Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Unraveled Wednesday 1-24-18

Good Morning All,

Mid-week is here and with it comes another issue of Unraveled Wednesday.  This week it is also bringing high winds.  Yikes - I woke up in the night hearing our buoy bell clanging away.  Very gusty out there, but still fairly mild for Winter (40's).

I managed to get a lot done once I got home yesterday.  Bathrooms were cleaned and scrubbed before dinner and wash was going.  After dinner I baked some brownies.  Specifically gluten-free tahini swirl brownies from the latest issue of Bon Appetit.  They are not too bad - very much like a flourless chocolate cake - extremely rich and very dense/fudgy.  Fletch thought they were just ok - I will probably give the bulk of them to Colin when he comes over tomorrow for dinner.

They are a little uneven since the pan was lined with parchment paper rather than greasing & flouring it.  That made for a speedy clean-up!  And, once all that was cleaned up I settled in and managed to knit about 18 more rows on Colin's 2nd sock:

Time to change the tablecloth - you can see Tyg's muddy paw print above the sock - LOL.  I love the way the cables are showing up on this version - much clearer on the Sabertooth Caterpillar color than they are on the Constellation color.

On the reading front, I'm really enjoying Sing, Unburied, Sing which is so beautifully written.  At the same time it is painful to read.  When I pick it up, I find it hard to put down, but I try not to read it right before bed - I get too worked up!!

Yesterday's mail also brought Lookbook #5 of By Hand Serial.  if you have not seen these, I highly recommend - each is devoted to a different region in the country and highlights makers in that region.  Already the books have provided me with thoughts on where I want to vacation next (I'm sure Fletch is thrilled to know that I want to plan vacations around yarn shops, etc. - but really that is nothing new).

Work is work this week.  Monday I had to take "cyber security" on line training.  What a waste of time!  The on line training is geared to someone with about a 1st grade education.  I'm supposed to also take "Appreciating Differences" but am fighting that one (the on line training takes about 2 hours!!).  I took that one several years ago and am not sure why it's needed again.  Oy!

Hoping this hump day doesn't find you unravelling in any way.  The weekend is getting closer!


  1. Now you've got me wanting brownies for breakfast!

  2. I'd welcome some wind as it would blow the temperatures hovering around zero out of this valley. The inversions in the valley get to me this time of year. Twenty miles to the west the temperatures are nearly thirty degrees warmer.

  3. I was precocious and had an Unravelling Tuesday. Sigh. Big winds here, too, and now...SN*W. :-(

  4. beautiful sock, beautiful paw print and yay for clean bathrooms!

  5. I'm thinking brownies seem like a very good idea . . .

  6. Hmmmmmmmmm...I think I have a box of brownie mix in the cupboard.

    Looking forward to the weekend.

  7. Oh I like the way the socks are looking! And By Hand is just one of the best things ever.

    OMG, the online "training." I feel like they are updated versions of the filmstrips we used to have to watch in grade school!

  8. I've been eating brownies everyday cuz my daughter is here and she is a grazer! (not great for keeping a tight rein on your calories!) The new sock is very classic-cables always look better with plain yarn but they will be appreciated on both feet!