Friday, January 14, 2022


 Hello, Hello,

Despite a lousy night of sleep (like awake EVERY hour!), I'm in an excellent mood.  When I first came into the office and opened email I saw that my boss had asked me to cancel our 11 a.m. conference call!  This is absolutely my worst call, so I am thrilled.  I still have a call at 8:30, but that is a very quick one.  Happy, happy!

Forgot to mention about the cats traveling to TX yesterday.  I know I said they arrived safely (thank goodness).  When I asked Colin how they did, his reply text was that Marcel was very well behaved but that Talbot howled the entire way!  I can only imagine how thrilled the other passengers were.  By now I'm sure they are settling in to their new digs.  And, they have a balcony - the cats will love that.

Colin texted last night asking if we could go over to the house today for a few last minute things.  Not sure what those "things" are, but we will venture over.  That will give us a chance to get the clothes we left there too.

Yesterday I did walk along the canal in the afternoon.  The canal was frozen over.

Pretty patterns on the ice.  The river (Schuylkill) on the other side of the trail was not frozen.  Water still moving pretty quickly.

The trail was pretty mucky - muddy and icy at the same time.  I realized I must have been stepping gingerly in places because my back and legs were killing me by the time I got home.

Up by Fitzwater Station where they rent canoes and kayaks (and have a good restaurant with great beer choices!), there was a bit of open water on the canal.  Ducks and geese were in the water and also sitting on the ice (cold bums).

I'm hoping to get out again today...this time maybe going back to Oaks to see if the trail is open to where the sinkhole was or not.  Our temps today are still forecast to be mild (40's possibly), but by tomorrow those temps will plummet.  Tomorrow's high is only supposed to be 22!  But, I think the forecast for snow/ice/etc. has been modified and I believe it will just be rain now on Monday.  Or, perhaps a bit of snow Sunday night, but not the amount that had originally been predicted.

Looking forward to tomorrow when Dee and I will meet up for coffee, knitting and chatting.  Yay!  We have not gotten together since right before Christmas (since I was exposed to Covid, we were being very cautious).

And now I had another nice thought:  Monday is a holiday for me (work-wise) - MLK day.  I do have an eye appointment in the afternoon, but nothing else planned.  A long weekend is just what the doctor ordered!!  Hope yours is a good one.


  1. A cancelled conference call is a good way to start your long weekend! I once had a park ranger call those patterns "ice dendrites". I think he had some explanation for them, but of course, I've forgotten it. Have fun with Dee!

  2. I love snow but I hope this weekend's big event is a bust and turns to rain. We're still cleaning up the mess from last time. When I went out to pick up the groceries the other day I was shocked at how much damage there was along the way. Almost everyone has tree clean up to do. I can't believe with managed to keep the lights on with all those big limbs down.

  3. I must have received all of your good sleeping habits because I am on day THREE of good night's sleep!! I am thrilled. I do love snow but not traveling in it :)

  4. Starting out a Friday with a cancelled conference call is an excellent thing. I was also up frequently in the night, and I'm looking forward to the long weekend. We are expecting significant snow, but it looks like most of it isn't coming until overnight on Sunday, and we're all off on Monday, so with any luck all of of it will be cleared by the time anyone needs to hit the roads again.

    Enjoy your long weekend!

  5. I think cancelled calls are the best thing ever, especially on a Friday!

    Have a great weekend! And enjoy your Monday off!

  6. Happily catching up on all your goings-on! So glad the kids (& cats) arrived safe & sound in TX. Enjoy your long weekend!!

  7. Enjoy that unexpected time off. Looking forward to our meetup tomorrow.

  8. Happy long weekend! Thanks for the walk photos!

  9. I can imagine the looks on the other passengers faces. :-) Oh well, that happens and I've had worse on longer flights, right? The important thing is everyone arrived safe and sound and beginning a new adventure.
    I wish they would change our forecast. We have freezing rain right now, they even canceled schools last night because it was a pretty sure thing. After the rain, it's supposed to snow. Now that amount is iffy. Anywhere from 3 to 10 inches.
    Enjoy your long weekend. No call is a good thing isn't it?

  10. Good! The cats managed! We took the 1akeside hike yesterday. GUESS who has a sore back. Do you think I figured out why. No. But you did! We were moving very ginger1y.

  11. Poor kitty! That howling was just narration as he captioned his dismay.

    Love the photos from your walk. Our river here is frozen up in all the shallows. It looks so terribly cold. We've had such a grey, gloomy day today that it feels like evening all day.

    Enjoy coffee and chatting with Dee!

  12. Glad you got out for a walk--looks cold!

  13. I walked to get the mail today and had the same issue. I was walking so carefully, by the time I got home, my hip joints were sore - and it's not a far walk!

  14. I don't think anyone ever complains about canceled meetings, do they??? I hope you're enjoying your outing with Dee today -- and, of coure, the rest of your l-o-n-g weekend! XO

  15. Those howls are disturbing! Ours create a sound that is only heard when they are confined to a carrier. You mentioned this TX destination will be for two years? I've missed posts from everyone and haven't caught up!

  16. I am glad your kids and kitties arrived safely. Flying these days is an adventure. Your walk sounds nice although be careful on the icy muddy trails. That sounds slippery to me. I didn't sleep well on Thursday night either. I wonder if the moon was full?