Thursday, December 9, 2021

Last Christmas Gift Finished!

 Good Morning!

A quick post as shortly I need to be dressed and out the door and on my way to a doctor appointment.

Yesterday's virtual luncheon was sort of annoying - there were technology issues and honestly, some people!  I really don't want to watch other folks shove food into their mouths.  What are they thinking?  Or not?  I logged off before the finish and then did a little shopping.  Then I worked last night after dinner for 3+ hours running and distributing my normal Thursday morning reports...all because I knew I'd be out of pocket this morning.

But, enough of that nonsense!  While having coffee this a.m. I managed to sew the ends of Bonnie's cowl/headband.  Here is it on the buffet:

And here it is as a cowl:

Not fully awake and not enough coffee yet...but those are my new glasses which I love!

So the Christmas knitting is officially finished.  I may find some yarn to knit up a pair of socks for Fletch...but they will most likely end up as a Valentine's Day gift.  Or, I may pick out yarn to knit a pair for moi!

Meanwhile, when I got home yesterday afternoon Fletch announced that Mabel is beginning to earn her keep - he found a dead mouse that she had caught in the basement!  I'm so proud of her.

OK, time for me to get moving.  Hope you all have a wonderful Thursday!!


  1. Well done, Mabel! You go girl!

    And well done you for getting that cowl done! It looks so warm and cozy!

  2. Your title is exciting and the cowl/headband is lovely (and so are your glasses)! The virtual luncheon sounds like it was as weird as I had imagined. Some things don't need to be shared on Zoom. Way to go, Mabel!

  3. Congrats on finishing your last gift! It's really lovely and I think it will be well received (and it looks great on you, if she decides she doesn't like it)!

    We are having a virtual office holiday party, but it is, thankfully, in the afternoon, and we're doing a toast, so I won't have to watch anyone eating.

    Tell Mabel she is a very good girl!

  4. Personally I hate the virtual "work social meetings". I stare at a screen all day, I don't want to do it just to be "social" with people I work with. I want to do my job, and then have "my time" (since I can't "go home" any more, lol). Small talk on a work call/video is fine.... but planned social video events.... no thanks!

    The cowl is gorgeous! And your glasses look great!

  5. Ugh. Socializing with work people. I always strived to keep real life and work life separate. And why eating on screen? I don't get it.

    Hooray for Mabel The Huntress!

    You look terrific in those frames AND that cowl.

  6. I LOVE those new glasses. I need to get some and I want THOSE. I can't imagine a zoom social. I'm not even fond of when we do it with the kids. It just feels awkward to me. I'd rather just text each others photos of what's going on in their lives-or read my blog which is what I tell them to do all the time.

  7. The glasses look fabulous! A confession — I don’t Zoom and don’t plan to start. Mabel may be turning her energy into something beneficial. Fingers crossed 🤞🏼

  8. Love the glasses! You look like a movie star with those and the cowl.
    Good for Mabel, she's definitely a keeper if she's ridding the house of mice. Ick! Mice.
    I've never done a social on Zoom, but we do have a Bible study every Thursday night with our Spokane friends. That's fun and a great way to keep close to them. We also face time and We-chat call with the kids a lot.
    Hope all was well at the doctors Vera.

  9. I never really got the point of a ZOOM party! Well, glad you could log off and do what you really wanted to do.

    Looking forward to Saturday. Let me just tell you . . . it has been a week!!! (And NOT in the good way.) ARGH!

    Congrats to Mabel. She's a keeper!

  10. Oh lucky you! I don't think any of our cats EVER caught a mouse INSIDE the house! Good thing they were cute. ;)

  11. that is a beautiful photo of you and the cowl, and yay for being done!!!

  12. The cowl looks great as do your new glasses. I plan to get some new frames in January. Hooray for Christmas knitting being finished.