Tuesday, January 4, 2022

Tiny Needle Tuesday January 4, 2022

 Good Morning!

Brrrr - it is 19 here according to my phone.  No snow though,  We missed that completely - I think it was all to the South of us.  I would have enjoyed a little, but I'm ok with nothing on the ground and dry roads as well.

Mabel had quite the day yesterday!  She was out almost all day long.  Or, rather, in and out and in and out and in and out.  It seemed like every 20 minutes or so she would come to the door to come in, talk a bit (telling us of her adventures I suppose) and then be back at the patio door crying to go out.  I think she pretty well exhausted herself.

Curled up on a kitchen chair snoozing when I went up to bed.  Of course, when Fletch came up later she was running around, jumping on and off the bed.  Guess she got a second wind.  Guess we can't keep the bedroom door open just yet.  She has not yet gone out this a.m.  I am waiting for dawn.  We are keeping her in when it is dark out.

Welcome to the first TNT of 2022 and I have two new starts!  What?  Who am I?  I don't think I've ever worked on two pieces at once.  But this year I am.  Both pieces appealed to me, so I started one on New Year's Eve and the other on New Year's Day.

First up is the New Year's Eve start:  Adam & Eve by The Scarlet House:

I always love an Adam & Eve sampler and alphabets have always appealed to me as well.  Here is where I am at the moment:

I am using 32 count linen and DMC threads.  This will end up being approximately 11.25" wide by 16.25" long.

You all know that I also love birds.  So my New Year's Day start includes a bird, of course.  It is called A Visiting Bird by Carriage House Samplings:

Love the muted colors in this.  Here is where I am with this one:

Again, using 32 count linen and DMC threads.  This is a smaller piece and will wind up being approximately 5.5" by 7".

I've been enjoying working on both of these (again, who am I?) and stitching has been calling to me more than knitting.  

Well, today is back to work.  Literally.  I'm meeting Bruce at the office at 9 a.m.  We have a few things we need to review together.  After that I have a couple of errands (EVS for prescriptions, Trader Joe's for anything, the State Store for wine).  I'm hoping to be home by lunch time, but we shall see.  All of us (Fletch, me, Bonnie, Zhongren, Colin & Mailing) all continue to feel fine, so I think we successfully avoided getting infected from Anna...or if we did, we were symptom-less.  Thankful for that.  My brother in CO who tested positive is planning to ski today as he is feeling so good.  Still, I will be masked up at the office and wherever I go today.

Wishing you all a great Tuesday - stay healthy!!


  1. Both of those pieces are lovely, and you've made quite a bit of progress on them! John's sister stitched us an Adam and Eve sampler of her own design when we got married, and I'm looking forward to seeing yours. Have a happy and healthy Tuesday!

  2. Love seeing a tuckered-out Mabel all curled up! If only we were all flexible enough to curl up with our feet right by our heads.

    Glad to hear you're all still feeling good! I have heard that the rapid antigen tests are mainly to know if, at the time you take one, you are contagious, so maybe you all got lucky and she wasn't yet contagious.

    Love the new samplers and am looking forward to seeing them grow!

  3. What great samples, Vera. I look forward to seeing them come to life over the next weeks. XO

  4. Those are both so lovely, Vera! I have been eyeing some samplers as well... Once I have my "Advent Spin" done, I think I might join you! (I found an interesting sampler that stitches with just one color!)

  5. Great new projects for hopefully a great new year!

  6. Mabel is so sweet!
    Love your new projects.

  7. COVID numbers in my community have nearly tripled since Christmas. That’s not a surprise. The university students will be returning in two weeks, and I’m sure the numbers will sky rocket. Love your new projects!

  8. Oh, that Mabel is in her wild teen years! lol The two stitch projects look very engaging! Enjoy!

  9. Glad you're feeling well. I love that photo of Mabel. We have some small glass paperweights of kitties curled up like that!

  10. Mabel looks warm and so cozy-soft. She has stolen our hearts.

    So glad you're feeling well. We're all still struggling, not turning the corner yet. Even after vax and boosters, this illness is awful.

  11. I wish I could curl up like Mabel. She is the sweetest thing. I can't get over her spots.
    Love the beautiful samplers too. I'm thinking about doing a cross stitch piece for the new bathroom. I have empty walls!
    So far, Mandy's family seems to have avoided Covid that a lot of Brad's family got at Christmas. Mandy just tested this morning again and she's still negative.
    Take care!

  12. Aw Mabe1 . She is just beautiful.

  13. I'm glad to hear you are all feeling well. This Covid variant is sneaky. The samplers are intriguing. My hat is off to you. I don't know that I could stitch on linen anymore.

  14. I love the samplers you pick out - we have similar tastes :)