Friday, April 30, 2021

Friday Felines on a TGIF

 Good Morning!

I'm happy to report that our roof is still on the house and, in fact, the house is still standing.  I was wondering about that in the middle of the night when the wind was whipping around at a fierce level!  It is still windy this morning.  The good news is that the wind blew all the clouds away and the sky is a gorgeous blue.  It's a little cooler than previous days, so perhaps a walk this afternoon (I've got a conference call at 10).

This was the scene last night:

The kitchen table in all its messy glory.  Piles everywhere (including on the chairs).  I was working on the Beekeeper sock and Tyg jumped up to keep me company,  And then he took the DPN protector/cozy I had been using and tucked that right under his head like a little pillow!  The lilacs are droopy.  I cut them yesterday but they have not perked up in water.  They might just be too heavy.  The scent is divine though.

The silk threads I ordered for my next stitching project should arrive today!  I'm looking forward to getting started on that.  Once the threads arrive, I can pick out which fabric I want to use, get it ironed and then start in on the project!

My second Beekeeper sock is progressing nicely and I now have 200 stitches on the French Market Bag.  From here out (for a little bit anyway), it will be straight knitting around and around and around.  The thicker yarn and the #7 circular needle give my hands a workout and at times I need to put it down and just rest my fingers.

Bottom line:  there is no lack of projects on which to work - LOL.  Looking forward to a productive day and weekend.  Enjoy!!


  1. that's my kind of table! So glad your house is still standing. Today for us is supposed to be windy. I hope we keep the electricity.

  2. I love this table! Thank you for sharing it in all its glory! (and that wind yesterday... wow, it was nuts!)

  3. I love seeing creative, busy, crafter's tables (kitchen table? who needs a kitchen table?). It's a perfect tableau, Vera! XO

  4. We're getting the wind all weekend, starting today. Ugh. I find it so bothersome.

    The lilacs seem to be extra aromatic this spring. I smell them all throughout my walks in the neighborhood. Love it.

    Tyg loves being surrounded by your things. It makes him feel closer to you.

  5. That is the kitchen table of an active crafter and her well-loved cat! I must admit I was reading too quickly and read "pies everywhere" instead of piles. I was a little disappointed at not seeing any pies, but your piles of projects are perfect! (We're supposed to have 60 mph winds this afternoon and tonight, so it might be an uneasy sleep.)

  6. I love the smell of lilacs! That's their one downfall as a cut flower - they don't last more than a day it seems. I've even hammered the bottom as some recommend, but I'm not sure it helps enough to bother with. We're expecting another very windy day tomorrow, we've had SO many this year it seems. I'm not sure if it's due to faulty memory or being inside school buildings most days back then, but I don't recall so much wind when I was growing up in the 60s-70s. Glad your roof stayed on last night!

  7. He is just too CUTE!

    The lilacs are pretty even if they are droopy. That color is so rich.

    Happy stitching/knitting!

  8. Ooh, what a sweet photo of Tyg! I love the fragrance of Lilacs: it a delicious Spring scent.

  9. We've got a gale warning on the bay today. I got sea sick just looking at the boats rocking on the dock. It's really whipping up out there. I hope the trees stay where they belong.

  10. Tyg is doing an excellent job of keeping you on task!
    I love the tiger art on your wall!

  11. Tyg looks very comfotable with his "pillow". I think he just loves having you close to him and smelling your scent on things. Do cats smell things like dogs do?
    Love your table. It looks well loved and lived in which is what a kitchen is supposed to be.
    Everyone here says the winds have been crazy lately. I know they have been strong since I've been here. Tomorrow is supposed to be 45-50 mph. Dennis's cousin is getting married outside tomorrow afternoon. I wonder how that will go.
    Take care.

  12. Lilacs, droopy or not, are lovely. I'm glad you have many nice projects going. Your table looks like it lives in a happy home.

  13. Hello,
    The wind was awful here, I was hoping the power stayed on. Your lilacs still look pretty, I wish I could smell their scent. TYG is sweet, keeping you company at the table. Take care, happy weekend!

  14. Aw, Tyg is so sweet! I love that he came to keep you company but didn't disturb your stitching. Glad to hear that the wind did no serious damage.

  15. My NY family said the 50+mph gusts were something else--and today there are snow showers! I'm glad you are able to enjoy the lilac blooms!