Wednesday, January 5, 2022

Unraveled Wednesday 1/5/22

 Good Morning!

Yesterday was such a beautiful day here.  Blue, blue skies and very crisp air.  Yes, it was chilly and I don't think it even made it to freezing.  But...I did walk in the early afternoon.  Finally I ventured out on the River Trail which is in part of Valley Forge Park and runs alongside the Schuylkill River.  There were a few other souls out as well.  Not many, but I saw maybe 5 other people.  Fleece leggings, a turtleneck and wool sweater, winter jacket, wool socks and hiking boots, wool hat and gloves.  My body was comfortable, but I will admit that my face was stinging a little bit.  The trail was a bit uneven (frost heaves?) and had some icy patches and some wet patches, so I had to watch where I was walking and that was difficult in the blinding sunlight (even with sunglasses on),  But my it felt good to be outside on a sunny day!

There were spots where the river was running fast and others where it was smooth as glass.  It was beautiful.  I hope the above video works (I had some difficulty uploading it).

My visit to the office was uneventful.  I saw a total of 3 other people, one of whom was my boss (who showed up 40 minutes late for our scheduled meeting).  I was able to do what I needed/wanted to do, run my errands and was still home by Noon.  Not bad.  I don't plan to go to the office again this week.

All of this brings us to Wednesday, January 5th, 2022 and the first Unraveled Wednesday of the New Year!  Like every other Unraveled Wednesday, I am linking up with Kat  and all the Merry Unravelers to talk about making and reading.  As I mentioned yesterday, stitching has been calling to me more than knitting, but I did manage to put some time in on my Holiday Sock (#1).

The heel has been turned and I am halfway down the foot.  Theoretically I should be able to finish up this first sock pretty quickly.  And start sock #2.  Theoretically.  We shall see.  It's not a race (after all, I don't need these Holiday Socks until a little under a year from now!!).  Enjoyment is the goal.

There is not much to report on the reading side of things either.  I have read a few more chapters in No Time to Spare and I continue to enjoy LeGuin's writing.  I also started Matrix and am finding it to be a slog.  I'm more than halfway through it and I will finish it, but I'm pretty bored with it and just want to finish so I can start The Madness of Crowds which finally came through for me at my library.  If Matrix were not the next "Read With Us" book, I would probably just return it unfinished to the library.

Mabel had another delightful day outside yesterday.  She kept coming inside and talking to us a bit and then going back out.  She was mostly outside from 7 a.m. till 5 p.m.  And then she relaxed.

I love this picture of her!  Look at those markings on her face and the spots on her body.  Such a sweetie!

Time for another cup of coffee and to check out a few blogs.  Then I need to get to work.  Have a wonderful Wednesday!


  1. What a lovely place to walk, Vera! I'm glad you've decided to slog on through with Matrix . . . it's a complex book with lots of "layers" to the story, and I can understand why it's just not going to be a hit with everyone. It's highly discussable, though, and I think that makes for a great book club selection. Thanks for giving it a try! And that Mabel? She's such a beautiful kitty!

  2. Gorgeous views, Vera! Thank you for sharing the video (which worked!)

    I am looking forward to talking about Matrix, I think this will be an excellent book for discussion! (I think there is so much to discuss!)

    I just love that Mabel comes in and talks to you about her adventures! I wish I could talk with her and ask her about what she experienced! :)

  3. I'm glad you had such a nice walk yesterday. Justin says it's a mess at home (NJ) today, with sleet, freezing rain, and they hadn't done anything to the roads when he was going to work. I didn't like Matrix very much, but I really hope the discussion helps me appreciate it more. Like Kat said, there are certainly things to discuss. Mabel does have beautiful markings!

  4. I totally understand the frustration with the cold on your face -- perhaps we need to knit full face masks to keep warm! One thing I do like about the colder days, though, is that only the die-hards like us are out and that means fewer people to dodge.

    I am now imagining Mabel coming inside to "talk" to you about what she's done and seen outside and am completely charmed!

  5. Your sock is looking great
    My kitties have mostly been staying inside. They go out a few times just to check and see if it's spring yet, but they don't linger out there very long

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  7. Beautiful river video and Mabel looks a bit like an alien kitty with her eyes closed (still gorgeous though).

  8. Great sock. I wore mine like that for Christmas even if it was just me and The Mister for a dinner of leftovers.
    Mabel and her spots just kill me. She's such an unusual kitty.

  9. Fun socks! I love that yarn. I will have to check out Matrix.

  10. I stumbled across Megan Miranda, and I’m enjoying her writing style - a nice change of pace from my usual authors. I can almost visualize Mabel talking to you about her adventures.

  11. That yarn is just so pretty. I just recieved my Christmas sock yarn in the mail yesterday. I've always wanted Christmas socks and now I can make them for next year.
    Mabel is such a beautiful girl. Zoey talks to us too and seems so disappointed when we don't understand her. She yips, whines quietly and generally makes a lot of quiet sounds. Maybe to her it's like when we talk! How I wish I knew what goes on in those minds of theirs.
    Blessings and hugs,

  12. Your video loaded just fine. Love watching water go over rocks.

    Mabel looks so relaxed. Glad she is settling in.

  13. The river is beautiful! I love moving water--I went to our nearby lake after picking up my prescriptions yesterday--it was choppy! The socks are just right--good job.

  14. The river is very beautiful. The sound of the moving water is so peaceful. Way to get a jump on next year's holiday socks. They are going to be fun to wear. Jingle all the way!

  15. mabel is a beauty!! I love the striping of the sock too.