Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Unraveled Wednesday 1-12-22

 Hello and Good Morning!

A little warmer here today - it is currently 20 outside and I think it is supposed to get up into the mid-30's today!  Well, today is the day for the kids and cats to fly to TX.  Fingers crossed that all goes well, smooth flight, no delays, etc., etc.  Colin sent a picture of his car being loaded up yesterday for shipping down to TX.  We need to get over to the house before their friends move in...we have some clothes there (sweaters and slippers) which I'd like to get.  Nothing major though.

The wind seems to have vanished too, so I'm hoping to get out for a walk today.  Yesterday I ran an errand and driving down a street I came across something I had forgotten about:  an elephant in a yard!

Yup, a statue of an elephant which is pretty big...also somewhat worn from weather.  Still it made me smile.  I don't always notice it (I don't really go down that street very often).  

Here we are at Unraveled Wednesday again - how is it possible to be just about mid-month?  Anyhoo, as usual, I'm linking up with Kat and the Merry Unravelers to talk making and reading.  On the making side I've mostly been stitching (see yesterday's post), but I did manage to finish Holiday Sock #1 and get a start on Holiday sock #2:

Just plain vanilla, but fun socks.  And, from the looks of things, these will be matchy-matchy.  I don't usually care about that but will admit that I want these to match, so I cut off some yarn before starting sock #2.  Hopefully not enough to make a difference.  It was a light skein to start, but I think I used slightly less than half the yarn for #1.  I'll try to give these some more attention today.

On the reading side I finally finished Matrix by Lauren Groff.  Though her writing is so beautiful (what a way with words), I still found the book to be a slog to read.  However, after last night's "Read With Us" Zoom discussion, I do have a better appreciation for the book (thank you ladies).  Now I'm about a third of the way through The Madness of Crowds and am thoroughly enjoying being back in Three Pines among friends.  Waiting in the wings (meaning on my nightstand) is a book that Fletch got me - Reckless Daughter - a Portrait of Joni Mitchell which I am anxious to read.  I just about wore out my Joni Mitchell albums while in college.  Another book I'm waiting for (I'm in queue at the library) is A Thousand Steps by T. Jefferson Parker which looks really good (read a review in the WSJ over the weekend).

Work is blissfully quiet so far this morning and I'm hoping it stays that way.  I need to get to CVS for a few things and, as mentioned above, am hoping to get out for a walk.  It's still dark here, so a bit difficult to tell what the day will be like.

Hope your week is going well.  Be sure to head over to Kat's for some inspiration!


  1. Ooooo. I'd love to hear what you think of Reckless Daughter! I love a good memoir, and Joni Mitchell is a favorite. It was such a delight to have you join us for last night's Zoom meet-up, Vera! I hope you'll become a "regular" with our merry band. :-) I'm sending all the good travel juju to Colin and Mailing and the cats!
    (And that elephant is quite something!) XO

  2. I started a pair of plain socks for my husband who was the only relative that did not get a hand knit. Now we can't have that can we??? lovely sock and an Elephant?? Good Grief.

  3. The sock is looking good! I am hoping for warmer weather today but now they are talking about something ugly happening this weekend again. I guess this is the price we pay for such a nice December.

  4. I was so happy to see you on the Zoom last night -- it was great to finally talk in person!

    I am glad it's warmer today for both of us. I did end up going out yesterday (in lots of layers) and had to cut my walk short when I lost feeling in my toes. That is not a feeling I want to repeat!

    Best wishes for easy traveling for the kids!

  5. Sending Colin and Mailing all my best wishes! I'm going to think of them on Sunday and Monday when we are supposed to get 10" of snow! It was really nice to see you on the Zoom call and I hope you'll join us in the future. I think your socks look lovely and perfectly matched. Enjoy your walk and maybe you'll see something as original as an elephant statue!

  6. I will be eager to hear your thoughts on the Joni Mitchell memoir as well!

    I love those Christmas-y socks! (and I agree, Christmas socks should absolutely be matchy-matchy!)

    Sending all the good travel juju for C&M and their kitties.

    (and YES! It was so awesome to have you and Mabel join us last night! :) )

  7. Great-looking socks. They're coming right along.

    I had very high hopes of getting a huge velociraptor statue for our back yard, but when I saw the price tag, I almost fell over--$2500! I gave up on that idea immediately. My neighbor still mourns.

    Best wishes for C & M's journey today, and of course the cats. Do let us know.

  8. I love those socks! I'm so glad you joined us last night and I'm also glad to hear that the discussion helped with your impression of Matrix. I hope you'll join us going forward, too! And I think The Madness of Crowds is the perfect tonic for the slog that Matrix was.

  9. Socks are looking great.
    In my old city, there was someone who had a large cement elephant statute in their front yard. And it got stolen! Apparently the thing weighed a couple hundred pounds! That's a dedicated theif!

  10. Wouldn't you love to know the story behind the big elephant statue?!
    the socks look great--a very fun knit!

  11. An elephant? I would love to know the story of that. I like your socks. I'm enjoying the ones I'm knitting. Plain vanilla too because the pattern is a joy to watch appear.
    I can sympathize with you today. It's never easy to watch our kids leave. I hope it won't be for too long. I'm glad that they have friends who will be living in their home and not strangers.
    Big hugs for your Mama heart today and prayers for safe travels for all.

  12. The elephant is adorable. I wonder if he was an art project tat onetime. In Riverton, someone had a giraffe in the yard that they “dressed” in the winter — odd. Love the Christmas socks.

  13. Hope the kids have a good flight.

    That elephant is very interesting. Sure beats my moose-friend Nacho over on Orvilla Rd. Although I noticed Nacho has TEO babies now. (Guess the family had another grandbaby.)

  14. That should be TWO babies, not TEO.

  15. I agree about Matrix; it is mainly a biography of the nun. Not my cup of tea. FYI, it was -6˚F when I got up yesterday morning at 9am. It was surely colder at 5am. Warmest it got was ~0˚F. (We live in n.w. Wisconsin.)

  16. Im farther south than KMKAT. But I'm rea11y co1d inside. Yesterday I wore doubled leggings and today I have two shirts and a big sweater on....and I'm sti11 chi11ed. I can't wait for Spring

  17. Sometimes vanilla socks are just the thing. I wonder what the story is behind that elephant. I hope your kids had a good flight.