Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Tiny Needle Tuesday - January 18, 2022

 Good Morning!

I'm a bit groggy this morning.  Yesterday I was really, really groggy!  Our weather was ugly which didn't help.  We had snow overnight Sunday night...then it turned to rain sometime during the night and washed all the snow away.  Then mid-morning it started snowing again.  Nothing much - no accumulation at all.  But man!  The winds have been howling all last night and still this morning.

Luckily yesterday was a holiday for work.  I checked email and a few came in, but it was quiet for the most part which is good.  I made split pea soup for dinner which turned out really well (left overs in both the frig and freezer!!).  I took a long nap and then, finally, around 2:45 I ventured out for an eye doctor appointment.

I thought about going to the office today and then I thought better of it and booked a pedicure appointment for 11 a.m. instead.  I need to run to CVS for a couple of things too.  Probably tomorrow will be my office day.

At some point yesterday morning I looked out and some movement caught my eye.  Mabel was outside running around but then I saw this guy:

Fletch is pretty sure it was a Cooper's Hawk.  Weird to see a hawk on the ground.  He/She had flown out of a tree and I assume had seen something tasty down on the earth.  After a bit he flew up onto a low branch in the apple tree (closer to the house), but by the time I grabbed my phone for a picture he had flown across to one of our Rose of Sharon bushes.  Again, he took off before I could get a picture.  What a magnificent bird!

Mabel was fine by the way - she wandered over to the door to come in a bit later.  And, a new milestone has been reached:  she is sleeping on the bed without disturbing me!!  She even came up and napped with me yesterday afternoon!  I'm enjoying the extra warmth on the bed for sure.

Well, on to the TNT business.  Stitching was accomplished this past week.  First up the Adam & Eve sampler (hard to tell at this point that it is an A&E sampler, but it is).

Still working on alphabets (and, yes, there are more before I get to the meat of the sampler at the bottom).  At least some green has been introduced (in the bottom horizontal dividing band).  I'm still really enjoying this piece.  It is relaxing and fun to stitch.

I am happy to say that A Visiting Bird now has the bird!

It is hard to get a picture that shows accurate/true colors.  Here is a close up of the bird.

The beak and eye are black.  The top of the bird's head and the upper wing are a very dark purple/red.  The pattern refers to the color (DMC 154) as Bordeaux.  This piece too continues to be a joy.  There is still quite a bit to stitch on this one...but no rush...it's not a race.

Other than my pedicure and trip to CVS, I have no plans for the day.  I'm hopeful that work will remain quiet.  I may try to get a little laundry done.  I thought that I would clean the bathrooms yesterday, but that didn't happen and my kitchen floor is still screaming to be washed, but so far that's not happening either.

Time to pour a second cup of coffee and get myself motivated to wake up!  Hope your Tuesday is a good one.


  1. I can't believe you ended up with no snow after all that! I think we got 7-8 inches in total, and it's not going away anytime soon. The city district is actually closed for a snow day today, but my daughter's school is still in session, amazingly (she wasn't happy about that). Your stitching is looking lovely as always, and I'm delighted to hear that Mabel has mastered being a bed heater.

  2. I am equally shocked you got no snow! Wow... what a difference "the other side of the state" can be!

    I concur that is a Cooper's Hawk.. gosh they are just so beautiful!

  3. What a treat to see a hawk on the ground. I've seen the juveniles after a rain, looking for worms, and once in a while, a red-tailed hawk will walk around some bushes, stalking (I assume) sparrows that cluster there.

    We got hit by the southeastern moving winter storm, which dumped about 5-6 inches on us quickly. Winds were high, so we have a lot of drifting, too.

    Your stitching is coming along nicely. That bird looks so cute with its dark cap.

  4. We were right on the edge temperature-wise, so we got snow, sleet, freezing rain, and some rain. It's snowing again now! I'm glad that Mabel has learned to be a bed-heater, that's quite a useful skill. Your alphabet looks lovely and I really like the colors in the bird sampler.

  5. What a sweet little bird!
    Hawks scare me to death. We have big owls and even eagles and I'm never happy when they are around. I worry for the cats but not so much for Pup anymore. At 16 pounds even the biggest bird of prey would think twice. Lol.....

  6. The wind is STILL howling here. I'm really surprised our fence didn't come down.

    Your stitching is beautiful. Looks like that A&E one is going to be quite large.

  7. Oh I love the bird! Everything is so lovely stitch-wise. We have lots of hawks/eagles out here (all the fish, you know) and it is fun to watch them. My favorite thing is when the little birds chase them off!

  8. Must be something in the air. I am bare1y keeping my eyes open this morning after a fu11 nights s1eep. I think I should hibernate. Saw a beauty of a red tai1 hawk yesterday too. We are b1essed to be i an area with many great birds.

  9. I’ve been waking up groggy the last week. I think it’s from sleeping so deeply. Ooh, I love that Mabel is a cuddler when you sleep/nap. Your stitching is lovely, especially the bird.

  10. Loe the hawk! We have so many different hawks/falcons/eagles around here. I'm in heaven! The other day I went for a walk to the post office and hundreds and hundreds of geese flew over the town and down to the river. They actually hung about down there for a couple of day (you could hear them every time you went outside), but they seem to have moved on now.

  11. Maybe it was something in the air yesterday. I kept dozing off every time I sat down. Today I have a headache, I think from sleeping so late. I let Zoey outside at 7:00 and we both fell back to sleep until 9:00 when she woke me up. I NEVER sleep that late!
    Your stitching is so pretty and neat. The bird is perfect.
    We have lots of hawks around here too as there is a bird sactuary just a few miles away. The hawks concern me so we never let Zoey outside by herself.
    I agree, a nice warm puppy, or kitty, is perfect to sleep with.

  12. Hawks kill outdoor cats routinely in our neighborhood.

  13. Your stitches are so uniform, very nice. It would take days of rain to melt the walls of plowed snow in the parking lots. Not happening, too cold. Had to buy a heated water dish for Petey, hope it comes in soon.

  14. beautiful stitching and what a big bird!! how nice you were there with a camera to snap a photo. every time I see a bird I do not have my phone with me...

  15. the hawk had to be so pretty! I do love to watch my birds!
    And yay for Mabel sleeping well! The stitched bird is impressive--nice work!

  16. Beautiful stitching as always. We have had a Cooper's Hawk in the neighborhood this winter. They are majestic looking birds. Their coloring is so interesting. Keep Mabel out of his way though.