Friday, April 23, 2021

Friday Felines

 Hello and Welcome to the Weekend!!

This is my "Friday From Hell" but today it is not.  Every other Friday I have 3 conference calls in the morning:  one at 8:30, one at 10 and one at 11.  But today both the 10 and 11 conference calls have been cancelled.

In the realm of stupid things, yesterday I received an Outlook invite for a conference call next Friday from 4-5 p.m.  I emailed the person setting up the call and basically said that was ridiculous!  Who sets a conference call for 4 p.m. on a Friday?  It has since been changed to Tuesday at 1:30 (and I was tempted to reply again saying 1:30 is my nap time, but then I thought better of it - lol).

We need a few groceries, so Fletch and I are going out after my 8:30 call to do that so that the weekend is free and open!  Hopefully with a tad bit warmer temps.  35 here this a.m.

Moving on to Friday Felines.  You may recall that I told you all that Tyg has been hanging out in the office with me, ever since Fletch put up a bird feeder at the front window.  Here is a White Crown Sparrow sitting in the lilac bush waiting to come in for a snack (sorry you get the benefit of the window screen...)

And here is a Purple Finch at the feeder:

And the sweet Tyg.  He was breathing heavily here:

And finally, hoping that the window would somehow open up:

And then, after pawing the window and the bird or birds scattering, poor Tyg looks so dejected.

His antics sure provide me with a lot of chuckles!

Have a great weekend everyone!!


  1. I'm glad things have been cancelled for you this Friday! John's boss set up a meeting last Friday from 4:30-5:30 and he had to tactfully tell her he couldn't attend. Poor Tyg, but I'm glad there is a window between him and the birds. Have a good weekend, Vera!

  2. Holly loves to bird watch! We just saw a woodpecker this morning, he was fun. Glad there is no such thing as a Friday meeting at 4 pm.

  3. I really have to wonder about the sanity of someone setting up a meeting at 4 on a Friday. I know it's technically still the work day, but who has the mental energy for a meeting at that point in the week? (It reminds me of one of the classes I took in college -- it was always super popular and hard to get into, so they scheduled it for the very end of the day on Monday and Friday, I guess thinking that it would discourage people from enrolling. It was still full!)

  4. I'm glad your meeting was rescheduled. I agree that it seems to be a kind of dumb idea to schedule it at 4:00 on a Friday.
    I laughed at all of Tyg's pictures. He wants those birds so badly. Were his teeth chattering too? I am thankful there is a window between them as much as I enjoy seeing him watch the bird parade.

  5. Nice for you to have a lighter schedule today! The pics of Tyg are adorable!

  6. Hahaha, probably good to re-think the comment about nap time!! :)

    We've been without a kitty in the house for a few months now and I sometimes miss the antics!!

  7. People who schedule late meetings on Fridays are either oblivious or sadistic.

    I put Marlowe and Piper's cat tree right in front of the window with the stick-on feeder. Marlowe is so laid back about it now that she sleeps up there. But if any birds get rowdy, she restores order quickly.

  8. Those silly kitties sure do keep us laughing.

    Giroux watches the birds and his tail flips so hard it sounds like he is beating a drum.

  9. Our cats provide us so much joy! !=TYg!!! I can't wait for some porch afternoons and evenings

  10. Happy weekend! My kitties sit on the window and try to swat a the birds that are sitting in the tree right outside the window. You would think they would learn they can't get them but it does keep the indoor kitties entertained.

  11. It's nice to have an office mate like Tyg!

  12. I got a kick out of you thinking of telling them you couldn't attend the call as it's your nap-time. I hope you have a fabulous weekend! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  13. Hello,

    I like seeing the feeders right outside the window. Tyg has his very own birdie TV. It is 39° here this morning, I hope it warms up today. Have a happy weekend!

  14. We have sales people who love to book appt at 4 on Friday. I now have that time permanently booked off in my outlook calendar for an "out of office appointment" so they can't book it... because WHO DOES THAT????

    Tyg is so cute! After telling you Relic doesn't bother with the birds, he went after a fledgling dove in the garden yesterday. So I revise that to "Relic on goes after prey that moves slow and he thinks he has a chance of getting"