Friday, December 17, 2021

Friday Felines

 Good Morning!

I'm not sure what happened to yesterday, but it got a little out of control.  Meaning, of course, that work got busy.  Busy enough that I did not have time to bake bread.  Instead I ran to the store for a baguette which we had with the soup.

At one point though I took a very short break and Fletch and I took Mabel outside!!

She seemed more afraid than anything else.  And the harness thing was difficult to fasten around her...she is still a skinny cat, but not as skinny as when we brought her home.  Plus the harness fastens with velcro and then pulling it apart to get it off I always think I'm pulling her fur.

Bottom line, she did not much care for the harness.  I sat with her in my lap on the patio for a few minutes and she began to calm down, but obviously wanted to go inside and then her leg got caught in the harness, etc., etc.

We were going to try taking her out without the harness and leash, but it was around 4:30 and beginning to get dark.  I was worried that she might be spooked by something and run off and then it would be dark and we wouldn't be able to find her.  So...perhaps we will try that this afternoon.  It's nerve wracking!!

I'll be happy when my two conference calls are over today (one at 8:30 and one at 11).  There was no knitting or stitching yesterday, so I'm hoping for a bit of those things today.  Tomorrow I'm meeting up with Dee for some chatter/coffee/knitting and then we are going to lunch to celebrate the season!  Really looking forward to that.  Whatever your plans are, have a wonderful weekend!


  1. That was a big adventure for Mabel! I hope next time isn't as nerve-wracking for all of you. I bet she'll gradually get used to things outdoors, and maybe get more curious and rambunctious outside. Have a great time with Dee and a wonderful weekend!

  2. I tried taking Daughter's cat out on a harness once and it was a disaster. She ran up a tree. I was panic stricken but she came back down on her own. I bought her a big rolly tube instead and put her in it so she could go out with my inside/outside cats and be safe since she wasn't as world wise as my rescued ferals. She was staying with us while Daughter moved back from NYC years ago so she was an inside apartment cat when she arrived. She loved that tube and looked like a big hamster out there.

  3. Lena took two years to 'like' the outside. She is still spooked pretty easily. An inside cat isn't so awful-try again after the snow of winter.

  4. I love hearing about Mabel's adventures! My daughter tried a cat harness for her (very active) cat. He turns to jello whenever she put it on him. He just goes completely limp and won't move. (Cats are so funny.) XO

  5. My huge orange tabby hates the outdoors; he is very timid and every noise (traffic, barking, etc) upsets him. His sister, however, would spend more time on the porch--unless it is windy. She dislikes the feel of it ruffling her long fur.

    Enjoy your time with Dee at Holiday Lunch!

  6. Poor Mabel! I'm sure being outside is a little scary, given that she's still adjusting to being in her new home, but I'm sure she'll also adjust in time.

    Hope today is less busy and has some time for stitching, and enjoy your get-together with Dee tomorrow!

  7. Rupert did not like the harness at all when I first started taking him out at the townhouse. Eventually I gave up on it,and let him come out untethered. He was so nervous of everything anyway, that I didnt have to worry about him taking off - whenever he got spooked he ran straight back inside the house.

  8. She looks so cute in her harness.

    Giroux doesn't like wearing his either. The best I can say is, he *tolerates* it.

  9. Ah Mabel. It's strange to think of her being afraid since she's so confident inside. But all the sights, smells, sounds, etcetera must be hard!

  10. We never tried a harness on any of our cats but they were mostly indoors. George would go out and sit on the deck and stroll the perimeter of the yard, but that was it. He never really wanted to explore. He liked the creature comforts of the house.
    It's so good to have things halfway back to normal. We REALLY need the internet for Dennis but I'm doing blogs by hotspot which keeps going in and out. It's taken me over 3 hours this morning to check posts and write my little bit!
    Have a great afternoon and enjoy your time with Dee tomorrow. You two think about all of us who would like to be with you yackking away!

  11. I hope you and Dee enjoyed your outing. I did go out to lunch last week with some friends. I don't go out to eat much these days but did enjoy myself. That Mabel, she sure has lots of personality.

  12. I hope you had such fun with Dee! (and I hope that Mabel settles in to and outside/inside rhythm!)