Monday, December 27, 2021

The Hush Season

 Hello and How Are You???

I read somewhere or heard somewhere that somone calls this week the Hush Time - that week between Christmas and New Years.  I love the term and all that it brings to my mind.

So how was your Christmas (if you celebrate)?  Ours was lovely.  I did feel lousy on Christmas Day, but it was just allergies kicking in.  Christmas Eve we went over to Mailing's parents for dinner.  We were worried whether Anna would be able to join us as her boyfriend tested positive for Covid.  But, after 4-5 negative tests, she did come (and stayed masked).  Dinner, as always, was fabulous.  The dumplings I made were still the ugliest, but that is now a tradition!

I made a Swedish Almond Cake for dessert and it may be a new favorite.  Zhongren was still raving about it Christmas morning!

It was a good dessert (if I do say so myself), but I also think it's a perfect breakfast cake too with a cup of coffee or tea.  A perfect pairing.

Christmas morning we got up and had some breakfast and opened some gifts and then headed over to Colin & Mailing's for the day.  It was mild temperature-wise and a bit rainy at times.  Everyone took walks at different times except me...I sprawled out on a couch and rested.  We had champagne and grapefruit juice along with scones that Colin made for brunch.  I had also received the day before a HUGE box from a VP I support filled with all different cheeses, meats, fruit spreads, honey, crackers, etc.  We took everything over to C&M's to add to the brunch spread.

The animals all had good days.  Otto got some loudy squeaky toys and was happy.

The cats were quickly drugged with catnip.  Dinner was bangers & mash which was delicious.  And a pear/cranberry cobbler I had made for dessert.

By 8 p.m. I was ready to call it a day and go home!

Sunday it was still very mild.  I took a walk in Oaks along the Perkiomen Creek.  I chose that path because it is paved.  The canal walk that I do and the River Trail would have both been messy in places due to our recent rains.  There were folks out biking, jogging, walking and plenty of geese on the water.

When I got back home we decided to get Mable outside again.  She enjoyed it a lot!

After a bit she was ready to come back inside.  A little progress being made here and there!

It is cooler today (28 this morning), but I'm hoping to get out for another walk.  Fletch is in the shower and once he gets out I will start some laundry.  Other than that, I hope to find time to relax, knit, stitch and read some.  I hope everyone is enjoying this Hush Season!


  1. We are definitely doing a bit of "hush season" today. We all have books to read and I will absolutely get some knitting done.

  2. This week between Christmas and New Year's does have a quiet feeling all its own. Your Christmas looks like it was a lovely one for humans and animals. I've also started some laundry this morning but aside from that, it might just be a day to knit and maybe even nap. I hope your Hush Time is wonderful!

  3. I've never heard the term "hush season," but it makes perfect sense to me. Christmas is usually so busy and chaotic that I think everyone needs the time after to recover! I'm glad to hear you had such a nice celebration -- and your meals sound delicious!

  4. What a wonderful gathering! I am always a bit depressed on the week after Christmas. I think it's a throwback to my teacher days when I knew the holiday was coming to an end. I love the build up to Christmas. The better the holiday the harder it was to make that long drive back to the real world of work. I always packed tissues for the drive because I knew I would cry at some point.

  5. Hush season is an appropriate term for this week as most people want to extend the joy of Christmas. I usually like to focus on some UFOs and try to finish them before the new year. Please share the recipe or link for the almond cake: it looks delicious.

  6. This is a great term, Hush Season. We are being very hushed here with cold weather and a tiny bit of snow.

  7. Hush Season. How appropriate. Dennis is working this week but he says it's very quiet as usual. I've had a lot of phone calls which is unusual for me but I've enjoyed all of the conversations.
    I do hope to get some knitting done. Those mittens won't knit themselves!
    Your weekend looks lovely and the food also sounds delicious. Do you have a recipe to share for the almond cake?
    I hope you've enjoyed your day Vera.

  8. I love the idea of a hush season. We had a nice quiet peaceful Christmas. The weather was mild so we walked on a trail in the woods during the afternoon. I made a veggie breakfast casserole and a large spinach and pear salad. We have way more cookies than we need. By evening, I made a cup of tea and curled up with my knitting. Your cake does look delicious.

  9. Sounds like a perfectly lovely Christmas!

  10. I am basking in "hush season" (and I love this name!) I am staying in my jammies far too long and am soaking up the lights and the tree until I give in to the grinch and take it all down!

  11. I've never heard that term before. The end of December is an odd sort of Limbo Time. Not much seems to happen anywhere as businesses are waiting for the new year and many people are taking their vacation days so as not to lose them.

    The almond cake looks lovely. Of course it was a hit.

  12. this is my favorite week of the year and how there is nothing to do except knit and ponder knitting. I will be un-decorating on the first of the new year if I can wait that long.

  13. I'm glad you had a good family gathering--even Mabel is growing up!