Monday, April 26, 2021


 Good Morning!

How was your weekend?  Mine was good.  Nothing major to report on, it was just a very nice weekend.  I did some knitting, some stitching, some reading.

Our weather was beautiful on Saturday.  It actually got pretty warm.  My car has been looking yellow from all the pollen around and I was going to wash it, but I didn't.  And then we had rain all night on Saturday (I know it was ALL night, because I was awake ALL night...).  Even though sleep alluded me, the rain sounded so nice on our patio roof (metal).

Tyg was fairly busy keeping track of everything going on at the front feeder.

Our meals were good - shrimp stir fry on Saturday night and stuffed mushrooms last night.  Sunday breakfast was blueberry pancakes with pecans added in.  Yum!  I tend to buy items (mostly we are talking meat/fish here) when they are on sale...but I need to do a better job of taking inventory.  Over the weekend it was revealed to me that we have 4 lbs of XL shrimp (16-20 count) (this is AFTER I made the shrimp stir fry) and 8 (!) T bone steaks in the freezer.  Also about a dozen chicken thighs...some of which will be dinner tonight.  Definitely time to use up what we have.

Our apple tree has really popped with blossoms in the past week.

It is looking healthy again after a few iffy years.  I hope we get a decent crop of apples.  Those pretty blossoms were coming down in yesterday's wind.  I looked out at one point to see Fletch walking across the back yard and it looked like it was snowing, so many petals raining down around him.

I thought about going to the office today and then though better of that idea - lol.  I'll go in tomorrow or Wednesday.  Today I am hoping for a quiet day work-wise so that I can get some needed chores done around here.  Towels and sheets need to be laundered and the bathrooms need to be cleaned.  Some vacuuming should be done.  And let's not forget the knitting and stitching that is waiting for me!  Hopefully I can do a little bit of everything.

Wishing you all a wonderful week!  Hard to believe we are already at the end of April!


  1. have fun working from home and getting all the 'to do's done. It's looking to be a fabulous week and I am ready for it.

  2. Here's to a calm week for all of us (I am still recovering from last week)!

  3. April really has flown by!

    I'm like you with my freezer and pantry; suddenly, I'm all stocked up on a few things overmuch, and I need to take inventory so that I stop buying the same stuff over and over, and use what I've got.

    Don't work too hard! (Unless you want to earn a nap.)

  4. Your weekend does sound quite lovely! I'd like to hang sheets and towels out today, but my car is also looking quite yellow. I don't really want to dry myself off and sleep on pollen, too!

  5. Happy Monday, Vera! (I have no idea what's in the depths of my freezer anymore. . . I do need to take inventory. . . ) Here's to a great week!

  6. Hello,

    We had a quiet and nice weekend, it did rain a lot. We try rotating things in the freezer, hubby is good a keeping it all dated. The blossom are beautiful, cute shot of your feeder birds. Have a great day and a happy new week!

  7. I have a day off today, too, and hope to fit in some stitching and knitting also. I love the photos-the tree is so Spring! Beautiful.

  8. This month did fly by didn't it? We are covered in pollen right now too. It's sneezin' season for sure down here.

  9. Rain falling on a metal roof is calming. I hope future moisture is in the form of rain. I’ve been clearing out the freezer inventory, too.

  10. I have to admit, I'm jealous of all that shrimp. We have a hard time getting shrimp that big for a decent price here.

  11. Sorry about the sleep issues. No fun.

    Our pink dogwood is looking pretty full this year. Can't say whether the blossoms are smaller. Could be I suppose.

  12. I miss the sound of the rain on the camper roof. It rained here a few nights ago and I didn't even know until I woke up and looked outside. It's 92F here right now. Unbelievable when it was 29 Saturday night!
    I hope you were able to work from home. I haven't gotten one stitch done for days now. I sure hope things slow down soon.

  13. Insomnia is just the worst! (except for maybe all the pollen - my spring allergies exploded yesterday, sigh)