Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Tiny Needle Tuesday December 7, 2021

 Good Morning!

Boy the wind was howling last night and after such a mild day (60) the temp dropped quickly.  It is 31 this morning and wet snow is forecast for tomorrow!  Another roller coaster.

Someone asked in the comments yesterday why we would let Mabel go outside.  The commentor is a "no reply" person, so let me explain here.  I've had cats all my life and they have always been inside/outside cats.  They go out when they want to and we don't keep a litter box in the house.  Actually, we will keep one in the basement for emergencies.  I think Tyg used it 2-3 times.  The commentor also stated that her vet says indoor cats on average live to 18 years and outdoor cats on average live to 8 months.  I have to disagree with that.  Our cats have lived much, much longer than that.  And, more importantly, they have loved going outside.  Usually they come in at night, but during the day they love to wander around the garden and woods.

Well, here we are at another Tiny Needle Tuesday, aka TNT.  I really thought I would have nothing to show you, but last night I was able to do a little stitching and some of the tail feathers on the second bird have been stitched.

I would love to finish the bird this week, but we shall see.

Yesterday was busy work-wise and then the afternoon was filled with gift wrapping.  All the gifts that I need to ship are wrapped and I will be shipping them out tomorrow when I go to the office.  It's nice to have that completed.

Yesterday was also a very peaceful day with Mabel!  She was so sweet all day and was not running around like crazy.  While I was stitching last night she was curled up in a chair right next to me.

Love those spots and her long legs!!

Well, time to get to work - the emails have been flying in and I have things to do.  Hope your Tuesday is a good one!


  1. I have never had a cat and know nothing about the indoor/outdoor thing (though I know it's a hot topic), but I trust you and your knowledge to do what's best for Mabel. She seems to be doing very well so far!

    I hope now that you've gotten all the gift wrapping done you'll find some extra time to stitch and finish up that second bird.

  2. Mabel looks like a little silver leopard!

  3. Ooof... well said to the "no reply" commenter. I mean opinions are like a**holes... right?

    On a brighter note... I am so happy to see and read about Calm Mabel... Sherman has been sending all the calm juju he can muster, and trust me... he can muster LOTS and LOTS! lol

  4. Your stitching looks beautiful, and the finished sampler will be lovely, no matter when you finish! I'm glad Mabel was calm and sweet yesterday, and I hope that continues!

  5. Oh those little white paws!!!! She may put her nose out the door tomorrow and say nope ........none of THAT white stuff for her! LOL

    Wonder how much we will get? It had better be off the roads by Saturday!

  6. I have had both indoor and outdoor cats (grew up with outdoor in the country, started keeping them in when we moved to the city). I can say life expectancy really depends on how smart the cat is. I keep mine in because I am a worrier, but I would never question why someone would let the cat outside... the answer is simple - the cats LOVE it. It makes them so much happier. I think my catio is a decent compromise, but I know Relic doesn't feel the same about it. There's a big part of him that still wants to roam (not to mention, he's gotten even fatter since we moved!!)
    You know what's best for your babies.

  7. Well said Vera. I love how Mabel is curling up next to you. Her silvery spots and little white feet. I want to kiss those feet.
    That sampler will be done in the blink of an eye. Do you have another project in mind for when this one is done?
    We had north winds and COLD temps yesterday but today is supposed to be warmer. You probably got what just roared through the midwest. :-)

  8. It's a tough call but you will make the best choice for both of you! Hope you have a good day--chilly/gloomy here today!

  9. Mabel looks incredibly cuddly, warm, and sweet. She is such a darling. Her markings are so distinctive that I wonder if there isn't a bit of Bengal breed in her.

    We had the high winds and big temp drop yesterday. I had a banger of a migraine as a result. Today, we sit at 27 degrees. I hope we don't keep going up and down. My head cannot take it.

  10. Glad that Mabel is being a sweet kitty.

  11. I had to spend most of the night in the lower level. It was scary. I heard two big trees go down but they were in my neighbor's yard thank goodness.
    I've got two indoor, two outdoor cats and two that go in and out. I couldn't make indoor cats out of the outdoor cats and I couldn't make outdoor cats out the indoor cats and I tried very hard. They all decided what was best for them and as much as I hate worrying about them I have to respect their choices. They all just turned 11 so they've all had pretty good, long lives up until now. I'll be sad if anything happens to any of them but I will know they were happy.

  12. Batten down the hatches - more fierce wind headed your way! It’s been howling here for days, blowing semis over on the interstate, shaking buildings and ripping off roofs. Snow predicted for Thursday and Friday.

  13. The antics of Mabel are fun to read about and enjoy from a distance. I am glad today was quieter. Nice stitching on those feathers. I wrapped packages today and will ship them tomorrow. It feels good to get them on their way.

  14. It seems inhumane to me to keep a cat indoors. If that's what they prefer & choose, that's completely different (I've never personally met a cat like that). We've always had indoor/outdoor and all but one has lived to be 17-20+ years old.