    So glad your bush has come back after its accidental and ruthless pruning. It's lovely. There's nothing more rewarding than flowers and blossoms after winter. And I think we'll need to see them this Spring more than ever.

  3. We had pleasant temperatures a few days ago --- but not THAT pleasant! I'm so glad you were able to enjoy a lovely day outside. (We have snow this morning, but it shouldn't last long.) It's so nice to think about spring blooms coming around. Ours are much slower than yours, so thanks for sharing your photos! XO

  4. Fun times! Stay well this week! (and there CoopKnits is hosting a free Mystery sock knit along! Just saying!!)

  5. The archery looks like a perfect afternoon! Great bush, too, glad it survived.

  6. Hooray for archery! I wish we could shoot safely in our backyard, but maybe we'll can find some other place to do it. I read an article (of course I can't remember where) this weekend that said staying in bed or sleeping in a bit longer than usual wasn't laziness; it's good for the immune system. Tyg may just be keeping up his immunity!

  7. Hello, we managed a brisk walk on our local trail, it was cold and windy. We had more rain, no snow here. Tyg looks very content and comfy, cute photo. The flowers are pretty. Usually the snow plow knocks over our mailbox, luckily not much snow this past winter. Take care and be well. Wishing you a happy new week!

  8. That lady in the picture. Is that you????? It's been so long since we have seen each other, I think I forgot what you look like. LOL

    Glad you could get outside a bit. We got out for a very nice walk.

    Now I'm sitting watching the rain come down and thinking ---- boy, I bet it's COLD out there. LOL

  9. Glad you got some exercise--you make me want to try archery! I did it as a kid but it looks fun. Stay warm!

  10. Our weekend was gorgeous with temps in the 50's and sunshine. Today is much cooler but still no snow so it gets a thumbs up from me!
    Piper just asked me Friday if I had ever done archery. I told her not since high school but she was impressed I even knew what it is! :-). She has a toy bow and nerf arrows and having fun with them.
    Take care and stay well.

  11. Ooh, your dinner sounds divine compared to mine! I doubt I’d be able to even get arrows close to the target.

  12. Oh the bow practice looks like a shoulder workout!!

  13. Our weather turned cold yesterday too. Fortunately I have not put away my winter clothes 😉

  14. I think it's neat that you both are archers, you look pretty good doing it! Your cat knows how to pass the time during an enforced home stay. Be safe! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  15. Vera, I choose you for my desert island team - seriously, we would eat SO WELL!