Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Tiny Needle Tuesday, 4/20/21

 Good Morning Everyone!

Kind of a chilly morning here (37).  I'm sitting at my computer with a shawl wrapped around my shoulders.  Tyg is keeping me company - he loves hanging out in the office ever since we put one of those bird feeders that attaches with suction cups on the front office window.  Purple finches, white crown sparrows and greedy cardinals come to feed and Tyg bangs on the window with his paw.  So funny to watch.

Anyway, it is Tuesday, so it must be TNT time.  As I mentioned in yesterday's post, I had a lot of ripping back to do on Sunday.  I was working on one of the last two border motifs and the yellow (kind of pale) against the linen was difficult at best for me to see.  Here's a close up of that part...the yellow looks stronger in the picture.

I had finished the right hand side, but when I went to join it across the top I found that I was one stinking thread off.  Of course I discovered my error at the bottom, so had to rip out all I had done on the right hand side.  I might have been able to fudge it, but it just did not look good to me, so out it came.  I have not picked it up since!!

Before that mess, I did manage a mother (I assume)/child duo of wild boars!

I don't normally think of wild boars as being cute, but I like this pair.

And here's an overall view of the sampler.  As I say each week:  closing in on the finish!!

One and a half border motifs to go, one more big creature and then my initials and date (year).  It's a satisfying piece (except when I have to rip out).

Yesterday's time at the office (about 3 hours) went well.  I only saw Tom from IT and as I was leaving two folks from accounting were in a conference room.  That's it!  Also, by the way, it appears that the hawks are not nesting at the office.  I don't know what happened, but I haven't seen them for a number of weeks and there is only a stick or two on top of the light fixture.  Too bad - I would have enjoyed watching the nest again this year.

After leaving the office, I drove to "Steve's Sew and Vac" in King of Prussia to pick up my sewing machine.  I have a new foot pedal for it and the machine has been serviced (cleaned, oiled, tension checked, etc.).  And boy have prices climbed - it was over $100 just for the servicing!!  The final bill was just under $150.  Not what I had been expecting...but still less $$ than a new machine.

Today Fletch and I are heading out for our second vacinnation jabs.  We have to go back to Willow Grove (about 40 minutes away).  We'll go early like we did for the first one and hope to get in and out.  I have three conference calls this afternoon, so hopefully I will feel ok.  (But I've reminded my boss that we are getting our shots and that I could be delayed or just not feeling well - time will tell.)

I'd best grab another cup of coffee and then make sure that Fletch is waking up.  Have a good one!


  1. Your sampler is looking great! I'm sorry about the ripping out, especially because it's a lot more difficult than ripping out knitting. I don't think I've ever seen wild boars on a sampler before, so this is really original! Sending good wishes for minimal side effects, but soon you will be fully vaccinated!

  2. One thread off? Ouch, that's painful, and I am sorry. Your little boar is adorable (it reminds me of a tiny pig that was a pet on a show my daughter used to watch).

    I hope you both feel okay after your second shot! We got ours Saturday afternoon and both felt tired that night and achy the next day, but we were fine by yesterday morning.

  3. Oh, I like those boars. They look terrific, and the baby is cute.

    Maybe you should wear polarized sunglasses while you stitch that yellow. Would that help?

    I've had one of those window bird feeders for years, and my cats love it. Marlowe only paws at it when the birds get too rambunctious. She likes them to follow the rules.

  4. Ugh. I think ripping out tiny stitches on delicate fabric is The Worst. Good for you for taking the time and care to get it fixed up right! It's such a gorgeous sampler. I, too, wish you all the best in terms of side effects after your 2nd jabs. We didn't suffer too badly at all . . . didn't feel quite "right," but quite functional. (I had the Moderna; Tom had Pfizer.) XO

  5. Oh, man....I hate when that happens. Sometimes once stitch is just a stitch too far as I have discovered the hard way with my Quaker. I do love those boars. Whoever designed that really has a way with animals.
    Good luck with that second jab! We are one week away from being almost normal again. I can't wait!

  6. It would take me years (decades) to get to that point on the sampler! I hope all goes well with your second shot.

  7. You're closing in on that piece! So exciting!!

    I felt effects from both of my early morning jabs (Pfizer), but not until the next day!

  8. Oh Tyg!
    We had one of those feeders - Burton LOVED it! The birds so close drove him crazy.

  9. I hope your 2nd shot goes well. I had Moderna and the 2nd shot I had more side effects than the first but not too bad. I sure envy that you have Cardinals there. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  10. Hope the shots went well.

    Love mama boar and her babe.

  11. What a cute Mama and baby boar. Sorry I'm late commenting. The nurse was early at Mom's house today and I just stayed there with her. I sure hope your shots went okay and that you're still feeling good. Ouch on that sewing machine bill. That's frustrating when you're not expecting it but now it should be good for awhile again.
    Take care of yourself and Fletcher.

  12. Hello,
    Tyg has great view of the birds. I like the cute boar. I hope all went well with the 2nd shot, we get ours next week. Your sampler looks beautiful. Take care, have a happy day!

  13. Oh man, ripping out embroidery is worse than ripping out a sewn seam. You have put so much time into this sampler, the ripping and reworking will be worth it in the end. I hope you are planning to frame this piece. It is frame worth - in my opinion.

  14. I can just picture Tyg and the birds! The sampler is beyond incredible and I think you are getting a lot done each week!
    Hope you feel well after the vaccines!