Friday, February 24, 2023

TGIF 2/24/23

 Hello and Good Morning,

It is a blustery morning here in Eastern PA.  I could hear wind chimes during the night as well as our buoy bell which hangs quite a distance at the back of our yard by the shed.  Looks like it is sunny and not too chilly (low 40's at the moment), but I know the cold is coming in this afternoon and tonight.  When Dee and I meet up tomorrow morning, the forecast high for the day is only 35.  Then back up to 50 on Sunday.  So, our roller coaster ride continues. 

I have a bunch of different things to share today.  First up the pink lemons I mentioned earlier in the week.  I cut into one Wednesday night to put on our salmon.

Not as pink as I had hoped, but definitely a bit different than "normal" lemons.  I did not notice a difference in taste.  Yesterday I cut one up for my infusion water bottle and added some blackberries.  Again, no real difference in taste (in my opinion), but they are pretty on the buffet where we have a platter of fruit since the skin has green stripes on it.

I'm stealing my thunder for next Wednesday's Unraveled post, but the cowl is finished!!  Woo-Hoo.  I'm tempted to keep it myself, but it is already tucked away for my SIL for next Christmas.

There were issues with blocking it (which honestly I don't think it needed since it bunches up around you anyway)...

Mabel has been enjoying the blocking well as sitting on the wet cowl while it blocked!  I had to resort to closing the office door when I wasn't in there.  Fortunately it was only this one mat that she used to sharpen her claws.

Yesterday was a gorgeous day!  It was very foggy in the morning.  I drove up to Souderton to drop off all our tax stuff at the accountant's office.  By the time I got home it was lunchtime and then the sun came out.  I headed over to the trail that runs along the Perkiomen and had a nice 2.25 mile walk (I turned around when my back started to bother me, but nice to know I can do at least a mile comfortably and the return trip to the car was not bad).  There were some signs of Spring.

BUT, you had to watch where you were stepping.  These guys leave a BIG mess on the trails.

There were plenty of folks out - some walking, some biking, some running, some roller blading and I saw one guy on a skate board.  When I got home I walked around and looked at stuff:  there are buds on the fig tree (YAY), the garlic shoots are coming up, greens are beginning to grow in the one raised bed box that has old window frames over it like a greenhouse and even our Asian Pear has some buds.  It won't be long!

The Spring feeling continued when Fletch grilled wings (hot and BBQ) for dinner.  I had made a broccoli salad to go with them.  By the time he was done grilling, we had to shut the door, but it sure was nice to get some fresh air!

Now I need to get to work.  I have a busy morning and then a conference call at 11.  After that I'm thinking my weekend will begin!  Have a good one!


  1. The cowl is beautiful! Doesn't it feel good to already have a gift done?

    It really felt like spring yesterday -- I went for my run without a coat and was quite warm! But today winter is back. I'm just glad we're not dealing with the big storm so much of the country had.

  2. I am echoing Sarah... that cowl is gorgeous, Vera!

    And it is a roller coaster... 70's yesterday and COLD today! Ahh, spring!

    Have a good weekend!

  3. That cowl is lovely - beautiful colors and just the right height! And that is a huge clump of snowdrops (maybe because of the geese and their mess?) I hope today is a good one and your weekend starts early!

  4. It never hit the 80 degrees they predicted here like it did in DC. It only made it to the mid 70's which was fine by me. It was a lovely day. That wind this morning has me hiding out in the lower level laundry room with Pup. Those trees are scaring me to death. I had a dream last night that one crashed through the house so I've got a bad mojo thing going on at the moment which is going to ruin my day.

  5. Ha! Your blocking mats look just like mine - cat holes and all! My yoga mat it folded up in the bottom of my closet, and it's one of Burton's fave places to sleep - no doubt it looks the same. I haven't pulled it out in ages.

    The cowl looks nice and warm - but judging by those snow drops, it's not cowl wearing weather!

  6. The cowl is beautiful. You need to make another one for you.

    That Miss Mabel!!!! Doesn't she know TREES are for sharpening your claws.

    We had a door mat in Orlando that Giroux just loved to sharpen his toe-sies on. It was cheap. We let him have at it. But, sheesh, he has HOW MANY scratchers and he uses the doormat.

  7. The cowl looks great on you so I think you need one too. I have two pair of socks put away for Christmas already. That's a great feeling isn't it?
    It's -6F here this morning and was below zero all day yesterday but we just had a bit of ice, none of the snow from the blizzard that went north of us. Tomorrow is supposed to be 50F. No wonder we're all sick this year!
    Blessings and hugs,

  8. How I’d love to open the windows and doors to bring fresh air into the apartment, but it’s too cold outside. The cowl is beautiful, and your SIL will love it.

  9. The cowl looks great! Congrats on the finish!

  10. I love the cowl!!! What a great job! The weather has been crazy on all four corners of our country! The geese are fun to watch but they sure equal what goes in with what goes out, unfortunately!

  11. oh the cowl looks so pretty! (and yay for a gift finished early) - wishing you plenty of that early spring energy - happy weekend!

  12. Hooray for the finished cowl and an early Christmas gift. It's nice to see some signs of early Spring. I hope you are having a nice weekend.