Monday, March 30, 2020

Keeping Active

Good Morning!

I hope this dawn finds you well.  It is a bit on the foggy side here.  It was that way yesterday too.

There is something I find soothing about fog, so I really don't mind a day like that.  However, our entire weekend was wet and damp and chilly.  Not the best.  I am hoping for a bit of sun and a little more warmth today.

Friday, however, turned into a gorgeous day.  I decided to walk along the River Trail in Valley Forge Park.  But...the parking area was barracaded.  I know parks are closed, but I thought trails were being kept open for folks to get out.  I guess it's different with Federal parks.  So, I headed back to the canal walk which I love.  First I spotted a lot of individuals NOT practicing social distancing:

These guys are just about piled up on each other!  And then these two:

But I was rewarded with spotting the blue heron who was practicing social distancing:

What a gorgeous bird!  I actually watched him fly down low over the canal and then land in this area.  He was walking around cautiously/slowly/gracefully looking for a meal.

Later that afternoon I practiced some archery.

Do you see how close to a bullseye I got?  What you don't see are the arrows that completely missed the target - either landing too short or too far.  LOL.

We decided to skip going to the grocery store until sometime this week.  Turns out we had enough to keep us going (ha!).  There were a bunch of overly ripe bananas in the jumble of fruit on the buffet, so Saturday morning I made some banana blueberry bread.  Yum!

Sunday I noticed that this guy was back:

This is Steve the Beav...or most likely great-great-great grandson of Steve the Beav.  Yup, our resident groundhog who got his name when Colin was a toddler and thought he was a beaver - lol.  His tail does look rather beaverish though.....

Thanks to Jane Sunday afternoon found me baking some delicious cookies.

I don't need these hanging around the house.  I've packaged up some for Fletch to take to his clients and some he will drop off at Colin & Mailing's.  He is going out today to the one couple he still occasionally does a little work for.  They are elderly (she is 80 and he is 87) and he just wants to check up on them.  Fletch also dug up a young burning bush from our yard to drop at Colin's for him to transplant.

A sure sign of Spring - we noticed the wisteria buds are beginning to swell.

There are a lot, so it should be a pretty show this year.

Finally, there was some knitting.  Mailing's shortie socks are finished!

They sure are a quick knit!  That means today I get to dig through the stash and find something new to cast on...and, of course, I should spend some time on the Canary Blanket.  First though comes work.

Time to pour another cup of coffee and get down to business.  I hope this Monday turns out to be a wonderful one for all of us.  Take care!


  1. Hello, we had the same fog and rain here. I need some sunshine. Love the photos of the turtles, ducks and the heron. The banana bread and cookies look delicious. I like the shortie socks, very cute. Take care, stay well. Wishing you a happy and healthy new week!

  2. It looks like an enjoyable - and productive - weekend, Vera! That banana bread looks awesome. I have a few bananas that are . . . well . . . going quickly. You've inspired me to whip up some bread this afternoon. Enjoy the day! XO

  3. It was a crazy weather weekend! Yikes! Winds, rains, and lots of flooding here. Have a good week!

  4. We went fishing on Sunday even though it was cold and misty. It was so necessary to get out! Your socks, bread, and cookies look wonderful; it's good to be able to knit, bake and relieve some stress and benefit others at the same time. Looking great on the archery!

  5. Steve the Beav! Love that.

    So many people are baking and eating carbs and comfort foods that the Interwebs have a name for what is likely to ensue: The Quarantine 15. I'm trying not to fall victim, but let's face it--staying home and not being able to even visit with family makes us nest and that means chubby foods.

    Love those little socks. They look like what I need to keep my always-cold feet warm.

  6. I visited for the cookie recipe and instead found a lovely written blog. I didn't see the recipe and don't need more cookies! But I'll be thinking about them all day.

  7. Sunday we woke up to fog, that turned to rain, then thundershowers, then sun came out and it was beautiful and warm... for about five minutes. Then we had gale force winds for the rest of the day and into the night. It was a crazy day!

    Those turtles are awesome! My cardinals definitely aren't social distancing.... they are so noisy right now!

    Mailing socks look great. I love making anklets. So quick!

  8. I hope work goes well and you stay well, too! The shortie socks are very cute-loved that colorway!

  9. Those shortie socks are so cute!! I've been doing a bit more walking lately, but it's been so WET here lately. Ugh. Finally some sun is breaking through today, though, and the temp is rising (a little).

  10. I’ve discovered key to successful SD is to stay busy and develop a routine, and it looks like you’ve found that true as well. I feel sorry for individuals who have no hobbies or interests outside of work. Your baking photos nearly make my mouth water. Enjoy the cookies and bread.

  11. so nice to visit you and get caught up on your edge of the world. Spring is slowly evolving here and I'm glad, before you know it I'll be wearing a spring jacket. It was miserable on Saturday and I'm still recovering from the dreary Saturday!

  12. Those cookies look delicous and the socks went FAST! It's been raining and in the 30's and 40's here for days and it's predicted to keep up all week. It makes staying inside a necessity as we also have a high wind warning today. Dreary. I'm picking up my first grocery pickup order in an hour or so. That should be interesting. I've set a table up in the garage to washing everything with disinfectant before bringing it inside. Crazy days we're living in.
    Oh, great job shooting! Almost a bullseye. That's amazing!

  13. Wow, you did ALL the Things! I've got to imagine you'll be making bulls-eyes on a regular basis with all the practice you can get in the days!

  14. you did a lot!!! Vera~!!! those shortie socks are wonderful!