Thursday, December 2, 2021

What's for Dinner? 12/2/21

 Hello and Good Morning!

Yesterday was still a bit uneven.  Mabel was still a beast (she found the yarn ball I'm using to knit "something" for Bonnie and 3 times (yes, 3!!) she grabbed that ball and dragged it across the kitchen floor (which is not necessarily a very clean surface).  Each time it was hidden and out of sight.  But, her perch did arrive late the night before and Fletch got it set up yesterday afternoon.  At first she wasn't much interested in it, but now she seems to love it.

A moment (or two) of blissful quietness!

Today I am heading to the office early.  I have reports to run (it's Thursday) and distribute.  Kevin will be in, but I'm not sure I will have any time with him.  I did (finally) receive the emails I had been waiting for so that I could wrap up a project.  They came in late yesterday.  I have stuff to print and overnight, so I will do that.  A quick run to Trader Joe's is in order and then I need to get back home, wash under my arms (!!) and head out for my mammogram this afternoon.

Yesterday I managed to order some things for Colin and I also ran out to Marshall's in the afternoon to pick up some toys for Salvation Army gifts that I will drop off at the office today.  One of the emails I got yesterday stated that we had lots and lots of dolls and flat about a basketball, football, etc.  I was able to score at Marshall's and also picked up a couple things for girlfriend gifts (I always keep girlfriend gifts on hand, so having extra is not a problem for me).

Colin is coming over for dinner tonight - Fletch is grilling steaks, and maybe we will have a fire in our new wok-pit!  Meanwhile, last night we did have dinner.  One of my favorite ways to cook is to just open the frig, see what's available and fix something.  I never really measure anything when I cook this way.  Last night it was shrimp.

I started sauteeing some onions, mushrooms, garlic, halved cherry tomatoes, kalamata olives, fresh basil and fresh parsley.  It looked like this:

It smelled so good!  I could have consumed it just like this, but then I added some shrimp and also a jar (with the liquid) of marinated artichoke hearts.  And it looked like this:

Next I boiled some water, cooked up some angel hair pasta and voila!  Dinner!  Oh yum.  The shrimp were pretty large (16 to the pound), so I did cut them in half.  Simple and delicious and on the table in no time!

Well, time for another cup of coffee and then to get ready for the office.  Wishing you all a wonderful Thursday.


  1. Your dinner from last night sounds delicious! And I'm glad to see Mabel is comfortable on her new perch (I had to enlarge the photo to fully appreciate the cuteness).

  2. That's my favorite way to cook dinner, Vera! We call it "Fridge Mix". . . and it usually works with great results. (That, alas, can never be replicated.) I love Mabel's new perch. I bet she's going to LOVE hanging out there (unless there is yarn around. . . ) XO

  3. I'm pretty sure there aren't any shrimp in my refrigerator, but I might need to get some! That sounds delicious, as do steaks tonight. We're heading home from MD tonight, so dinner might be from WaWa. I hope Mabel spends plenty of peaceful time on her shelf, and I hope you have a day at the office.

  4. I love No Recipe Dinners. Yours sounds terrific.

    Mabel will get a lot of naps and birdwatching time on her personal perch. But I'd still guard my yarn.

  5. I love that kitty perch. I wish I had the place for one to keep my kitties off the furniture. I have to do a complete cleaning before I can sit down anywhere thanks to my kitty allergies. I did just buy them all new beds for the floor. I hope that works or it's going to be a long winter.

  6. I admire your ability to whip up a meal right from the fridge. More and more I open the fridge, stare at it for five minutes, then tell Dave we are going out for dinner... lol
    I hope Miss Mabel behaves herself today

  7. dinner looks delicious! I don't know how that picture of the sleeping Mabel could also be the same terror to the yarn balls! lol

  8. I wish I had been invited for dinner last night! Lots of my favorite things.
    Mabel looks so peaceful and happy on her perch. Hopefully it will provide many hours of relaxtion, for you! :-)
    Prayers for a perfectly fine mammogram. My results came in last week and were fine. Yay!
    I hope your work day is a good one without any craziness.

  9. Is there anything cuter than a sleeping cat????

    Your dinner sounds delicious!

  10. Mabel is probably dreaming of more shenanigans! I’d love to have you whip up one of your fast dinners for me, but my fridge is practically empty. Time to shop, I think.

  11. Blissful Mabel... so sweet!

    and No Recipe Dinners are simply the best!

  12. what an adorable shot of Mabel not being a terror to society :)