Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Unraveled Wednesday 1-10-18

Good Morning!

There was some melting yesterday (it got up to 45), but not all...and it was 22 this a.m.  However, they (the weather folks) are still saying it will hit 60 by Friday, so I'm guessing the snow & ice will be gone.  I'm hoping to get a walk in on Saturday.  Then it looks like back to the chilly weather next week.  On the bright side, the days are longer - sunset is almost at 5 p.m. now and as of today, the sun is rising a bit earlier in the morning.

Before I get into knitting and reading, I have a Tyg story.  Last night, around 9 p.m., I was sitting in the kitchen working on Colin's sock and talking on the phone.  Suddenly Tyg ran to the door and started making noises like I have NEVER heard come out of a cat.  There were low growls (which I have heard), but then a high pitched almost yipping (the only way I can think to describe it).   There was a cat on our patio and it was almost like Tyg was trying to talk to it.  BUT, his fur was all puffed up (his tail suddenly looked like that of a Maine Coon cat!).  This vocalization continued for a good 15 minutes.  When the other cat wandered off the patio, Tyg jumped up on the counter to look out the window on the driveway side.  The sounds were hysterical - both Fletch and I were laughing so hard.  It was also loud enough that my friend on the phone with me was laughing.  Tyg desperately wanted to go out, but we didn't let him for about an hour or so (by which time the other cat was long gone...I think...).  He was in and out after that several times, but ended up staying out all night.  When I came downstairs this morning to start the coffee, he came in and ate and then promptly wanted to go out again!

So, on to the knitting.  Colin's socks are becoming a quick and fun knit.  I've had a bit more time to knit this week (thanks to the weather) and here's where the first sock is:

I'm really loving the cables and I hope to have the leg completed tonight and move on to the heel flap and turn (which will be the cuff color).

On the reading front, I am about a third of the way through The Roanoke girls which is ok - an easy read.  I've had some good ones come through on Overdrive recently (Sing, Unburied, Sing; The Essex Serpent; Little Fires Everywhere) so I'm anxious to finish this up and start something new.  I am also reading A Stash of One's Own - Clara Parkes which I am enjoying.  it is the perfect read as I crawl into bed.  Some of the essays in it are pretty humorous.

A few people commented that the cardamom black pepper coffee I had on Saturday sounded good.  It is Delicious!  I'm pretty sure the coffee shop uses a cardamom syrup of some kind as the beverage is pretty sweet.  I had been thinking of adding cardamom (ground) to the grounds when I brew coffee and then Mary suggested the same thing to me.  I did that this morning and love it.  I make strong coffee (and sometimes coffee & chicory) and I froth milk and then warm it in the microwave so that I end up with a cappuccino-type drink.  The cardamom flavor was perfect!!

But now, I need to take care of some of the work piled up on my desk.  By Noon, we will be on the downside of the work week!


  1. I like to read of a good week and a good attitude-I'm glad the week has been enjoyable so far!

  2. Sounds like Tyg and the mystery cat would have had quite a rumble - a turf war. Glad he came home unscathed.

  3. I love Colin's sock, and think the pair will look really great with reversed colors. I also love your countdown to the downside of the work week. I'll be celebrating with you in less than 90 minutes!

  4. Sock WONDERFULNESS. Cat territory: familiar!
    Sending allison your cardamom thoughts....
    she was just asking how it is used

  5. That sounds like Rupert when there's another cat in the yard. He throws a fit!

  6. We have lots of stray cats around here who like to visit our two kitties. Sometimes, there's quite a reaction, as you describe.

    I often break up cinnamon sticks for use in the brew basket of my coffee maker. I will put cardamom on my shopping list to try.

  7. Cats are so goofy!!! The sock is looking good. :-) I always hate it when all of my Overdrive books hit at the same time. I can't read them that quickly . . . so good luck to you! XO

  8. Tyg was letting that cat know who's house this was!!! LOL

    Giroux doesn't make any noise, but his tail flips wildly when he sees the outside cats.

  9. Never a dull moment! Colin's sock is sure knitting up fast - hope the rest of your work week flies by too!

  10. Is Tyg fixed?? Neutered? Just wondering if that's what was going on.... Mia gets totally out of control when another cat is outside. She's better now that we give her calming meds. But yeah. Love the socks. Are you using a pattern or just making it up as you go? Yikes on that ice! Hate ice!

  11. Isn't it amazing how big a cat can make its tail?

  12. That was a pretty interesting - and noisy - evening...hmmm, wonder what was up between the two cats. Colin's sock looks warm and comfy...are you on #2! I have Clara's book and I dip into it a bit, here n's fun!