Monday, February 20, 2023

Weekending 2/20/23

 Hello all,

What a lovely weekend I had and I hope you did too.  Mine began Thursday night since I took Friday off.  For once, I really took the day off.  I did not do any work!  Even at the last minute, I was able to book a massage for late morning and that was simply wonderful.  Our temps were still mild and it just was so, so nice.

Saturday was much colder and windy.  As usual, I met up with Dee for our morning together.  Many laughs and a little knitting ensued.  When I got home around 12:30, I noticed these blooms in our driveway bed.

There are also yellow crocus flowers that are budded as well as budded daffodils.  Hopefully all will survive (we are already on the upswing of temps again).

Fletch did a bit of yard work.  The pine tree by our mailbox was a live Christmas Tree for us one year.  There are always a lot of pinecones, but this year the abundance of them is amazing.

That is just roughly a quarter of what he raked up in the yard and around the base of the tree (he was spreading some mulch).  Also good news:  the first garlic shoots have sprouted up!!  I finished using our garden garlic from last year just the other week.  We won't be harvesting until early July, so we will need to use store bought for a bit.  But if the shoots are coming up, in a bit we will also have scapes!!

A week ago when I got together with Dee I was complaining that my Christmas Cactus wasn't producing and hadn't produced any buds.  I know they prefer a cooler location but Dee also thought perhaps it was getting too much light since I had it in the living room.  I moved it to my office and in just that short week buds have appeared!!

(Note to self:  get back to crocheting the granny squares so you can finally make a blanket!!)

Sunday was not too exciting.  I did a lot of laundry and took everything out of the refrigerator and cleaned it.  Whew!  What an awful job and it took forever.  I did find a few things to trash, so that was good.  I also paid bills and pulled all the tax stuff together - some of my least favorite things to do...but now they are done!  I'm heading to the office early this a.m. so that I can copy all the tax stuff and then later this week I'll drop everything off at our accountant's office.

And, since I'm heading to the office I will make a stop at Trader Joe's for a few things and also the State Store for wine (the State Store near my office is much better stocked than either of the stores near my house).  I'm betting a nap is in my future since last night was a restless one as far as sleep goes.  I feel fine right now, but by early afternoon I will be nodding a bit.  LOL

Happy Monday - cheers to a nice week ahead!


  1. I spotted crocus flowers in my neighborhood this weekend, as well as some blooming hellebores! And several patches of daffodils look almost ready to bloom. We keep going up and down in temperatures, but somehow they're all surviving.

    I'm glad you really took a day off and got a massage to boot! And here's hoping you can squeeze in a little nap later today.

  2. The snowdrops are out in full force in my yard. I saw some daffodils on Saturday but they were "gone" on Sunday, thanks to the deer. Sigh.

    I hope your work day is over quickly! XO

  3. That's a lot of pine cones! My yellow crocus are always up around now but I haven't seen them yet. We have wild purple ones between our yard and my father-in-law's (he lives next door) and those are all up and they are very cheerful.

  4. Wow, Vera! That's a nice, long, and PRODUCTIVE weekend you had! I'm envious of your crocus! Last year, squirrels (or something) ate every one of my bulbs - just before they were to going to bloom, too. They just dug them all right up and snacked, leaving a few husks here and there. After several years of this snacking activity, I've given up on having crocus in my garden. But I will surely enjoy everyone else's blooms!

  5. This is a good Monday with all that you accomplished over the weekend. Now you've got plenty of time for a nap with no nagging guilt! Your crocus are lovely.

  6. What a fun weekend. Time with friends, a few chores. Perfect. The 8 1/2 inches of snow we got last Wednesday was gone by Saturday. The ups and downs in temps this winter are crazy. It's been in the 40's but in a couple of days the high will be closer to zero!
    I'm still dealing with this cold. I haven't been out of the apartment since last Monday except to go on the balcony in the sunshine for some fresh air. The cough is driving me batty. I'm pretty sure it's just a cold that has to run it's course but I'm ready to get out and do something!
    Take care my friend and enjoy your Monday.
    Blessings and hugs,

  7. Yay for your Christmas cactus.

    Can you DO anything with all those pinecones or do they just go back to the woods?

  8. I'm curious, do you use the pinecones as fire-starters for your camp fires? The quick results for the Christmas cactus is amazing!

  9. That's a lot of pine cones! Now flowers here, but it looks like we're getting another few days above freezing, though they are predicting an ice storm for mid-week. Hopefully it won't be too bad.

  10. Not a single one of my Christmas pines out front have ever produced a cone. My hollies never have berries. I wonder what's up with that?

  11. Sounds like a nice weekend! Happy to see the crocuses! I'm covering my ears and singing 'la la la' when you bring up the taxes!

  12. A massage! Crocuses! A bud on your Christmas cactus! Oh my goodness - you did have a good weekend! I hope this week is treating you just as nicely.

  13. Sometimes a low-key weekend is good. Well - maybe often - at least for me. It's nice to see signs of spring are showing up in your neck of the woods. You remind me that my fridge needs a good cleaning. I'll have to find a good audiobook to go with that chore.