Thursday, April 29, 2021

What's for Dinner?

 Good Morning!

It's a bit grey out there this morning and almost a little foggy/misty (or it could be that the window upstairs I was looking out of is really, really filthy!).  The temperature climbed into the mid-eighties yesterday and it felt like summer.  In between bits of work yesterday I managed to change to a lighter color pocketbook (pale pink instead of winter brown) and moved my summer shoes into an easier place to grab them and shoved my winter boots into the nether reaches of my (very small) closet.  Still to be moved are my wool sweaters...didn't want to tempt fate too much...but I may tackle that project today and get out some shorts and summer shirts.

Meanwhile, it's Thursday, so lets talk food.  Here was dinner last night:

The first corn of the season (which was really, really good!!).  I don't know what you call the other things on my plate, but here is what I do.

  • Asparagus - trim and steam or boil for only 2-3 minutes, then drain.
  • Slices of Italian Bread - brush with EVOO and put under the broiler for a little bit
  • Pull the bread out and layer on bruschetta (in the summer I might make my own, but yesterday I just bought it at the grocery store) and top with asparagus
  • Fletcher's had parmesan cheese sprinkled on top...I wanted mine plain.
  • Stick it back under the broiler (in this case till the cheese on F's was nice and melty...and you could use mozarella or provolone or even cheddar...they are all good!)

A quick, easy and delicious meal!

And, a bonus recipe for a chicken dish we had the other night - delicious!!

Another dish that is so easy to make and really tastes great.  We had this with steamed green beans, some cherry tomatoes roasted with EVOO and Agave Syrup on them (just threw them in a separate pan in the oven while the chicken baked) and some rice.

The other day we noticed a hummingbird coming to our lilac bush and also to the petunias.  And now look what is beginning to bloom:

Wisteria!  It is so fragrant - really overpowering in scent.

The Towhee was back yesterday afternoon while Fletch and I were sitting on the patio.  And this guy kept us company:

A handsome fella for sure!  Have a great day!


  1. Food, flowers, and a feline! Your asparagus-topped bruschetta look good, and the corn surprises me. I never think about buying corn until it's available locally in late summer; I may have to change my ways. I would love to try that chicken dish, but I know I would have to leave out the chipotle and cayenne for John.

  2. I love yummy dinners-that-might-be-appetizers! (My favorite food group = appetizers. . . ) That looks just delicious, Vera -- so springy and colorful and tasty. Thanks, as always, for sharing your recipes and dinner inspiration. (And Tyg, too.)

  3. Oh my! My nana had a wisteria in her backyard, I loved the fragrance and the beauty it presents in the spring! Thank you so much for sharing yours!

  4. I'm always so envious of your wisteria. Like Kat, I have fond memories of my grandmother's wisteria, which grew on trellises over her side door.

    We had an appetizer for dinner last night, too, very similar to your bruschetta, with a lovely dry riesling. Perfect for a summery day.

  5. We had to turn on the AC late last night. I tried to make it all day but by 8 pm I was cooked. I didn't even make dinner. It was just too hot to eat.

  6. The wisteria is gorgeous. We had 92 a few days ago and yesterday was 51! It's supposed to be hot again by Saturday. Up and down. Up and down! That's Nebraska!
    Your food choices sound wonderful. I may have to try the out.

  7. I hope wherever we move to, I can put in some wisteria!
    Tyg is just so proper and handsome!

  8. Tyg looks so darn cute! I love the wisteria, lovely blooms. Your dinner looks delicious! I will save your chicken recipe, sounds yummy! Have a great day!

  9. Oh our hummingbirds should be arriving soon. Im excited. Thanks

  10. Wisteria is one of my favorites. We have some in Eugene that bloom whenever they damn feel like it, not on any type of schedule.

    Our hummers are back too. So glad to see them!

  11. That is some very fancy-looking bruschetta you have there! Tyg looks quite regal as well.

  12. The food looks delicious!!!! The wisteria is gorgeous-enjoy. Tyg looks very happy....

  13. Oh my word! Those CROSSED paws!!! What a handsome boy!

    The wisteria in the woods is blooming. Yesterday it didn't look like much. Today it is in full bloom.

  14. I’ve moved a few warm weather clothes closer to the front of my closet, but the sweaters will remain for another month or two. Love the photo of Tyg!

  15. Oh wisteria. I don't see much wisteria around here. I do know of one plant in the neighborhood that is just beginning to put out green leaves.