Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Unraveled Wednesday 4/14/21

 Good Morning My Friends!

First of all, I meant to say that I did drop off my sewing machine on Monday to be cleaned, oiled and the foot peddle looked at.  They cannot repair the foot peddle, but said they can give me a new gas peddle - LOL.  So, it should be all ready for me to pick up in a week to a week and a half.

My computer issues have been solved.  Something - not sure what - happened with my cell phone over the weekend so that I'm not receiving either texts or phone calls for Microsoft Verification.  As I mentioned, I need to log into a VPN each day in order to access my files.  It is a double verification process meaning that first I put my password in and then I receive either a text or phone call to verify/authenticate that it is moi.  Everything is set up properly, so IT swears it is my phone.  Verizon tech support could find nothing out of the ordinary with my phone and swears it is on the computer end.  Oh well!  For now the verification is coming through a call to my home phone (thank goodness we still have one!!).

Here we are at Unraveled Wednesday (is it me or are the days/weeks flying by?).  I'm happy to show one finished Beekeeper sock and the second one already started!

These are knitting up nicely and I'm sure Colin will like them.  Once they are finished, I will start a new pair of socks using the Muse handpainted yarn I showed on Monday.  They will be for a friend.  No pattern chosen yet, but Valerie showed a pair the other day that she is knitting in the pattern I Smell Snow (Ravelry link...and the pattern is free) and I think that might be what I make!

The other yarn I showed on Monday that is new (here's a reminder picture:)

100% wool and the color is Thistle.  I plan to make a felted bag!!  Specifically French Market Bag (another Ravelry link and another FREE pattern).  If this turns out well, I'm thinking it would make neat gifts for my "sister girlfriends" - the ones I used to get together with every year pre-Covid times.  The plan was to start this bag right away, but discovered that I did not have DPNs in size 7 and also was missing a 32" size 7 circular needle.  Amazon remedied that situation and needles arrived on Monday.  Then things got crazy with computer and sewing machine woes and yesterday afternoon was BUSY with work once I was able to access my files. has not been started yet, but maybe later today.

Yesterday was gorgeous and I would have taken a walk except that in the morning I was on the phone with Tom from IT a lot and then in the afternoon was busy catching up on work.  I did manage to get out and do some archery - both in the afternoon and after dinner.  I am really enjoying it and actually managed to get another bullseye!!  But look at this - our Redbud in the back by our shed is simply gorgeous - opening more a bit each day.

On the reading front I read Benediction by Kent Haruf.  Such a well written book.  Not sure how I missed this one having loved both "Plainsong" and "Eventide" by him.  Now I'm back to reading a quick mystery, but just picked up several very good looking books at the library (Swede Hollow by Ola Larsmo and Mudbound by Hillary Jordan).

As usual, I'm linking up with Kat to talk about making and reading.  Take a look at her blog when you have a chance - her Day Tripper is GORGEOUS!!!


  1. It's always something with technology, and it seems like one party is always quick to blame the other. It's kind of funny that you are now getting a VPN authentication call on a land line! It seems like you are flying along on Colin's socks and I'm sure you'll finish the pair up quickly.

  2. Whenever there's a technology issue, it always seems like people will always blame someone/thing else and claim their part is just find! But I'm glad you've found a workaround.

    Love that sock! I finally got my brother's measurements so I can knit socks for him, so I have to check to see if he'd wear something like this or if it would be too busy.

  3. Oh my! Thank you Vera!! (and I am glad you figured a work around to your verification issue. I swear Microsoft has meetings to come up with things to make their customers go crazy!!) Also, I cast on that sock last night and thought of you and your sock speed! :)

  4. So what will you do about your sewing machine pedal? Get a replacement? My grandmother had several sewing machines, but always preferred to use her treadle machine. I guess she liked the control.

    Redbuds are fully out here after several days of 80 degrees last week. So is every other blooming tree; it's glorious.

  5. Don't you wonder why one always blames the other? Electronics are so frustrating but I don't know what we would do without them.
    I'm glad your sewing machine is getting fixed. I'm looking forward to Dennis getting here and bringing more things to get put away. Then it will just be a POD sometime in Janauary.

  6. My mom has a French Market bag and its one of her favourites!

  7. Oh yeah, the old “it’s not on our end” song. I’ve danced to that tune with the internet provider more times than I care to count. I’m glad you found a workaround through your land line. Four or five inches of white stuff on the ground this morning! I’d much prefer rain - sigh.

  8. Glad you figured a work around for your verification.

    Xfinity SWEARS there is nothing wrong with our link, but every land line phone call drops. It is very frustrating when you are on a "business" call.

  9. Hello,
    The sock looks great. Our Redbud is blooming now, it does look pretty.
    Good news your tech and the sewing machine problems are solved. Take care, have a great day!

  10. Glad you are getting the repairs finished in good order! The socks look great and I love the look of your redbud tree!!!

  11. Great sock!!! I do love that Static yarn. I haven't made a felted bag in ages but I do love the ones I have especially when I am going to a fiber festival. Hopefully, next year there will be some to go to.

  12. Bravo on the sock finish. It will be interesting to see you create the felted market bag. We had a nice luncheon and my key lime pie came out very good. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  13. Sigh. Kent Haruf books are among my favorites. . . (also among the few books I re-read over and over again). I just hate tech issues. They're like car issues, only maybe even worse. . .

  14. Kent Haruf books are worth reading again. The sock looks great. I hate it when the tech stuff isn't working the way it should.

  15. he's going to love the socks! They are gorgeous!