Monday, January 24, 2022


 Good Morning!

It is another chilly one, but at 24 it feels almost balmy (we woke up to 8 one morning over the weekend).  There is a fresh skim of snow on the roof of my car and on the picnic benches, but not enough to do anything about it.

How was your weekend?  Mine was nice.  It involved a lot of little things that added up to just being a comfortable, nice weekend.  Saturday morning (brrr) I got up and ventured out to Starbucks in Kulpsville to meet up with Dee.  It was not busy and we sat in our usual cozy corner chatting up a storm and knitting away on things (socks for me, a blanket for Dee).  Then a weird guy started asking us questions.  He left and came then came back and again was bothering us.  Dee (the braver one) finally told him to leave us alone.  We left shortly after that (I had to get going anyway) and decided that next time we'd meet at a different Starbucks (that guy had been there the previous week as well).

That afternoon, before dinner, I was able to finish Holiday Sock #2.

Despite this being a short skein (weighed under 100 grams), I had yarn left over and they did turn out to be pretty matchy-matchy which (for once) pleases me.  I'm glad to have these off the needles (size 1 BTW and the yarn is Cascade Heritage in the colorway:  Holiday [duh]).  I don't have another project in mind per se.  I have a couple of skeins that I have caked up and I may cast on some socks for Fletch (he's been a good boy lately).  I plan to focus mainly on things that are in the works.  Like my French Market Bag or my Guernsey Wrap.  I'll let you know what I pick up!

I have been in the mood for falafel but I do not like deep frying anything.  I found a recipe on line that you bake in the oven rather than frying.  Well, the recipe turned out to be a bit on the moist impossible to roll into balls.  So instead I used my cookie scoop and then sprinkled the sesame seeds on them rather than trying to roll them in the seeds.

Pretty fugly, but they tasted good even before they were cooked.  Rather than baking them in the oven I decided to use my air fryer.  Though they firmed up a bit, not as much as I had hoped.  Still, the taste was very good and we had them with some cherry tomatoes, cucumber, radishes and garlic naan.  Yum!  Next time I will try a different recipe (or get the recipe Colin & Mailing use from them).  (They look greenish in the picture because there was a lot of mint mixed in with the other stuff.)

Sunday was another chilly day, though not too bad.  Still, it called for wool socks and I decided to not wait till next Christmas to wear my Holiday Socks!!

Nice and cozy and I was wearing (of course) my fleece leggings.  We did some grocery shopping (wow have prices sky rocketed and why the shortage on cat food??).  I had a delightful nap and then we fixed nachos for dinner.  I worked a tiny bit on my stitching and we watched "Around the World in 80 Days" and "All Creatures Great and Small."

On the docket for today is to go through some more stuff and add to the donation pile(s).  We did get rid of a ton of stuff on Friday and that felt so good.  I also need to start organizing things for taxes...and call our accountant and book an appointment for that.  I suppose, too, now that the holidays are over I should buckle down and get my shingles shot(s).  

Nothing too exciting, but that's fine with me.  Here's to the week ahead - may it be a good one for all of us.


  1. Your socks are so charming! I love them! (And I wear fleece leggings All.The.Time. these days.) It sounds like a very nice weekend, Vera - except for the creepy guy. And did you mention . . . taxes??? Oh, no. Not again . . . (I'm not ready for that!) Here's to a good week! XO

  2. Yay, you finished your holiday socks! They look great.

    Now I really wish I had some falafel. Yes, it's 8 am, but now I wish I could go to Bitar's in South Philly and get a grilled falafel wrap ...

  3. I fully support your decision to wear your new socks even though it's not the right time of year -- your feet don't care as long as they're warm! We got snow here too, about 3 inches, I think, with 1-3 more on their way this afternoon and evening. I guess it's that time of the year when we get a bit every day or two. At least today and tomorrow it's supposed to get to a high above freezing, so the salt on the roads should work.

  4. Yay for the sock finish and yes, you should wear them now! It's surely woolly sock weather. I've been wearing two pairs when I go out. One on top of the other.

  5. Your socks look awesome! :)

    What a great weekend (minus the odd guy at Starbucks... what the heck?) and yes... we had the T-word discussion here this weekend as well. Sigh.

  6. What the heck with the buttinski at Starbucks? Ew.

    Darn it, I completely forgot about "All Creatures" last night. We'll pick it up tonight on YouTubeTV.

    Love those socks. I'm glad you didn't wait to wear them.

  7. ha, fugly, haven't heard that word lately :) NICE pair of socks!! I'm hibernating and enjoying my inside time.

  8. The socks look great. Cozy, happy feet!

    With the prices, maybe folks are eating the cat food. The big Giant by us had about a dozen cans of Little Friskies. That's it.

  9. It all sounds quite nice except for the weird guy at Starbucks. I hope you can avoid him in the future. Your socks look great! I don't have any leggings, but I sure could use some fleece ones this morning. I'm hoping this little bit of snow melts so I don't have to go out and deal with it!

  10. Your socks look great and appropriate in the cold weather with fleece leggings. :-) We washed my car yesterday trying to get the salt off of it. I feel much better about it now. They didn't use salt on the roads in Spokane so you rarely saw rust on cars. Here, if the car is over 5 years old, it's guaranteed to have rust.
    Sorry about the buttinski at Starbucks. What's wrong with people these days?
    I hate grocery shopping anymore. I usually can't find half the things on mine or Mom's lists and the prices! Oh my!
    Have a wonderful Monday Vera.

  11. The socks are great! And thank goodness for fleece leggings, too.

  12. The socks are too pretty to wait until Christmas to wear. Love the stripes! I suppose the man at the shop thought he was being clever; kudos to Dee for speaking up. Grocery prices are extremely high, and sadly, I doubt they will go down.

  13. Love the socks, and congrats on the finish! We make almost everything in the air fryer now as getting out the deep fryer and dealing with all the (waves hands around) is just too much of a hassle. We need to try falafel in them. Stay warm!

  14. Super cute socks! We're going to see below-zero temps for the next couple of nights... I'm going to have socks handy!!

  15. I love the holiday socks. Of course you should wear them right now. We had a quiet weekend. Nothing too exciting. I restarted a pair of socks twice. One more time and then I'll have it.

  16. Fun socks. I just found some leftover yarn like that but can't remember when I used it or what for. There seem to be some really strange folks out there these days; so sorry the guy bothered you. It's been super foggy here lately but not as cold as you are having.

  17. Great socks! They are all ready for this year's holiday season.
    I make my falafel flat circles and fry them in a minimum of oil in a skillet. Works great.