Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Tiny Needle Tuesday December 14. 2021

 Good Morning!

How are you on this Tuesday in December.  The Solstice is only one week away!  How is that possible?

I woke up early this morning (4:30!).  I stayed in bed a bit, but finally got up at 5 a.m.  I knew I wasn't going to fall back asleep and honestly, I cherish these early morning minutes that are (usually) quiet.  Mabel seems to be behaving so far this morning...I hear her scratching in her litter box and it sounds as though she is trying to dig to the center of the earth!

My massage yesterday was a taste of heaven.  Oh it felt so good!  And when I came home I took a nap and slept deeply for 1.5 hours!  I'm excited to book another massage - I think I'll go early in January.  Between now and then I'd like to get my hair cut again and I plan to book a pedicure for next week.  Little pleasures.

Well, here we are at Tiny Needle Tuesday (TNT) again and this time I have a finish!  Yes people, Pomegranate Birds is finally complete.  I do love it.  I'm also happy to have it finished.

It is now tucked away safely in the drawer with all my other finished and unframed pieces.  As I've said in the past, I enjoy stitching very much, but I don't want a house filled with framed cross stitched pieces - that's not my style.  I have some framed pieces up and that is enough. 

I wanted to stitch a seasonal piece next and have chosen this:

It will be a small piece which is perfect for right now.  True confession time:  I started this the other day and just about completed the border when I realized that it would not meet up perfectly...I was off by one linen thread.  I tried to rip it out, but it was a real PITA, so I just threw it out.  I will start it again today if I have time.  No rush, but I will enjoy working on a holiday-ish piece.

Plans for today include a bit of work (hopefully not too much!!), maybe some baking (cookies), some cooking (sauce because we are having lasagna tonight), maybe some cleaning (I bought a new mop for my kitchen floor - oh the excitement!!  LOL).

What about you?  What is on your Tuesday agenda?  Whatever it is, I hope you can find a few minutes to curl up, be quiet and just enjoy the day.  Maybe some knitting?  Or stitching?  Or reading?  Or just sitting peacefully?  Whatever - enjoy!!


  1. Your massage and other pleasures sound divine! I've been thinking about getting a manicure but they never last, so maybe I'll just do it myself. Your Pomegranate Birds sampler is lovely, and the wintertime piece is also very nice. Would Colin and Mailing like some of your framed cross stitch? It almost seems a shame to put them in a drawer. My Tuesday agenda is cleaning out a big chest freezer so I can hardly wait!

  2. Congrats on finally finishing your birds! I understand not wanting framed pieces everywhere, and it's something I dealt with when I was stitching a lot years ago. I really enjoy the stitching but never know what to do with the finished pieces!

    Your massage sounds like it must've been incredibly relaxing. I could use one right about now -- work has gotten crazy for the last few days of the year!

  3. The birds are so gorgeous! Well done!

  4. Oh, it's a lovely piece! It finished out so well. I really like it.

    Marlowe, my Maine Coon mix, is also an aggressive and energetic litter box user. She always wants to get down to the bare bottom of the box, it seems. Sigh.

    I may try to accomplish some wrapping today even though we have no tree yet to put the finished gifts under. Yikes! Guess we'd better get on that.

  5. What a lovely sampler! It's been so much fun to watch it come together, Vera. Can't wait to see your little winter piece now. Happy Tuesday!

  6. The birds are lovely! So bright and fiery!

    Relic is a litter digger too - he will dig FOREVER until he gets the litter just right.

  7. Beautiful stitching!!!! I'm glad the massage was perfection for you! (the nap is proof your body approved!) I am looking forward to being home today and able to head to the sewing room--it's been too long!

  8. Pomegranate birds --- WOW! It is gorgeous.

    Giroux is a digger too.

  9. I love your new holiday piece, and the pomegranate birds are gorgeous. I'm trying to figure out if we have one wall where all the cross stitch can go--I rotate mu embroidery hoops throughout the year so that's another option as well (rotate the cross stitches).

  10. What a beautiful finish Vera. I like the holiday piece too. I'm thinking of ordering a cross stitch for the new baby's room. I need to ask them if they have a theme for the room.
    I've had a busy day of this and that and haven't even had time to knit a stitch yet. Hopefully that will change soon. Hope you have a great evening.

  11. Congrats on the finish! It's really beautiful. I have a drawer full of unframed things also. I love to stitch but I don't have the wall space. I almost threw out the Christmas Quaker and started again because it seemed easier to do that then pull out all those stitches and then I remembered how long it took me to get this fabric.

  12. beautiful finish! I actually stitched for over an hour yesterday and loved it immensely. It's mostly lettering so it will go quickly.

  13. That embroidered piece is lovely. It sounds like a good idea to throw out the start of that other project and begin again. Have fun stitching.