Wednesday, December 22, 2021

Unraveled Wednesday December 22, 2021

 Good Morning Everyone!

How are you this morning?  I am feeling as though I'm in a fog.  It's grey and damp outside and I did not sleep well (I could hear some rain coming down lightly in the middle of the night).  I was awake for several hours and then finally fell asleep and didn't wake up till just before 7.  And I woke up really, really stiff.  Not sure if it's all the dampness in the air or what, but Advil was the first think I washed down my throat this morning.  It's above freezing, but not by much.

Yesterday turned out well.  I'm happy to say I did NOT bake any more cookies.  I will also say that I did NOT get to cleaning the kitchen floor (which, really, is a mess!).  But, the bathrooms were scrubbed, bath mats washed as well as towels and ALL of the wrapping was completed.  That includes gifts for folks we will not see until after the New Year!

Late in the day I headed over to Colin & Mailing's.  I took their stocking gifts from us as well as a big tray of cookies.  They had spent the day together (C&M and Fletch) and had watched the film 1917.  Not a film I would have enjoyed anyway.  We had an excellent dinner:  Lemon Chicken Orzo Soup and bread.  Yum!

I couldn't even finish my bowl of soup!  I had never had this before, but now I want to make it.  We did bring a good sized container home with us😋.

The cats were around, but a little lazy.  Marcel napped a lot and Talbot hung out by the front door (not sure what he was looking at - perhaps Christmas lights on the street?  LOL).  After dinner the kids opened stocking gifts (and they had some for us as well).  Marcel liked the ribbons.

Silly kids and silly cat.

So here we are on Unraveled Wednesday.  Poor Kat with whom we all link up on Wednesdays has been dealing with a huge bandage on one finger - making any knitting progress difficult at best.  I've been plugging away on my holiday socks, but no knitting for the past couple of days (too busy baking/cleaning/wrapping/etc.).

It looks so pretty against a holiday table cloth!  Maybe I can sneak in a few more rows today.  I hope so!

On the reading front things slowed down.  I returned The Shore to the library after reading just 4 chapters.  The stories were way too bleak for my taste - miserable characters doing awful things to each other.  Not pleasant.  Now I am about 2/3 of the way through a book in the Duncan Kincaid/Gemma James series by Deborah Crombie.  These Scotland Yard mysteries are easy to read and entertaining.  I'm reading them in order and am on book #12 (I think there are 19 in the series).  Waiting on my nightstand is The Guide which Sarah had mentioned.  It looks good, so I'm hoping to finish up the Deborah Crombie book and get started on this one.

Today's plans include a little (as in VERY LITTLE) work, a grocery run to pick up the few things I need to make desserts for Friday and Saturday (as well as MORE cat food) and then I have a haircut appointment this afternoon.  I think there is time to have a little nap before the haircut (which I already feel the need for!!).  I'm waiting for the Advil to kick in (my shoulders are still a bit achy).

Oh!  We now have the "take off for TX" date for C&M.  Their flight to Austin is booked for January 15th.  Really, I don't even want to think about it!

Wishing you all a wonderful mid-week!


  1. That foggy feeling is alive and well over here as well (Case in point... I got a photo for the blog but published before I added it! lol)

    Those kitties... too cute! That soup looks delicious! But boo for C&M having a departure date!

  2. Sock is looking good. I'm foggy this morning too but that's because I had to be up early to follow Dave to the mechanic so he could leave his car there. I'm not good with early mornings at all, no matter if I went to sleep at a good time or not. It was cold and grey but the sun has come out so now it's cold and sunny. I can't believe Christmas is only a few days away

  3. That soup sounds delicious and I'm glad you are getting to spend time with C&M. Not that you can store it for after Jan. 15th - that's too soon! Hope the fog lifts, you feel better, and get a nap!

  4. The socks are so festive, Vera! They make me smile. You've been so busy . . . I hope you can take some time to rest. (And I'm so sorry to hear about January 15. That's awfully soon. . . ) XO

  5. January 15 feels so soon, I know. But honestly, any date you heard would have felt too soon, right? Sigh. It's a tough situation, and I'm sorry.

    I hope you can catch a good nap and restore yourself.

    We've got a grey and windy day here in NEO. I'm not feeling very motivated at all.

  6. January 15 does seem rather soon! But I suppose it's not a surprise, and at least with all the ways to connect these days, you can still talk to and see the kids regularly while they're in Texas.

    I hope the Advil does its work and the fog lifts -- and perhaps you can get a little nap in at some point today?

  7. that soup sounds really good, I need to find a recipe! Glad you are enjoying your days and seeing the kids.

  8. It's that time of the year for foggy heads! Love that christmas yarn--have you posted what it is?

  9. Yum, the soup looks delicious! I just finished the audiobook of The Guide. I enjoyed it, but it was kind of creepy in spots.

  10. Love the picture of Mailing and Marcel!

  11. What a wonderful evening you had! I am so sorry to hear you're becoming a member of the "My Kids Moved Away Club". When Daughter moved 2 hours away last month it just about broke my heart. They have all gone far away now and we hate driving long distances anymore and they seem to be too busy to visit us. That empty nest thing is cruel.

  12. It sounds like you had a great time with your kids last night. Feline grands too! :-) I know how you feel about departure dates. It's hard. How long will they be in Austin. I guess I'm assuming it's not a permanent move. At least it isn't London or Japan! :-) I still have to get something for dessert for Sunday and next Tuesday. I have no ideas. I would like something other than pie.
    Have a lovely night.

  13. What a nice time you have with your son and daughter-in-law. Yes - just don't think about the date in January. That said, we make the most of any time together and otherwise use cell phones and FaceTime to communicate. Technology makes it so much easier. And it's a place to visit.