Friday, April 16, 2021

Who Am I?? and...New Stash!!

 Hello and Welcome to the Weekend!

Well, I still have some work to do and a conference call at 10, but I'm calling it the start of the weekend now.  Plans for the day include getting through the morning (LOL) and then Fletch and I are grocery shopping.  Since Colin & Mailing are coming for dinner tomorrow, I'll be busy in the morning baking and making some salads.  Fletch will grill burgers and I will make a pineapple upside down cake (YUM), a corn and black bean salad and marinated eggplant.  The kids are bringing rolls for the burgers and we'll have sliced onions and tomatoes and lettuce to go with.  Tonight is home made pizza.

So, back to the title of this post.  Usually I am a one project person.  One stitching piece and one knitting piece.  Occasionally I might have a second knitting project on the go, but not usually.  Lately, however, I've toyed with starting numerous projects.  I showed the yarn for the felted French Market Bag the other day (which I still have not been able to start....).  Now yarn arrived yesterday for not one, but two shawls!  For a long time I have wanted to knit Steven West's Botanic Shawl and now I will!  Kim knit this a bit ago and it is just gorgeous.  Here is my yarn:

The Zauerball Crazy is the same colorway (Sanduhr) that is shown in the pattern picture.  My light grey is Cascade Heritage.

The second shawl I want to make is Wintertide Shawl by Beatrice Perron Dahlen and I picked a similar color to what is shown in the pattern picture.

It's a little dark in the picture, but it is again Cascade Heritage yarn (75/25) and the colorway is Cerulean.  such a rich looking blue!

And, of course, there are more socks to knit (plenty of yarn in the stash for that!).  And I discovered I have sufficient lace weight yarn for a shawl (Birch Leaf Shawl) that is gorgeous.  Karen is currently knitting this shawl in a beautiful shade of pink.

It's possible that I will make myself a little bit crazy with all this yarn!  LOL  And again, Who Am I?

Last week Dee had a fun post titled "Know Your Needleworker" where she listed a number of questions and then her answers.  I thought it would be fun to copy.  So, here goes:

1. Where do you live?

Eastern PA - suburb of Philadelphia

2.  What do you do for a living?

I work for a company that provides outsourcing services to health care facilities.

3.  Do you have children?

Yes.  Colin is our son.

4. Do you have any pets?

I think you all know about The Tygus (that’s Colin’s name for Tyg, our rescue cat) 

5. Do you have any hobbies?

 I enjoy knitting, stitching, reading, walking/hiking, cooking, traveling to name a few 

 6.  What is your favorite movie?

 I’m not much of a movie person, but if I had to pick it would be “Out of Africa” or “Cross Creek” or “Gone With the Wind.”

 7.  What is your favorite book?

 Well, too many really to pick just one:  “The Poisonwood Bible,” “Ahab’s Wife,” “Shadow of the Wind,” “Stones From the River” to name a few.

 8.  What is your favorite music?

 I enjoy most music.  Favorites at the moment are jazz and classical.

 9. What is your favorite project that you have made?

 Oh gosh!  I have stitched so many samplers that I really love...but I don't frame many.  As I've said before, I don't want needlework hanging all over my house.  I think my favorite is PPL...A Parrot, A Leopard, and a Lion from the Scarlet Letter.  I will be framing this one - actually for Colin who likes it a lot.

10.  What one word describes you.

Hmmmm… maybe STUBBORN

 Well!  This has turned into a lengthy post and I need another cup of coffee.  Enjoy your weekend!!


  1. That sampler is gorgeous. It is definitely worthy of a frame.

    Beautiful new yarns, too. Love that cerulean (more than Tyg does LOL), and the colours for the West pattern will be perfect. I can't wait to see it take shape.

  2. lovely lovely yarns and I'm so excited to learn more about you. I did not know you were stubborn...which is a good quality in a way!

  3. That needlework piece is GORGEOUS! It deserves to be framed for sure.

    Have fun with all your yarny stash! Tyg looks very impressed with it all.

  4. Glad you are starting the Botanical shawl and I have no doubt you will love it and wear it as much as I do. It is incredibly wearable.

  5. I will point out that while you've acquired yarn for several projects, you haven't actually started them yet, so you're still a one-project-at-a-time knitter for the time being!

    Hope you and the kids have a lovely dinner tomorrow!

  6. Hello,
    That is a cool sampler! Your new stash is pretty. Sounds like you will be busy with your projects. Tyg is a cute model. Your dinner menu sounds great! Have a great weekend.

  7. Oh....that sampler!!!! Wowza.
    All your new yarn made me so happy. There is something about the promise of a new project that makes me all giddy even when it is not my own.

  8. I think of you as a prolific sock knitter, but it looks like I'm going to have to shift my thinking to include shawls! Have fun with the new yarn and with your dinners this weekend. As always, they sound delicious!

  9. Those shawls will be amazing, especially that first one, I will look forward to watching that project as it evolves. Have a fun dinner party with your son and DIL. We're having a laid back weekend doing some garden and deck tidying. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  10. Those are both beautiful shawl patterns. I look forward to seeing them in progress. New yarn is always fun. Enjoy your dinner this weekend. It sure sounds delicious.

  11. I enjoyed reading all about you. Some I knew, some I did not. Like that you're stubborn! I never would have guessed that. Seriously. You have lots of pretty new yarn. I googled yarn shops today and there are three here. Three! That's two more than were near me before. I'm a happy girl. :-)
    That sampler is so beautiful and I can see why Colin likes it. I do think you should frame your current project. It's my favorite so far of the ones I've seen. Tyg seems to be in agreement that everything is great about this post.
    Have fun with the kids tomorrow. Mandy and Piper are coming over. Mandy to mow and Piper to play with Grandma but I think it will be raining so the mowing may not happen.

  12. I will be watching those shawls too! Some of the best things I find to knit, are things my knit pals introduce to me. Enjoy the time with your son. IM counting the days to seeing mine

  13. I love all of the shawl projects--you will do them proud! Have a good day today prepping for the meal and then enjoying time with them! The questions were a lot of fun to read! not stubborn--determined!